Thursday, September 15, 2011

SS & SSB need YOUR help!

In case you have yet to notice the date, as I usually always do on most days, we have hit the mid-point of September. Wild, right? With that in mind, something is just around the corner!


Now, before you go all cray-zay on me and discuss your love or hatred for this holiday, you can zip it, because I've heard it all, and frankly, I don't care (sorry, that was harsh!).....but really, I tend to see all sides on the big "devil-holiday" debate.

-Yes, you're right, it is terrible holiday which has no real meaning.
-Definitely, I see your point on how it is a great time to be creative.
-Oh hell yes, it's a perfect excuse for free candy that may or may not have been touched by complete strangers first.
-Uh, I couldn't agree more that it is indeed a terrible excuse for skanks to look even skankier!

There, have we covered all our Halloween bases? GOOD. Let's move on, shall we?

SS (me, you silly heads!) and SSBoyfriend (the better, less-superficial half) need YOUR help. Last year, on a whim, we decided to be Alice and The Mad Hatter....and it went over fantastically. Not because I had the perfect hair color and bought the perfect bow headband to be Alice and, no, not because I've secretly wanted to be her for years, but because SSBoyfriend shaved off his beard and wore a full face of makeup for it and no one knew it was him. He gets all the love after I did all the work!

Photo Evidence of "Team Wonderland":
These were taken at two separate Halloween bashes, on two separate nights. 
That's TWO nights of doing that makeup. Woof.

Now, with Halloween 2011 right around the corner, we're in the planning stages again, and we just can't decide, so we're looking for YOUR help. I posted some of our ideas below, but other suggestions are encouraged! 

We want it to be fun without having to:
A) wear full masks
B) have too much fabric so we don't sweat our pants off, or
C) explain who/what we are (nothing worse than saying, "No, we're actually this and this, but your guess was sort of kind of not close at all!")

We have thought about......
A) Ghost Busters
B) Cleopatra and Pharaoh/Caesar/M.Anthony
C) Beetlejuice and Lydia

Any other couple ideas you have would be great! I suggested just being our own separate costumes since we couldn't decide on something this year, but SSB stated, "Where's the fun in that?" He's a team player, that one!
So yes, go off into the world and discuss your love/hatred/confusion with this holiday, but also help us in our quest to find a costume to out-do our jump down the rabbit hole last year. We'd greatly appreciate it!

Halloween Countdown = 32 Days!

Until next time, farewell to all my spook-tacular SS readers. YEAH, I went there.........


  1. Maybe jack skellington and the girl who's name I can't remember. Someone was them at Disney world a couple of years ago and it was a huge hit. You did such an awesome job on those Alice and hatter costumes!! Wow!

  2. you're not the only one that plans halloween costumes WAY in advance halloween is my fav holiday hands down I don't care what everyone says about it!! lol

    I'm definitely going to have to think hard about this years costume!

    xo Jackie

  3. SSB is such a good sport! Brilliant makeup on the Mad Hatter but of course I wouldn't expect any less from you! I think you should be Jessica and Roger Rabbit!

  4. Ahh that is so funny that you mentioned Cleopatra and Caesar cuz thats what i was gonna suggest for you and your bf, and thats what i was thinking for my bf and I too!

  5. @The Procrastinator SO suggesting that idea to him, but I have a hunch he won't be as keen as I am about it! haha

  6. I like the Cleopatra idea!

    I've always wanted to go as a group of Legends of the Hidden Temple contestants, maybe even throw in a couple Temple Guards or something. I'd be a Blue Barracuda or a Red Jaguar fo sho.

  7. I love the Cleopatra and Pharaoh and Jessica and Roger Rabbit! That's such an awesome idea! Halloween is nothing here, I wish it was though, looks like so much fun!!


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