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Fall Favorites : EYE Spy a Guest Blogger!

Hello lovelies! Here is the last installment of my mini-series of Fall Favorites. I thought I would end the series with some fantastical (it's a word, look it up!) fall eye looks for you to rock during day and night. Yes, yes, you can thank me later for being so damn thoughtful ;) But really, you should be thanking my guest blogger, whom I kindly asked if she could showcase her ridiculously amazing EOTD talent to share with you all!
If you have yet to check out here site, please do! You will not be disappointed and you'll find even more eye looks on her page that you can try out, so go on over to ALMOSTBRITAIN (click the link, bitches!) I did a guest post for her a couple weeks back, so if you'd like to read about my first traumatic teaching experience, click HERE (so many links, so little time!)

There are two daytime looks and two nighttime looks to ensure your eyes are always fall-ready for whatever events come your way this season!

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Hey Superficial readers! I'm Britt from AlmostBritain and awesome SS has asked me to do a few 'Fall Looks' for eyes using the Urban Decay NAKED palette!  So let's hop right into it!

Daytime Look #1
This is a very pretty, easy daytime look. It'd work well for school or work or even a daytime wedding.
I used UD's Primer Potion (the original one) all over the lid and up to the brow bone. On the lid is 'Sin,' in the crease and on the lower lash line is 'Sidecar,' and on the brow bone is 'Virgin.' For mascara, I used Tarte's 'Lights, Camera, Lashes.'

Daytime Look #2
This look is more metallic than the other and is still great for school, work and any other daytime activity!
Prime your lids (I used UD's Primer Potion) and pack 'Sidecar' on the lid.  In the crease, I used 'Half Baked' and on the outer corner of the lid I used 'Smog'.  On the brow bone is 'Virgin.'  For mascara I used Benefit's Bad Gal Lash.  I skipped mascara on the bottom lashes only because the humidity where I live is at about 80% and I find this mascara leaves a nice ring underneath my eye.  You, of course, can add mascara to the bottom lashes!

Nighttime Look #1
This is one nighttime look that is dark and metallic; perfect for a girls' night out, an evening date, or a nighttime event if you like a more intense look!
I primed my lids with UD's Primer Potion and packed on Creep on the lids, and I do mean packed. This is about five layers of Creep. I didn't want to go for the obvious Gunmetal in the crease, so I opted for Half Baked to give it a little punch. I mixed Sin and Virgin for the brow bone color. I lined my waterline with MAC Fluidline in Black Track because it's the only cream liner I own. Any cream/gel liner will do, though. The mascara I used is Benefit's Bad Gal lash.
And if you want a bit more intensity, you can always add false lashes (see photo #3)!  Here I added lashes by Sugar and they're just named Flirt.  They only go on the outer corner, which I like.  I used a bit more Creep on the lash line and a little of the Black Track just to make the false lash line not so obvious.

Nighttime Look #2
Here's another nighttime look that is not nearly as dramatic as the other look I did, but the dark outer "V" makes it lovely for a movie or dinner date!
I primed my lids (of course, of course) using UD's Primer Potion.  Then I taped off the side of my eye to make the sharp edge.  On the lid I put Toasted and blended it up in the crease just a little.  I also added a little of Toasted the my bottom lash line.  Then I busted out Hustle (which looks like a lovely red-brown in the palette but, oh my God, I can only make it turn dark brown on my eye - seriously, what the hell?) and packed it on the whole outer half of the lid and the crease.  For the inner half of the crease I used Sin and took that into the inner corner as well.  I patted Virgin onto my brow bone with my finger because I wanted to keep the definition of Hustle on the lid.  I used Benefit's Bad Gal Mascara.
If you want to add a little more definition to the eye, add some liner to your water line.  Here I used MAC's Fluid Line in Black Track (see photo #3).

So there you have it! Four looks that range from classic to dramatic, daytime & nighttime appropriate,all  super cool looks using the Naked palette!

Thanks, SS, for letting me be a part of this!

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NO, thank you AlmostBritain; I feel prettier already! Now that you have some NAKED eye looks for you to warm up your fall makeup, go off and try them out for your next day/night event. I personally plan on trying each and every one of these as soon as I can. If you do not have the NAKED palette, try checking your local ULTA before going to Sephora. I have seen it at ULTA every time I've been in whereas it's consistently sold out at Sephora. Beauty people, get with it!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Hard to believe we're on the latter end of September! Don't know about you all, but this bitch is ready for October, fo' sho' ;)
Until next time, farewell & wink wink (yeah, had to keep up with the theme!).........


  1. Eye spy my eyes. Mwahaha. Thanks for having me! So fun! You rock!

  2. Gorgeous! I cannot even pick a favorite :)!

  3. Oooh, so pretty and sparkly! I've been meaning to order one of those darn palettes for forever now. xoxo

  4. I looove nightime #1!!! So nice :D

    hugs, Emma


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