Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Favorites : Kiss and Pout

This is the FIRST of my fall makeup posts! I think the cooler temps are a great excuse to change up your look and if your wardrobe gets to have a boost, your makeup should get some updates,'re just plain ruuude to yourself otherwise!

Today, I want to post my favorite lip looks from the runways, all c/o Pinterest!

1. Blood Orange
I think this color is for one fierce fashionista. I would never rock this look to school, as students would think I was absolutely crazy (I say that as if they don't think that already!) or even during a daytime event, but invite me out to a girl's cocktail dinner or dancing where no boyfriends are allowed, and I'll be whistling a new tune with my newly painted orange kisser! A great way to punch up an otherwise simple face.

2. Classic Red
No ifs, ands, or buts about it...this color will never--and should never!--get old, season after season. I think it pairs well with bold eyes or simple eyes, but never with a bold blush...or any blush at all. We're going for classy, not clowny here, my darlings ;) Only boyfriend approved if you can wait to place those lips on him once you're behind closed doors....boys with lipstick smudges are reserved for late nights at sordid strip clubs or for the gorgeous men on glossy magazine covers! (and are those bracelets not to die for?!)

3. Plum Lips
Nothing screams "va-va-VOOM, bitch" quite like this look. It has a ridiculous amount of femininity to it while still being edgy. I consider it the leather jacket for your lips....imagine this with a sexy white v-neck tee and skinny jeans with your highest pair of heels for a night out. The lips do all the talking....figuratively and literally.

4. Nude Lips
I hate when my lips are too nude as they naturally have a purple tone that makes me look like a zombie (gawwwd, I'm terrified!), but I still cannot get enough of this look from the runways. It looks great on blondes, but when brunettes rock it, they always add a bold smokey eye to just give the look a whole new feel. On me, it just looks like I accidentally applied foundation all over and never realized I even had a kisser on my face. I hope you can rock it better than I, as it is a great look for this season!

Which one is your favorite or do you have another go-to lip look? I myself still stick to simple stains and balms, but I may have to try out some of these bolder lip looks soon! That red lip photo is UH-mazing, is it not?! Maybe SS should go darker like that bia.....................or maybe not.

Until next time, farewell fall-ers ;) HA, i'm hilarious......


  1. I have 'Black Cherry' by Revlon which is a kick ass plum color and I tried to wear it last week and I kid you not, my 2 year old niece looked at my lips and said, 'Wipe it off.'

    She has no edge yet, obviously.

  2. I am still on the hunt for a red lipstick that goes well with my skin tone, I have been buying cheap ones here and there to find the right shade, but have yet to have any luck :/

  3. I actually like wearing bright pink lips in the fall, I'm into this barbie pink NYX lipstick I bought recently and I wear it a lot

  4. I love red lips. It's my favorite and I've been so excited to start wearing my favorite red lipstick again now that it's fall. :)

  5. I love the orange lip look! I have been on the search for the perfect color! Anyone have any recommendations?

  6. personally love the classic red :)

  7. I love to switch it up. Makeup is meant to be played with! I love all the photos you used!!!

    xo Jackie

  8. OK, i know I'm lame, but my favorites are classic red and nude. I'm nto sure I could pull off the other colors!

  9. love the blood orange and classic red! so gorgeous. just bought a new MAC lipstick for fall and I love it!


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