Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wrapped Wednesday is BACK!

......It never really left, though. It just barely existed. Like that relationship you tried having every year on your beach vacation when you were in high school, convinced you would find true love in the five-seven days you were there. You knows whats I'm talking 'bout, ladies, don't deny it! That kind of barely existed.....but alas, here we have........
With fall officiated on the calendar (finally!), it seems no better time to start this back up. My first and only WW can be found here. I will do my very best to try and keep up with this throughout the fall season. In case you haven't seen the collection in its entirety in past posts (or, rather, in the one post it was in), here it is in all its glory, hanging above my bed like the perfect piece of wall art....
Today's scarf is a newer one to the collection but it caught my eye before writing this post (and it stands out like a sore thumb in the above photo), so it gets the spotlight today. The others are jealous, sure, but those bitches will get their turns in due time...except for the random silk one my grandmother gave me that's covered in pictures of heels and stilettos. Actually, maybe I should highlight than one since it's hilarious. Another time, my darlings!

{since it IS so long, I tend to use this very easy trick...}
{voila! long scarf turned all snuggly!}

Scarf from Forever21
I bought this during F21's online efforts to raise money for Japan. 100% of the online proceeds went to the relief efforts, and even though I never bought online from their store before (though I constantly browse it), I thought this was a great reason to start my online shopping spree with F21. Selfish? Maybe. Still helpful? Definitely.

I think this pairs well with a lot of outfits, even though it has such a wild print.
Pair it with dark jeans, sleek brown boots, and a simple white v-neck for a cool daytime look.
Wear it with a simple black dress and your favorite heels to spice up a date-night outfit.
Rock it with a leather jacket and tough boots to look like a serious bad ass (my everyday goal, of course).

Printed scarves have a big place in my heart, and this one is certainly no exception. GREAT color scheme for fall, too!

There you have it, WW is back and busting out with a fall feel. Let's hope SS can stick to this ;)
(Apparently I love when the same letters are paired together?!)

Until next time, farewell lovahs.....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fallin' for You

Little play on words action for you there ;)

If you're currently dating someone, perhaps you, too, have those items in your wardrobe that are not-so-loved by your significant other. For example, take the conversation SSB (Superficial Sanctuary Boyfriend, for new readers!) & I shared just the other day.....

Me : Wait, you actually do like everything I wear? Really?
SSB: Well, yeah. Well, except for that one wing top.
Me: [in a rushed, frantic tone] Don't tell me it's the cream winged top, I love that top. Or the floral one, is it that one? OH WAIT, could it be the other patterned one I have? WHICH ONE IS IT DAMNIT!
SSB: I regret ever mentioning this.
......and scene.

I know for a fact there are items in my closet that SSB does not enjoy, and even though I have yet to determine which winged top is the guilty party, I will wear all of them with or without his approval..........

So let's just get to today's topic.....mixing your "non-boyfriend" items with some of his favorites to complete a couple (hah, word play again!) of perfect  date outfits/items for this cooler season.

#1 - Sure, it's all covered up, but the tight jeans and leather jacket give it a sexy feel still...SSB loves a pair of tight jeans, but what boy doesn't?! For more of a boyfriend-approved feel, scrap the scarf and avoid buttoning to shirt to the neck ;)
#2 - I love the classic fall look to this outfit and bootcut jeans and a fitted blazer show all the right curves. The boots add a fun, trendy effect to finish a look that is girl AND boy approved!
#3 - So SSB may think sequins are just "round, shiny things" and that feathers are just for birds, but combining them in this sophisticated way makes this an outfit all the girls will love, and the color and shape of the dress is certainly eye-catching for your significant other, so he won't give a shit whether or not your clutch is "fuzzy." Definitely a great outfit for an extra-special evening out, whether it is an anniversary dinner or just an occasion where you need to amp it up a bit - who doesn't love those nights?!
#4 - Edgy and cool, trendy enough but still a classic look that any male can appreciate. The boots and sweater are tough, but the color of the scarf and fit of the skirt balance it out to create an overall homerun for any fun date night!

There you have it, outfits for your dates this season that girls will want to steal and your man will still love - best of both worlds! Be sure to have fun and experiment, but always feel date is very enjoyable when you constantly have to fix your too-short skirt!

Do you have any outfit go-to items for dates or nights out? Any pieces that you love to wear out? Fill me in, I'd love to know!

I'll leave you with photos of my NEWER color -- in case you haven't read about my first/second hair coloring experience, feel free to do so here. Today, I just decided it needed to have a bit more of a richer feel with a lot less blonde. What I got was a full head of awesome...or awesome in my opinion ;)
{depending on the light and lens, the color is more brown or more red...
but for the most part, it's more red...and still more awesome!}

Until next time, farewell & have fun on those upcoming dates ;).................

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Favorites : EYE Spy a Guest Blogger!

