Sunday, August 21, 2011

Like a Virgin (Hair!) Touched for the Very First Time!

Did anyone get that joke? Doesn't the all-mighty Madonna say "hey" where I said "hair".....doesn't she?! If not, my joke has failed, but let's just move on.....

I did it, once and for all. Well, I didn't....I put my never-been-kissed locks into the hands of someone else to change it up for me......and it needed to be done twice! Imagine my horror when I was going for THIS
 and got something like THIS
Now the photo doesn't truly do it justice, but I was mortified-horrified-terrified when I left the salon's unnatural lighting and stepped out in the sun to see I had nearly chunked lowlights mixed in with my blonde hair. The red/brown was placed on the top front portion of my hair and somehow the rest of my hair just decided to stay blonde. It's not like I walked into a random salon or crap one where it costs $10 for a I paid a pretty penny with my usual stylist to get this mop-top on my head. Ouch, to say the least!

Did I hate it? YES.
Did I call to schedule a fix? YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR!

So we went from these.....(excuse the no-makeup-face!)
 to these.....

(excuse the car photos, but I wanted to capture it as soon as I had finished with the appointment!) it still isn't exactly like the photo, but hey, it is fixed and I am thrilled with the end result...I don't need to look exactly like an Olsen anyways ;) I still feel a bit odd playing for the darkside after being on the bright side for all 23 years of life, but it's a nice change for fall and it was something "drastic" to do without chopping off my hair. Of course my first experience with hair coloring had to be an adventure....through the tears, constant photo-taking to examine the results, and everyone around me consulting me on what I should (and shouldn't) do, I am pleased to now have a changed leaf just in time for seasons to change. Cheesy? Totally. Sort of perfect? Obviously ;) No worries, my stylist is still alive and I will continue to go to him for cuts and (perhaps) more coloring. We'll chalk up this horrific time in my life to a severe miscommunication and my severe lack of knowledge on the world of hair coloring!

Tomorrow I have a THIRTEEN hour nanny day so I plan on relaxing today in order to prepare myself for the horror of tomorrow. Thankfully I only have two full days left with them (hello back-to-school time!), so my sanity shall be restored before the week is through!

Wishing you all a pleasant rest of the weekend and a productive week! If you look below at the phone case photos, I'm still in the market for a new one, so let me know your thoughts on the ones I picked :) Crazy to think I went almost an entire week with no blogging....hope that changes soon enough!

Until next time, farewell you beautiful people....


  1. I LOVE the darker color on you! It looks great! I'm sorry to hear you had a bad first time dying experience though. :/ I had quite the experience the first time I dyed my hair too. I was 19 the first time I played with my hair color and have only dyed it twice since then. The first time I went to the salon and wanted to dye it a lighter brown with some low lights, and it turned out red. Fortunately, it was not Ariel red, but none the less it was reddish brown (emphasis on the red). I also cried and washed my hair 5 times to dull the color down. I have never gone back to the salon to dye my hair, I just pick the color out and have my girlfriends dye it. Much cheaper and I know the color I'm going to get. :)

  2. hate when dyed hair goes wrong. i've had so many dye horror stories its unreal. tried to dye it red, and went ginger. paid an unbelievable amount of money just to leave the salon with the exact same hair colour when i asked to have it bleached. such a nightmare

    anyway, your hair looks great now. so pretty!

    elizabeth ( x

  3. i agree, the darker color looks gorgeous! but it's such a shame that the hair salon couldn't get it right the first time...i'd be infuriated! >:O

  4. dark hair looks gorgeous on you :) <3

  5. I love the dark color on you! It really goes well with your complexion. Don't you hate it when things go wrong at the salon??? That is why I have stuck with the same hair guru for the past 12 years!!!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. I can relate! I dyed my hair red yesterday (nope, no pros for me like there should have been!) and instead of the lovely cranberry shade I was going for I got a dark auburn. And it's not even since my ends were lighter than my roots to start with. So now it's a dark auburn top and a much lighter auburn/kinda cranberry on the bottom. But at least it looks kind of natural? Maybe? ARGH, us girls and our hair!!

    The new shade looks good on you! I always love when blondes go darker instead of brunettes going blonde (which I also did by myself...and ended up with half WHITE hair and half slightly orange).

    Also, holy shit to a 13 hour nannying job. Seriously. Holy. Shit.

    - Britt

  7. I love the finished result!! The color is so rich and gorgeous!!

    I just became your newest follower! Would love for you to check out the blog I just started with my sister and follow us back if you'd like! :)

    Also, check out the giveaway we are doing for a Tiffany & Co. necklace!



  8. Hi!
    You have cool blog)Nice hair!
    I follow you...follow me?

  9. Wow... looks so much better after you had it fixed! I hate when stylists do the chunky highlights. Even worse is when they do the all one color on top and another totally different color underneath - hello skunk hair!

    I love the dark color on you! It must be nice to be able to pull off any hair color - I'm not one of the people who can do that :)

  10. Omg i love that dark color you on! You look fabulous!

  11. i love your blog and the random contents attract me! i am sure comng back to ur blog and loving the new hair color much better, i experiment wf hair colors alot on diy and dont go to salons (cos the cheaps ones mess up alot, and the good ones are too expensive :( ) have a good day! and i am following u! would be nice if u visit mine and follow back if u like?
    xx, liya

  12. I agree with everyone, the darker colour suits you better! I am like that too, a bad hair cut or in your case hair colour would make me cry too lol.

    I really like your blog, I am a new follower too!

  13. I am glad you crossed over to the darkside :). It looks wonderful on you. I really think you are able to pull off both colors very nicely. I am sorry you had so much trouble getting the color you wanted. It looks like it was all worth it though!



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