Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Favorites : Trends to Try

So today's "favorites" are a bit all over, but they all deal with "changing it up" in honor of the season. If you've hit a rut in your beauty/makeup/hair/girl routine, this post is for you!

I puruse many-a sites on a daily basis aside from stalking all your blogs (yes, yours too!) and I have come across so many different sites claiming to have THE beauty/fashion trends to try. They always show great photos of great (or not so great....looking at you lo-lohan!) celebrities to show you how the look should be done. Well, I'm here to break down all of these articles & posts and bring you what I think are some note-worthy trends to try.....all SS-approved!

1. Monotone Hair Color
(c/o people)
Says the girl whose hair is not a monotone shade, I may not be one to trust.....but you cannot deny the vibrancy of Barrymore's hair. It is a cheaper alternative to all those highlights and/or lowlights, too, so your wallet will thank you!
Monotone Colors to Try : Auburn, Espresso, Carmel

2. Bold Eyeliner (aka Cat-Eyes)
(c/o people)
I may be biased because I find Miss Kruger to be gawwww-ghus, but this look has appeal on many celebs, including Lauren Conrad and Mila Kunis. As long as you don't go to extreme lengths and end up looking like Amy Winehouse (may she rest in peace), this look should be a simple yet stunning addition to amp up your makeup routine.

3. Bold Blush
(c/o pinterest)
I love myself a good blush. It may have been the blonde in me needing a bit of color on my pale-ass face, but regardless, this is an awesome look for day or night, which is another reason to love it!
Bold Hues to Try: Plums, Mauves, and Redder Corals (yeah, I said redder....don't judge.)

4. Undone 'dos
 (c/o pinterest)
There has been plenty of talk in past season about the undone UP-do, but what about your entire 'do just being, well, completely undone when it's down? Have you ever noticed how awesome your hair falls into a perfectly rumpled mess after you've, um, rumpled in the sheets? They don't call it bedhead for nothing, girlfriend! That look has an effortless appeal that attracts men and makes women jealous. Both? Bring it on, one less day of shampooing needed ;) hah

With these looks, you should have no problem pulling plenty of Charlie Sheen's #winning in the fashion/beauty department. Cheesy? Totes. Worth the joke? Totes again. (That's "totally" for you non-abbreviated folks!) Which look is your favorite? Any other fall trends I must try out to update my look? Let me know!

Until next time, you stay classy SS readers......


  1. My hair never looks that perfectly undone. It's too thin I guess. Lame! Love all of these looks though!

  2. I've always been wary of winging my eyeliner too much. I feel like it's one of those things that looks better in photographs in real life... like people would walk up to me and say, "you've got something in the corner of your eye! oh, wait, nevermind..."

    Love how it looks on celebs, though.

  3. My hair actually looks very similiar to the drew barrymore picture you put up, I just colored it a deeper red and started wearing it curly and parted in the middle, yay for being trendy! lol I am usually behind on the trends!

  4. @Jamie jealous! such a great color on you, i'm thinking about going a bit darker myself and this is great inspiration!

  5. LOVEEE bold eyeliner & lots of blush!!
    & my hair is ALWAYS undone!! lol

    xo Jackie


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