Hello lovelies! Here is the last installment of my mini-series of Fall Favorites. I thought I would end the series with some fantastical (it's a word, look it up!) fall eye looks for you to rock during day and night. Yes, yes, you can thank me later for being so damn thoughtful ;) But really, you should be thanking my guest blogger, whom I kindly asked if she could showcase her ridiculously amazing EOTD talent to share with you all!
If you have yet to check out here site, please do! You will not be disappointed and you'll find even more eye looks on her page that you can try out, so go on over to ALMOSTBRITAIN (click the link, bitches!) I did a guest post for her a couple weeks back, so if you'd like to read about my first traumatic teaching experience, click HERE (so many links, so little time!)

There are two daytime looks and two nighttime looks to ensure your eyes are always fall-ready for whatever events come your way this season!

                  -----------------------                  -----------------------                 -----------------------                  -----------------------
Hey Superficial readers! I'm Britt from AlmostBritain and awesome SS has asked me to do a few 'Fall Looks' for eyes using the Urban Decay NAKED palette!  So let's hop right into it!

Daytime Look #1
This is a very pretty, easy daytime look. It'd work well for school or work or even a daytime wedding.
I used UD's Primer Potion (the original one) all over the lid and up to the brow bone. On the lid is 'Sin,' in the crease and on the lower lash line is 'Sidecar,' and on the brow bone is 'Virgin.' For mascara, I used Tarte's 'Lights, Camera, Lashes.'

Daytime Look #2
This look is more metallic than the other and is still great for school, work and any other daytime activity!
Prime your lids (I used UD's Primer Potion) and pack 'Sidecar' on the lid.  In the crease, I used 'Half Baked' and on the outer corner of the lid I used 'Smog'.  On the brow bone is 'Virgin.'  For mascara I used Benefit's Bad Gal Lash.  I skipped mascara on the bottom lashes only because the humidity where I live is at about 80% and I find this mascara leaves a nice ring underneath my eye.  You, of course, can add mascara to the bottom lashes!

Nighttime Look #1
This is one nighttime look that is dark and metallic; perfect for a girls' night out, an evening date, or a nighttime event if you like a more intense look!
I primed my lids with UD's Primer Potion and packed on Creep on the lids, and I do mean packed. This is about five layers of Creep. I didn't want to go for the obvious Gunmetal in the crease, so I opted for Half Baked to give it a little punch. I mixed Sin and Virgin for the brow bone color. I lined my waterline with MAC Fluidline in Black Track because it's the only cream liner I own. Any cream/gel liner will do, though. The mascara I used is Benefit's Bad Gal lash.
And if you want a bit more intensity, you can always add false lashes (see photo #3)!  Here I added lashes by Sugar and they're just named Flirt.  They only go on the outer corner, which I like.  I used a bit more Creep on the lash line and a little of the Black Track just to make the false lash line not so obvious.

Nighttime Look #2
Here's another nighttime look that is not nearly as dramatic as the other look I did, but the dark outer "V" makes it lovely for a movie or dinner date!
I primed my lids (of course, of course) using UD's Primer Potion.  Then I taped off the side of my eye to make the sharp edge.  On the lid I put Toasted and blended it up in the crease just a little.  I also added a little of Toasted the my bottom lash line.  Then I busted out Hustle (which looks like a lovely red-brown in the palette but, oh my God, I can only make it turn dark brown on my eye - seriously, what the hell?) and packed it on the whole outer half of the lid and the crease.  For the inner half of the crease I used Sin and took that into the inner corner as well.  I patted Virgin onto my brow bone with my finger because I wanted to keep the definition of Hustle on the lid.  I used Benefit's Bad Gal Mascara.
If you want to add a little more definition to the eye, add some liner to your water line.  Here I used MAC's Fluid Line in Black Track (see photo #3).

So there you have it! Four looks that range from classic to dramatic, daytime & nighttime appropriate,all  super cool looks using the Naked palette!

Thanks, SS, for letting me be a part of this!

                -----------------------                   -----------------------                  -----------------------                  -----------------------                  
NO, thank you AlmostBritain; I feel prettier already! Now that you have some NAKED eye looks for you to warm up your fall makeup, go off and try them out for your next day/night event. I personally plan on trying each and every one of these as soon as I can. If you do not have the NAKED palette, try checking your local ULTA before going to Sephora. I have seen it at ULTA every time I've been in whereas it's consistently sold out at Sephora. Beauty people, get with it!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Hard to believe we're on the latter end of September! Don't know about you all, but this bitch is ready for October, fo' sho' ;)
Until next time, farewell & wink wink (yeah, had to keep up with the theme!).........

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Favorites : Seasonal Steps

Sure, fall fashion is all well & good, but I tend to look down on it a bit, especially this particular season.

