Monday, September 12, 2011

SSTeacher's Back in Business!

So this September has been playing tricks in the weather department. I never know how to dress because one minute it can be sunny and balmy and then, without warning, the clouds come, the temp drops a solid twenty degrees and the sky just starts sobbing like a teenage girl post-breakup. A girl just cannot catch a break! Mother Nature, get it togetha, bitch, you feel me?!

Random weather rant over.

Here I present you with my first OOTD:Teacher Edition for the current school year!
Blouse: F21, Belt: F21, Skirt: Target, Shoes: JustFab
I totally need a new camera and actually need to care about the quality of photos I post. I'll get to it....eventually. I am the shortest stinking person I know and yet I always cut my head off, gawwwd, can't catch a break in the photog department!

I wanted to incorporate the fall colors without sweating my butt off in the process with the changing temps and lack of AC due to said changing temps. Simple but chic, or at least that's what I was going for! Plus, I try to look a bit older in the wardrobe department as I am just as short (or shorter, whatever) than the students I teach. Fail.

If you haven't checked out my guest post over at AlmostBritain's site and you need a laugh this Monday, be sure to check it out. The life of a teacher is never dull, that's for sure!

Hope you all have/had a quick Monday, I'm ready for this week to fly by so I can enjoy an uneventful weekend. I'm ready to be lazy! hah

Until next time, farewell my Monday love bugs....


  1. YAY! Can't wait for stories! And don't even talk weather right now -- It's 30 degrees today and by the end of the week it's apparently going to drop to 12. Ridiculous. Mother Nature's PMSing.

  2. The yellow shirt looks great with the black skirt, I especially like how you broke it up with a brown belt! Now for your shoes...I am pretty sure I need to have them! I feel your pain with being shorter than the kids you teach, even some of the 2nd graders I work with are the same height as me, or about ready to pass me up.


  3. Love this outfit! Want that blouse! And I agree with Lauren- I need those shoes!

  4. Love the yellow shirt! i feel your pain re: pictures/cameras... one day I'll get a real camera and take pictures that aren't blurry!


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