Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SSTeach's OOTD

Nothing exciting to report, as I am still building up my repertoire of funny happenings for a future SSTeacher Rant! In the mean time, here's my current OOTD : Teacher Edition.....I actually plan on wearing this again for a cute date night or something, I loved the way it felt. Loose and free but still structured enough for of both worlds, ya dig?
[Dress: H&M, Blazer: F21, Shoes: Marshall's, Watch: MBMJ, Bracelet&Ring: F21]
Knotted the dress on the side for an edgier feel....
also helps me when walking up & down stairs, so that's an added bonus!

I need a new camera stat. I used my fah-jah's (aka father) for these photos and his bulky piece is decent, but I want my own! I need sugguestions....what are some fan-freaking-tastic cameras out there? No, not looking for the typical "point and shoot" as mine is like that and I cannot stand the little bugger! Something bigger with high-quality results. Fill me in, people! Pretty please :)

Almost Friday, almost the weekend, yay yay yayyyy!

Until next time, farewell lovahs.....


  1. this outfit is amazing! One of my favourites so far -- I LOVE a maxi with a blazer! Or a leather jacket, but everything goes with leather.

  2. @The Procrastinator blogger friend, any tips on good cameras? and yes, leather DOES go with everything, because it's a perfect material!

  3. Fantastic outfit, my dear! I'm on the hunt for a big kid camera too. Hope you find the perfect one! xoxo

  4. This outfit is gorgeous. LOVE the blazer!

  5. I'm at a loss for camera advice. If you get any good recommendations please let me know!

    I love your blazer. Very cute!

  6. love that blazer! <3


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