Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Favorites : Seasonal Steps

Sure, fall fashion is all well & good, but I tend to look down on it a bit, especially this particular season.

HAH! Relaaaaax, people, I mean that literally. I look "down" because the shoes are where it's at for me this fall, as I cannot get enough of browsing online at all the pretty boots and heels and flats, so I figured I'd take a look at a budget-friendly place and pick some of my top choices that I plan on getting into my closet as soon as possible!

Fall Footwear

1. Sure, leopard heels are great and all, but these flats are ridiculously awesome. They have such an androgynous flair and I love that in a solid pair of shoes! Oxfords, $24.80

2. I am not entirely sold on this specific pair yet, but I definitely want a mid-shaft boot that laces and if these look good in person they are so going to be mine! They come in brown, too, but the black just looks a bit more chic. Boots, $30.80

3. These wedges are great for going out but simple enough that I can rock them in the classroom, too. The color is very versatile, too, these are a MUST buy for me! Note: I made this Polyvore set earlier in the day and when I went back to find the pricing for the shoes, this pair was only showing in black.....then I went on just before posting this and they are gone online completely. BITCHES. Better have this color in the stores then! Wedges, $27.80

4. I would actually rock these in the classroom, too, as long as the rest of my outfit was simple and conservative.  I have a pair of black booties with silver studs on the back like these (that actually jingle a bit if I walk with a strong stride!), but this brown pair is much more demure and I like that, especially during this season where everything is a bit more classic looking. Heels, $24.80

Can you get behind these looks? They all can be found on Forever21's website and maybe in their store....who knows with them, though, seeing as how not everything online is in stores and what's in store can never be found online, it seems....the one thing I loathe about F21!

Look out for more on my "Fall Favorites" mini series and let me know if you have any budget-friendly shoes finds for this season! SS loves a good bargain ;) I am still in search for a great biker boot (as Frye's are just too expensive for a boot I'll only wear every so often) and a simple black riding boot with a heel, so let me know if you have tips on where to find these!

On another note, I FINALLY bought a camera to take better photos for this here gosh-darn blog! I cannot pretend to know anything about cameras or photography, but I searched through quite a bit and this one just stood out among the rest. 
I wasn't about to go and buy the Canon Rebel and waste all that wardrobe money, so this beaute is a tinier (and wallet-friendly!) alternative ;) Now I just need to figure out how to use it..........
{taken with iPhone's instagram....I'm a loser.}

Until next time, farewell my darlings........


  1. Haha! It's ok, I use instagram way more than my camera. It's just more convenient. Love those wedges!'

  2. Those wedges are super cute, where are they from??

  3. Oooh I may need those boots. When I say need I mean purchase frivolously. Yayy new camera! It's prettyyyy =)

  4. Aww, your camera looks like my old one that got wet and stopped working on me. I miss that little thing! :[

  5. I love the Oxfords - so cute!

    let me know how you like the camera... I need to buy a new one.


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