HAH! Relaaaaax, people, I mean that literally. I look "down" because the shoes are where it's at for me this fall, as I cannot get enough of browsing online at all the pretty boots and heels and flats, so I figured I'd take a look at a budget-friendly place and pick some of my top choices that I plan on getting into my closet as soon as possible!

Fall Footwear

1. Sure, leopard heels are great and all, but these flats are ridiculously awesome. They have such an androgynous flair and I love that in a solid pair of shoes! Oxfords, $24.80

2. I am not entirely sold on this specific pair yet, but I definitely want a mid-shaft boot that laces and if these look good in person they are so going to be mine! They come in brown, too, but the black just looks a bit more chic. Boots, $30.80

3. These wedges are great for going out but simple enough that I can rock them in the classroom, too. The color is very versatile, too, these are a MUST buy for me! Note: I made this Polyvore set earlier in the day and when I went back to find the pricing for the shoes, this pair was only showing in black.....then I went on just before posting this and they are gone online completely. BITCHES. Better have this color in the stores then! Wedges, $27.80

4. I would actually rock these in the classroom, too, as long as the rest of my outfit was simple and conservative.  I have a pair of black booties with silver studs on the back like these (that actually jingle a bit if I walk with a strong stride!), but this brown pair is much more demure and I like that, especially during this season where everything is a bit more classic looking. Heels, $24.80

Can you get behind these looks? They all can be found on Forever21's website and maybe in their store....who knows with them, though, seeing as how not everything online is in stores and what's in store can never be found online, it seems....the one thing I loathe about F21!

Look out for more on my "Fall Favorites" mini series and let me know if you have any budget-friendly shoes finds for this season! SS loves a good bargain ;) I am still in search for a great biker boot (as Frye's are just too expensive for a boot I'll only wear every so often) and a simple black riding boot with a heel, so let me know if you have tips on where to find these!

On another note, I FINALLY bought a camera to take better photos for this here gosh-darn blog! I cannot pretend to know anything about cameras or photography, but I searched through quite a bit and this one just stood out among the rest. 
I wasn't about to go and buy the Canon Rebel and waste all that wardrobe money, so this beaute is a tinier (and wallet-friendly!) alternative ;) Now I just need to figure out how to use it..........
{taken with iPhone's instagram....I'm a loser.}

Until next time, farewell my darlings........

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Favorites : Trends to Try

So today's "favorites" are a bit all over, but they all deal with "changing it up" in honor of the season. If you've hit a rut in your beauty/makeup/hair/girl routine, this post is for you!

I puruse many-a sites on a daily basis aside from stalking all your blogs (yes, yours too!) and I have come across so many different sites claiming to have THE beauty/fashion trends to try. They always show great photos of great (or not so great....looking at you lo-lohan!) celebrities to show you how the look should be done. Well, I'm here to break down all of these articles & posts and bring you what I think are some note-worthy trends to try.....all SS-approved!

1. Monotone Hair Color
(c/o people)
Says the girl whose hair is not a monotone shade, I may not be one to trust.....but you cannot deny the vibrancy of Barrymore's hair. It is a cheaper alternative to all those highlights and/or lowlights, too, so your wallet will thank you!
Monotone Colors to Try : Auburn, Espresso, Carmel

2. Bold Eyeliner (aka Cat-Eyes)
(c/o people)
I may be biased because I find Miss Kruger to be gawwww-ghus, but this look has appeal on many celebs, including Lauren Conrad and Mila Kunis. As long as you don't go to extreme lengths and end up looking like Amy Winehouse (may she rest in peace), this look should be a simple yet stunning addition to amp up your makeup routine.

3. Bold Blush
(c/o pinterest)
I love myself a good blush. It may have been the blonde in me needing a bit of color on my pale-ass face, but regardless, this is an awesome look for day or night, which is another reason to love it!
Bold Hues to Try: Plums, Mauves, and Redder Corals (yeah, I said redder....don't judge.)

4. Undone 'dos
 (c/o pinterest)
There has been plenty of talk in past season about the undone UP-do, but what about your entire 'do just being, well, completely undone when it's down? Have you ever noticed how awesome your hair falls into a perfectly rumpled mess after you've, um, rumpled in the sheets? They don't call it bedhead for nothing, girlfriend! That look has an effortless appeal that attracts men and makes women jealous. Both? Bring it on, one less day of shampooing needed ;) hah

With these looks, you should have no problem pulling plenty of Charlie Sheen's #winning in the fashion/beauty department. Cheesy? Totes. Worth the joke? Totes again. (That's "totally" for you non-abbreviated folks!) Which look is your favorite? Any other fall trends I must try out to update my look? Let me know!

Until next time, you stay classy SS readers......

