Monday, September 26, 2011

Fallin' for You

Little play on words action for you there ;)

If you're currently dating someone, perhaps you, too, have those items in your wardrobe that are not-so-loved by your significant other. For example, take the conversation SSB (Superficial Sanctuary Boyfriend, for new readers!) & I shared just the other day.....

Me : Wait, you actually do like everything I wear? Really?
SSB: Well, yeah. Well, except for that one wing top.
Me: [in a rushed, frantic tone] Don't tell me it's the cream winged top, I love that top. Or the floral one, is it that one? OH WAIT, could it be the other patterned one I have? WHICH ONE IS IT DAMNIT!
SSB: I regret ever mentioning this.
......and scene.

I know for a fact there are items in my closet that SSB does not enjoy, and even though I have yet to determine which winged top is the guilty party, I will wear all of them with or without his approval..........

So let's just get to today's topic.....mixing your "non-boyfriend" items with some of his favorites to complete a couple (hah, word play again!) of perfect  date outfits/items for this cooler season.

#1 - Sure, it's all covered up, but the tight jeans and leather jacket give it a sexy feel still...SSB loves a pair of tight jeans, but what boy doesn't?! For more of a boyfriend-approved feel, scrap the scarf and avoid buttoning to shirt to the neck ;)
#2 - I love the classic fall look to this outfit and bootcut jeans and a fitted blazer show all the right curves. The boots add a fun, trendy effect to finish a look that is girl AND boy approved!
#3 - So SSB may think sequins are just "round, shiny things" and that feathers are just for birds, but combining them in this sophisticated way makes this an outfit all the girls will love, and the color and shape of the dress is certainly eye-catching for your significant other, so he won't give a shit whether or not your clutch is "fuzzy." Definitely a great outfit for an extra-special evening out, whether it is an anniversary dinner or just an occasion where you need to amp it up a bit - who doesn't love those nights?!
#4 - Edgy and cool, trendy enough but still a classic look that any male can appreciate. The boots and sweater are tough, but the color of the scarf and fit of the skirt balance it out to create an overall homerun for any fun date night!

There you have it, outfits for your dates this season that girls will want to steal and your man will still love - best of both worlds! Be sure to have fun and experiment, but always feel date is very enjoyable when you constantly have to fix your too-short skirt!

Do you have any outfit go-to items for dates or nights out? Any pieces that you love to wear out? Fill me in, I'd love to know!

I'll leave you with photos of my NEWER color -- in case you haven't read about my first/second hair coloring experience, feel free to do so here. Today, I just decided it needed to have a bit more of a richer feel with a lot less blonde. What I got was a full head of awesome...or awesome in my opinion ;)
{depending on the light and lens, the color is more brown or more red...
but for the most part, it's more red...and still more awesome!}

Until next time, farewell & have fun on those upcoming dates ;).................


  1. I'm in love with this long dress/blazer thing you've got going here. Will possibly need to figure it out for myself and steal this idea from you =P

    PS: 3 hours from buffalo?? I just found an actual outlet mall ~10 minutes from the border hat I NEED to visit...I hear there's a CCO there. My wildest dreams may or may not be soon be realized.

  2. Haha! I love your conversation with your bf. I am pretty sure my boyfriend's disapproval would not stop me from wearing something. I know it hasn't stopped him numerous times. Despite his good fashion sense, he does have quite a few winners that should have never been purchased. As for the sets, I want all four. I especially like #2's shirt/blazer as well as #4's sweater with the red scarf.

  3. You are hilarious! "WHICH ONE IS IT DAMNIT!" Love it. I love outfits #2 and #4 as well. That blazer is amazing! Love the elbow detail!
    Also... I used to work at the Outlet Mall in Niagara Falls that I believe The Procrastinator is referring too! It's a great mall!

  4. I loveee the first and fourth outfit. So cute!

    I like your hair this red/brown, too! Very pretty!

  5. I really like all the outfits you put together! I will have to try them out if I ever go on a date! lol

    And i am loving the red! Isnt it fun to be a redhead?!?

  6. Haha funny conversation! I love the fourth outfit very much! and your hair looks great on you! x

  7. Cute looks! Love the first scarf!

  8. It's always nice when your BF likes your style! Makes looking good that much easier! xo style, she wrote

  9. I'm loving the outfits, you have great taste!
    The third outfit is my favorite!
    Little Petite


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