Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's a Wrap

My first "WW" of many to come. I thought about doing one big post on my collection, but it's a relatively big collection (they are my favorite accessory after all!) so doing one every week seemed to suffice much better. If they are terribly boring and watching paint dry becomes more interesting, let me know, and I'll cool it on the scarf posts.

My first "WW" scarf is, perhaps, one of my favorite "go-to" pieces for spring and summer. I found it at Wet Seal (yes, that store hurts my eyes anymore and I loathe the way everything looks so overtly trendy and [sometimes] trashy) but I found it in (roughly) 2007 after I spotted Nicole Richie wearing the now infamous skull scarf from the Alexander McQueen collection. I found it sitting in a pile of random pieces (i.e. socks, underwear, etc.) and was amazed at how close it looked to the "real deal" for only....hold on to your britches....EIGHT dollars. I was instantly in love. I plan on buying the real scarf in the near future (in a different color, for a bit of variety, of course!), but I will still go back to this little gem; after all, he's part of the family, and you can't just get rid of family (well you can but you'd be a terrible person..i don't judge though...)

Here's the McQueen versus my scarf....pretty damn close, in my opinion. The clear differences: mine does not have as many skull prints, mine is of a slightly weaker fabric, and my scarf has three lines outlining it as opposed to two. Oh, and of course, mine doesn't have one of the greatest designers of all time written on the corner....damnit. Note: There are other McQueen skull scarves made with a border of smaller skulls in place of the black stripes, and I do believe this skull border is the newer version. Do no quote me on that, though.

Note: I have actually not stepped foot into a Wet Seal since buying this scarf, regardless of how amazing the find was - I'm sure fate just pulled me in that day to find my little beaut. However, if you need a reason to hate this store, here's a definite killer. Wet Seal sold a shirt in their stores and online in late 2010 with a major spelling error. "If your single, so am I." Can you find the error? Somehow this shirt got through many, many people in marketing, production, etc. and none of them noticed, so don't fault yourself. I'm an English teacher, though, so the error makes my eyes water with disgust. On top of that, the statement is just ridiculously awful and cheesy - even my 8th graders wouldn't dare wear such a heinous top!

How do YOU feel about scarves? If you live in a continually warm climate, I'm jealous of you, but I still love my scarves all the same. Do you have a favorite accesory or accesories that you cannot live without? If so, post them on your blog and I'll be sure to take a look!


  1. I Love that Scarf I have one almost similar to that one!!
    Hey I am following you could you follow me CES101 if you want to.. :)

  2. I am in love with scarfs! its one reasons I don't like summer is because you can't wear scarfs!

  3. They let that typo get through production? Yikes! I love scarves though- I feel they can totally transform an outfit!


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