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Perfection and Rejection : Emmy Awards

Screw fall and its carmel apples, pumpkin spice lattes, and crisp leaves. Forget about the chilly air, the football games, and garish holidays. (Ok, I love all this stuff as much as the next bitch, let's not kid ourselves.)

What I'm currently lusting after, though, were the fashions (and people!) at the Emmys. Actors in movies are so "Dahhhhling, you look faaaaabulous, we musssst collaborate together soooon." Emmy folks are all "Good luck, who cares who wins, we still make money, let's drink!" SO much more my style ;)

I know I'm a day late, but I'm here to show you who SS loved....and loathed....and some other noteable stars. Oh, and I'll preface this all by saying HELL YES Modern Family. Love that show, they deserved it! As did Mad Men for Outstanding Drama, even if none of their actors won in their own categories.


{Kristen Wig, Lea Michele, Kelly Osbourne, Naya Rivera, Julia Stiles}
1. Funny and stylish. Everything I strive to be. If I were there, I would have ripped this off her and changed into it on the spot. I'm not known for my patience.
2. Props need to be given regardless of how ridiculously staged and rehearsed her poses are. The color, the shoulders, the back, love-el-ly!
3. Love her opinions on Fashion Police, this dress is stun-ning! Color, cut, fit, shape, gawwwwd, LOVE!
4. Simple and sexy and chic with just the right amount of flare and funk.
5. So pretty and graceful....probably two antonyms to describe her show :) Love her always, esp. as Kat in 10 Things....
Other Note-Worthy Stars: Minka Kelly (love lace!), Connie Brinton (hair is gorgeous!), Claire Danes (so fun!), and Elisabeth Moss (goooodbye Peggy!)

{Julianna Margulies, Jayma Mays, Heather Morris, Dianna Agron, Olivia Mun}
1. There are no words, no explaination as to why anyone would wear a lamp shade corset adorned with cystals from the craft store. At least she won an Emmy to make up for her soon-to-be Worst Dressed award!
2. She plays this overtly clean and conservative counselor on TV, so why not step outside the box a bit in real life? Between the bow clip, the pale color, and the tiered skirt, I just don't know what I hate the I'll be fair....and hate all of it equally!
3. Just not a wise looks dated and too young (and cheap). Again, these Glee people need to step outside the highschool box....I should know, I'm in a real one everyday!
4. This isn't actually that bad because DA is a gorgeous girl, but I'm bummed she played it safe like this. She should have worn her wild haircut down and did something more edgy and fun for the Emmys....this dress looks slightly backwards; the color is the only thing saving it, really.
5. The most unflattering dress! The stripes and color make it look a little to ornate for my liking. It's too early for candycane looks when I haven't even eaten a candy corn yet!
Other NO-Worthy Stars: Anna Farris (too busy!), Heidi Klum (really want to like this but can't!), Paz de la Huerta (just google it!), and Taraj Henson (looks too much like a bedazzled slip!)

All the photos posted are c/o People -
go there to check out my Note-Worthy & NO-Worthy stars to form your own opinion ;)

So there you have it, my personal thoughts on the Emmy fashions! I look forward to hearing your input, too. I know I'll get flack for placing DA in the Rejection category, but she didn't play to her strengths, bad decision!

Look out for another "Fall Favorites" post tomorrow :)

Until next time, farewell love bugs......

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Favorites : Kiss and Pout

This is the FIRST of my fall makeup posts! I think the cooler temps are a great excuse to change up your look and if your wardrobe gets to have a boost, your makeup should get some updates,'re just plain ruuude to yourself otherwise!

Today, I want to post my favorite lip looks from the runways, all c/o Pinterest!

1. Blood Orange
I think this color is for one fierce fashionista. I would never rock this look to school, as students would think I was absolutely crazy (I say that as if they don't think that already!) or even during a daytime event, but invite me out to a girl's cocktail dinner or dancing where no boyfriends are allowed, and I'll be whistling a new tune with my newly painted orange kisser! A great way to punch up an otherwise simple face.

2. Classic Red
No ifs, ands, or buts about it...this color will never--and should never!--get old, season after season. I think it pairs well with bold eyes or simple eyes, but never with a bold blush...or any blush at all. We're going for classy, not clowny here, my darlings ;) Only boyfriend approved if you can wait to place those lips on him once you're behind closed doors....boys with lipstick smudges are reserved for late nights at sordid strip clubs or for the gorgeous men on glossy magazine covers! (and are those bracelets not to die for?!)

3. Plum Lips
Nothing screams "va-va-VOOM, bitch" quite like this look. It has a ridiculous amount of femininity to it while still being edgy. I consider it the leather jacket for your lips....imagine this with a sexy white v-neck tee and skinny jeans with your highest pair of heels for a night out. The lips do all the talking....figuratively and literally.

