Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Perfection and Rejection : Emmy Awards

Screw fall and its carmel apples, pumpkin spice lattes, and crisp leaves. Forget about the chilly air, the football games, and garish holidays. (Ok, I love all this stuff as much as the next bitch, let's not kid ourselves.)

What I'm currently lusting after, though, were the fashions (and people!) at the Emmys. Actors in movies are so "Dahhhhling, you look faaaaabulous, we musssst collaborate together soooon." Emmy folks are all "Good luck, who cares who wins, we still make money, let's drink!" SO much more my style ;)

I know I'm a day late, but I'm here to show you who SS loved....and loathed....and some other noteable stars. Oh, and I'll preface this all by saying HELL YES Modern Family. Love that show, they deserved it! As did Mad Men for Outstanding Drama, even if none of their actors won in their own categories.


{Kristen Wig, Lea Michele, Kelly Osbourne, Naya Rivera, Julia Stiles}
1. Funny and stylish. Everything I strive to be. If I were there, I would have ripped this off her and changed into it on the spot. I'm not known for my patience.
2. Props need to be given regardless of how ridiculously staged and rehearsed her poses are. The color, the shoulders, the back, love-el-ly!
3. Love her opinions on Fashion Police, this dress is stun-ning! Color, cut, fit, shape, gawwwwd, LOVE!
4. Simple and sexy and chic with just the right amount of flare and funk.
5. So pretty and graceful....probably two antonyms to describe her show :) Love her always, esp. as Kat in 10 Things....
Other Note-Worthy Stars: Minka Kelly (love lace!), Connie Brinton (hair is gorgeous!), Claire Danes (so fun!), and Elisabeth Moss (goooodbye Peggy!)

{Julianna Margulies, Jayma Mays, Heather Morris, Dianna Agron, Olivia Mun}
1. There are no words, no explaination as to why anyone would wear a lamp shade corset adorned with cystals from the craft store. At least she won an Emmy to make up for her soon-to-be Worst Dressed award!
2. She plays this overtly clean and conservative counselor on TV, so why not step outside the box a bit in real life? Between the bow clip, the pale color, and the tiered skirt, I just don't know what I hate the most.....so I'll be fair....and hate all of it equally!
3. Just not a wise decision...it looks dated and too young (and cheap). Again, these Glee people need to step outside the highschool box....I should know, I'm in a real one everyday!
4. This isn't actually that bad because DA is a gorgeous girl, but I'm bummed she played it safe like this. She should have worn her wild haircut down and did something more edgy and fun for the Emmys....this dress looks slightly backwards; the color is the only thing saving it, really.
5. The most unflattering dress! The stripes and color make it look a little to ornate for my liking. It's too early for candycane looks when I haven't even eaten a candy corn yet!
Other NO-Worthy Stars: Anna Farris (too busy!), Heidi Klum (really want to like this but can't!), Paz de la Huerta (just google it!), and Taraj Henson (looks too much like a bedazzled slip!)

All the photos posted are c/o People -
go there to check out my Note-Worthy & NO-Worthy stars to form your own opinion ;)

So there you have it, my personal thoughts on the Emmy fashions! I look forward to hearing your input, too. I know I'll get flack for placing DA in the Rejection category, but she didn't play to her strengths, bad decision!

Look out for another "Fall Favorites" post tomorrow :)

Until next time, farewell love bugs......


  1. I loved Kristen Wiig's dress - nice to see her look so glamorous.

    I love Heather Morris, but why did she pick that? It's like bad mother-of-the-bride or something. Yuck!


  2. LOVEDDDD kelly's gown! fit her to a T!


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