4. Nude Lips
I hate when my lips are too nude as they naturally have a purple tone that makes me look like a zombie (gawwwd, I'm terrified!), but I still cannot get enough of this look from the runways. It looks great on blondes, but when brunettes rock it, they always add a bold smokey eye to just give the look a whole new feel. On me, it just looks like I accidentally applied foundation all over and never realized I even had a kisser on my face. I hope you can rock it better than I, as it is a great look for this season!

Which one is your favorite or do you have another go-to lip look? I myself still stick to simple stains and balms, but I may have to try out some of these bolder lip looks soon! That red lip photo is UH-mazing, is it not?! Maybe SS should go darker like that bia.....................or maybe not.

Until next time, farewell fall-ers ;) HA, i'm hilarious......

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nobody Weird Like Me!

...Actually, there are definitely people weird/weirder than me (i.e. anyone on Hoarders and Toddlers & Tiaras), but the song quote fit, so just go with it, people!

I have nothing great to post in the beauty/fashion/lifestyle department, so I had planned on doing this tag and didn't get to it until today. I made it into a video so if you don't feel like watching it, I apologize, as this is now a wasted post for you to read.

I have not done a video in quite some time, but really, I just think writing is more my style. When it comes to being weird, though, some things just come out better "in person" so to let's get to it!

The tweeting in the background is c/o Auzlow & Luna....what bitches.
I think the scarves backdrop will be seen in future videos....because I love them!

Hope you have had/are still having a great weekend! If you do the tag, please let me know so I can see how weird you are, too! :) Mwahahahaha

Don't know about you, but I am totes (hah!) stoked about the EMMY'S tonight. Woot, go Mad Men and Glee and Modern Family!

Until next time, farewell love bugs......

Thursday, September 15, 2011

SS & SSB need YOUR help!

In case you have yet to notice the date, as I usually always do on most days, we have hit the mid-point of September. Wild, right? With that in mind, something is just around the corner!


Now, before you go all cray-zay on me and discuss your love or hatred for this holiday, you can zip it, because I've heard it all, and frankly, I don't care (sorry, that was harsh!).....but really, I tend to see all sides on the big "devil-holiday" debate.

-Yes, you're right, it is terrible holiday which has no real meaning.
-Definitely, I see your point on how it is a great time to be creative.
-Oh hell yes, it's a perfect excuse for free candy that may or may not have been touched by complete strangers first.
-Uh, I couldn't agree more that it is indeed a terrible excuse for skanks to look even skankier!

There, have we covered all our Halloween bases? GOOD. Let's move on, shall we?

SS (me, you silly heads!) and SSBoyfriend (the better, less-superficial half) need YOUR help. Last year, on a whim, we decided to be Alice and The Mad Hatter....and it went over fantastically. Not because I had the perfect hair color and bought the perfect bow headband to be Alice and, no, not because I've secretly wanted to be her for years, but because SSBoyfriend shaved off his beard and wore a full face of makeup for it and no one knew it was him. He gets all the love after I did all the work!

Photo Evidence of "Team Wonderland":
These were taken at two separate Halloween bashes, on two separate nights. 
That's TWO nights of doing that makeup. Woof.

Now, with Halloween 2011 right around the corner, we're in the planning stages again, and we just can't decide, so we're looking for YOUR help. I posted some of our ideas below, but other suggestions are encouraged! 

We want it to be fun without having to:
A) wear full masks
B) have too much fabric so we don't sweat our pants off, or
C) explain who/what we are (nothing worse than saying, "No, we're actually this and this, but your guess was sort of kind of not close at all!")

We have thought about......
A) Ghost Busters
B) Cleopatra and Pharaoh/Caesar/M.Anthony
C) Beetlejuice and Lydia

Any other couple ideas you have would be great! I suggested just being our own separate costumes since we couldn't decide on something this year, but SSB stated, "Where's the fun in that?" He's a team player, that one!
So yes, go off into the world and discuss your love/hatred/confusion with this holiday, but also help us in our quest to find a costume to out-do our jump down the rabbit hole last year. We'd greatly appreciate it!

Halloween Countdown = 32 Days!

Until next time, farewell to all my spook-tacular SS readers. YEAH, I went there.........

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SSTeach's OOTD

Nothing exciting to report, as I am still building up my repertoire of funny happenings for a future SSTeacher Rant! In the mean time, here's my current OOTD : Teacher Edition.....I actually plan on wearing this again for a cute date night or something, I loved the way it felt. Loose and free but still structured enough for of both worlds, ya dig?
[Dress: H&M, Blazer: F21, Shoes: Marshall's, Watch: MBMJ, Bracelet&Ring: F21]
Knotted the dress on the side for an edgier feel....
also helps me when walking up & down stairs, so that's an added bonus!

I need a new camera stat. I used my fah-jah's (aka father) for these photos and his bulky piece is decent, but I want my own! I need sugguestions....what are some fan-freaking-tastic cameras out there? No, not looking for the typical "point and shoot" as mine is like that and I cannot stand the little bugger! Something bigger with high-quality results. Fill me in, people! Pretty please :)

Almost Friday, almost the weekend, yay yay yayyyy!

Until next time, farewell lovahs.....

Monday, September 12, 2011

SSTeacher's Back in Business!

So this September has been playing tricks in the weather department. I never know how to dress because one minute it can be sunny and balmy and then, without warning, the clouds come, the temp drops a solid twenty degrees and the sky just starts sobbing like a teenage girl post-breakup. A girl just cannot catch a break! Mother Nature, get it togetha, bitch, you feel me?!

Random weather rant over.

Here I present you with my first OOTD:Teacher Edition for the current school year!
Blouse: F21, Belt: F21, Skirt: Target, Shoes: JustFab
I totally need a new camera and actually need to care about the quality of photos I post. I'll get to it....eventually. I am the shortest stinking person I know and yet I always cut my head off, gawwwd, can't catch a break in the photog department!

I wanted to incorporate the fall colors without sweating my butt off in the process with the changing temps and lack of AC due to said changing temps. Simple but chic, or at least that's what I was going for! Plus, I try to look a bit older in the wardrobe department as I am just as short (or shorter, whatever) than the students I teach. Fail.

If you haven't checked out my guest post over at AlmostBritain's site and you need a laugh this Monday, be sure to check it out. The life of a teacher is never dull, that's for sure!

Hope you all have/had a quick Monday, I'm ready for this week to fly by so I can enjoy an uneventful weekend. I'm ready to be lazy! hah

Until next time, farewell my Monday love bugs....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest....(Update, Guest Blog, Etc.)

Nothing new to report on the SS front. Coming soon, you ask? I'll tell you!

Teacher OOTD
Mini Hauls
Fall Fashions
Fall Makeup
.....and so much more! (Or not, who knows really)

For now, though, go check out one of my blogging pals over at Almost Britain. She kindly asked me to guest blog on her Sunday topic, "Did I ever tell you about the time I?...." If you enjoy my teacher rants or nanny posts, you'll be SURE to love this post! So go check it out, leave your thoughts & comments on my story, and be sure to follow her, too. She does some killer EOTD looks that are quite lovely!

Also, a momentary pause for those lost on 9.11.01....we will never forget. Now, a decade later, may our hearts come together to give strength to those who need it most.
I was in 8th grade, sitting in History class, when one of our guidance counselors came to the door, whispered to my teacher, and my teacher then said, "We're about to watch real history happen." Still gives me chills to think about that day, as he turned on the TV, the second plane hit. Mass chaos in the halls, silent lunch room to listen to the many students being dismissed, but it will never compare to those who saw first-hand the tragedy unfolding. Never forget, always remember, united we stand until the end.

Now, on another note, let's hear it for football for being back in the game! No pun intended...or intended, whichever ;)
Have a great rest of the weekend & be sure to check out my pal's blog!

Until next time, farewell and I love you all.....

Friday, September 9, 2011

End Of Summer = Nanny Rants, Photo Montage

So school is just around the corner and with that means I am no longer in nanny mode, and let me tell you, it is fan-freaking-tastic! The Mother Bear has asked me to do a couple overnights with her kids come October, but at least it's in small doses which should ensure my sanity stay intact.....hopefully.

Let's round up some memorable moments since my first nanny post, which you can read HERE. Great birth control! After that hellish week, the summer got a bit easier, but there were certainly days that made me drink heavily upon returning home, but then again, I'm a 23 year old forced to act like a mother to two boys for a minimum of 10 hours a day......can you blame me for my alcohol habits?!

Scene: Little dudes are jumping up in down in the "Ball Room" (aka play room) with mattress slides, random pillows being thrown, sharp body parts being poked into eyes. Enter "fed-up nanny".....
Me: Look like we all need to cool off, let's go to our rooms for 30 minutes while I make lunch. That'll give you time to relax after this chaos.
Tears starts, hysterical crying, really.
Littlest Dude: (blocking his door) NEVER, I didn't do anything, you're the WORST person ALIVE!
Me: That may be, but this worst person is making you lunch, so hop hop to your room, shut the door.
Exit Littlest Dude left wailing in his room.
Older Dude: You ARE the worst, you didn't even feed us breakfast.
Rewind to 8am when I arrived and asked, "Did you already eat with your mom or should I make you both some breakfast?" upon which they reply, "Mom made us breakfast, we already ate pancakes."
Me: You're right, I didn't, geeze you're smart. However, you're still not exactly right in your judgement because you informed me you didn't need breakfast, that you already ate.
Exit Older Dude, slamming his door and refusing to talk to me for the rest of the day.
Moral of Story.....Teenage angst is starting younger and younger, and breakfast is still the most important (fed or unfed) meal of the day.

Scene: Littlest Dude hates his naps so it's always a hit or miss if he'll put up a fight and ho big that said fight will be. Well, this fight was not small.
Tears have already started.
Me: It's only for an hour, buddy, you don't have to worry about your brother playing anything fun without you, he has chores to do.
Littlest Dude: I hate you, I hate you, I WANT YOU TO JUST DIE.
Sarcastic Nanny Enters.
Me: Well that's bound to happen some day, little dude, as I cannot possibly live forever. You'll get your wish some day, just not now, let's hope!
I had him so confused, he stopped crying and I shut his door, winning yet another nap fight.
Moral of Story....No one does live forever but this job just may kill me yet.

Scene: Laundry happens every Monday, anywhere between 3-8, why would I kid about that?! Regardless, one day, the laundry just smelled a bit too....strong.
Me: Hey buddies, what's going on with your laundry today? Were you guys outside in the rain yesterday or something?
Older Dude: No, A just peed all over the laundry after mom took it downstairs yesterday.
Me: He did what?
Older Dude: Yeah, but that was after he got in trouble for peeing on the brand new toothbrushes you bought yesterday while running mom's errands, so we have to go and buy new ones today.
(Interjection: Yes, I run all the "errands" too....)
Littlest Dude: (handing me his bottoms while he is stands there naked) Uhhh, can you add these pants to the laundry?
He hands me soaking wet shorts.
Me: The next person who pees anywhere that is not in or around the toilet seat owes me 25 cents, end of story.
I gained a dollar before I left that day.
Moral of Story...If it smells like piss, 99.9% chance it is piss. Use gloves when handling small children's laundry.

I thought I would end my nanny rant with an "End of Summer" photo montage (all taken using Instagram) know, to show I did somehow have a life outside of the walls of pseudo-motherhood!
{shadester, best bridge photo, first road trip of summer, why use a glass?!, local playground, funniest convo ever, always have HP fever, i live for happy hour(s), best purchase of summer, mystery sauce = getting pumpkin spice early!, arm party, feathers errrwhere, beach time, SSBoyfriend hard at work, one of many summer manis, j.crew glitter clutch & gin}

I know my summer is ending quite late and that I've already had two "fall" posts, but with school starting up, an official "end" post seemed necessary. Hope you're all enjoying September thus far!

If my younger-older sister is reading (and she better be!), HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know this is a day late, but I already wished you an "HB" yesterday -- this post wasn't happening until today, so deal with it ;) Hope this year is better than all the others, but it will be because you're getting freaking married!!! Love you, bitch! (I use that in the "endearing" form).

Until next time, farewell lovahs....

Sunday, September 4, 2011

SS Fall Essentials

Just as we have that go-to pair of sweats or relaxed outfit you wear when we're in the comfort of our own home (like my oversized tee that has a big whale on it saying "save me" or my Scruff shirt that states "take a bite out of crime"....yeah), we all have staples in our public wardrobes, too, and for fall, it seems as though this is much more least in my case. Even SSBoyfriend states, "Fall is coming, so are your many scarves."
Not only is it scarves, but a few select other items that are pretty much go-to for me as the weather goes from balmy to breezy. Let's take a look at some SS Fall Outfits, shall we? I should just be glad I'm not photographed often (note: ever) because I wear these following items a lot and I'd be up there with Princess Kate who apparently loves herself some recycled outfits, as People often shows just about

Might as well state the obvious first. When I started this blog about six months ago, I planned on doing a weekly scarf post, but after the first one, I just got lazy and never did another one, not once. Terrible, I know. Here's a look at the collection:
Once the weather turns even the slightest bit cooler, these bad boys come out and I just keep buying more. Some of my favorites are lightweight but long or wide so I can use them in a number of ways. Even my students would say, "Miss Smith, you really always wear scarves!" Easily the most essential SS Fall Staple!

Leather Jackets.
I don't know why, but I think there is nothing more badass (or sexy, even!) than a white v-neck tee, skinny dark jeans, and a black leather jacket, complete with some bedroom hair. It somehow looks so pulled together but still has such an edge to it that is perfect for fall. I have a couple black ones in different styles, a pale blush tone, and I currently am lusting after a chocolate brown one, too. They are so easy to toughen up an outfit or just make a summer outfit warmer for fall. Gawwwwd, they are just so damn sexy, aren't they?! As long as they don't have that dreaded cotton ribbed effect/detail on the cuffs or sides.....I really loathe that look on leather.

Wool or Felt Hats.
I love hats any time of any season, but there's something extra fun about the wool or felt hats for fall. Not too floppy, not too structured, just right. I found a Jessica Simpson one that was originally $80 and I got it for $10 on sale this past spring. It's a terrific hat that SSBoyfriend likes to call my "Indiana Jones" look, but regardless, these warmer hats in many different styles are my go-to when the 'do is looking not so fresh....or when I'm out and hope not too many students notice Miss Smith under the brim!

Rich/Jewel Colors.
This may be obvious choice for most, but I tend to wear very neutral tones no matter what the season, so I love whipping out some rich tones during fall because it just feels right for the cooler temps. Plums, mustards and golds, rusty roses, deep blues, anything that can give my outfit a bit of an edge but still look ridiculously classy. I feel like rich colors just make any outfit look, no pun intended, richer. Even if the top was $19.80 from your local F21, if it comes in a rich tone, it instantly brings you a level above the rest. Plus, you match the trees a little, too, depending on your choice of jewel tone. Weird? Not at all!

There you have it, some of my favorite pieces for fall! Really, add a pair of jeans and some boots and you have the classic SS Fall outfit! What are some of your go-to items for the cooler months?

This week marks my last week of "after-school" nanny duties which means I am no longer going to be in nanny mode but, rather, it teacher time for SS now! Woot, woot! Keep a look out for my summer wrap-up rant ;)

Until next time, farewell to you all and a happy holiday weekend to my fellow US gals!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Fahion F*ck-Ups

With all the wonder and beauty of fall, you have to be a tad curious where all the ugliness goes. Perhaps it's hidden under the crumpled leaves in your driveway or even behind the boxes with your light, summery apparel, but you could just stop searching and look on some of the runways.....there, you'll see an array of beauty meeting.....beasts.

Why write post after post on awesome fall fashion when I can hone in on the horrid travesties that went down some of the runways for our viewing entertainment? Let's hop right to it, shall we?

Preface : I am not degrading, defacing, or any other de-action to any of the designers and/or models mentioned below. In fact, I like most--if not all!--of the designers, but even the brightest star can flicker out, if only for a moment....a moment we can catch and document on SS ;)

1. Michelin Man's Golden Girlfriend
Do I even need to explain the problem here? In case you didn't already have linebacker shoulders, let's add the "rounded shoulder" silhouette to a spray-painted bag that could hold about four car tires and call it a dress. While we're at it, let's ruin some poor girl's modeling book with this blown-up catastrophe. Her parents must be so proud of their daughter who left high school prematurely to only be left looking like this. This model must have been thrilled when she saw she got to wear this gem, but at least now the Michelin Man can find love.
Dress, Stella McCartney

2. Pain is not always Beauty
Dear gawwwd, this hurts just looking at it. I have never been into the choker look, and even with it coming out in a big (literally) way, I still just can't get behind this look, and I really can't get behind this particular travesty. Not exactly the most flattering photo, sure, but I don't think that's the issue here. The issue is that the "style" of women wearing necklace upon necklace to make their necks longer (history lesson!) is just as long gone as their long necks. I think. I mean, I haven't seen those women on the National Geographic in awhile, anyways. Regardless, this necklace just puts me at a loss for words, into a choke hold in the name of fashion.....I'm gasping for air.
Choker, Emanuel Ungaro

3. The Abonimal Snowman [sort of] Exists.....
I don't even know what to say other than it appears that a 70s disco girl was eaten alive by some furry forest creature who decided to wear her clothes to hide the evidence. I don't even like the mixed-bag of fabric going on, either, so both the eaten-alive girl and this forest troll have terrible taste in retro fashion. You can't blame "it" for wearing those shades, though, because you have to hide behind something when the rest of you is an open-everyone-look-at-this-train-wreck-mess.
Duster, Just Cavalli

4. Fire or Puke? Or BOTH?!
This look has the potential to be a knockout. Right now, in its current runway state, it's more like someone just tried to knock you out and instead left you winded and dry-heaving. I just painted a love-el-ly picture for you, you're welcome ;) Honestly, though, the fit is horrendous, the print is garish, and the dragons --wait, ARE they even dragons?!--look like they are spitting out who-knows-what instead of their trademark fire. The shorts are a bit too sheeny-shiny for this look, and the white shirt underneath just reminds me of how women still wear ill-fitting tops that are too short and try (and fail) by pairing it with a button-up underneath. I think I may start dry-heaving now. At least the shoes save what VERY little dignity this outfit has left. Change the silhouette of the sweater, kill one of the dragons, give the remaining dragon some actual fire, pair with a simple pair of dark cigarette jeans and rich brown boots and you may have saved this disaster....maybe.
Crewneck Sweater, Carven

[All photos courtesy of]

There you have it, even fall fashion has to have a few dead leaves. I assure you I will post more in the name of good fall fashion soon enough, but why not start it off with a good chuckle?

Hope you're ending you week on a great note and that you thoroughly enjoy this holiday weekend. I have no real plans, except for red velvet wine and netflix once this after-school nanny shift is complete!

Until next time, farewell love bugs....


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