Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dreaming of a Cobalt Christmas

I tweeted about this earlier so I apologize for the potential repeated statement, but seriously, shopping the day after Black Friday is my new favorite! It's like the sloppy seconds that girls actually want to take part in (or should want to!) -- the deals are still great, the lines are cut by 80% and the crazies are still recuperating at home so parking is a breeze! Let's call this the Saturday of Sloppy Seconds......sexual intercourse not included.

I was in search for new black boots and while I did not find the boots (yet), I did find a lot of great teacher outfit options and you best believe this bitch snagged them up! I'm not here to post a haul, however, because I'll just plan to post more OOTD:Teacher Edition posts soon. Try not to quote me on that one, though!


Cobalt Blue is a fantastic color, no matter what. I have seen it in a ton of stores and am here to share with you some of the wonderful ways this color is popping up this season. If I can manage to find it, I will be rocking a cobalt blazer with a black lapel for Christmas mass and family festivities. Perhaps I'll even rock a cobalt dress for NYE. Bring on the breezy blue color, people, bring it onnnnnn!

Color me Colbat
Feeling Blue? Tips on including cobalt into your wardrobe --
*Add a great pair of wedges (like the Steve Madden ones above!) to a monochromatic outfit for a serious pop of color.
*Any piece of cobalt jewelry looks on-trend and stays classic, so long as you don't pair it with anything else that is too flashy.
*If you're rocking a cobalt dress, let it do the talking. Don't overpower your outfit with sparkly shoes or cover it up with a glittery blazer. Keep accessories or coats black or gray (or silver in the case of jewelry!), both colors that blend in well with blue!
*Cobalt jeans can be a great focal point for a holiday party outfit (for more tips on this, check out my Holiday Dressings post!) -- pair them with a white tank and black tux blazer for a look that will make SS totally envious of you (seriously, I'd attempt to steal your outfit on the spot, sorry I'm not sorry!)
*If you don't feel like buying anything new or too expensive to rock this trend, try adding a cobalt liner to a bare lid for a night out. It will make your eyes pop and you'll look ridiculously badass!

There you have it, my favorite color for this season....screw the traditional red and green shit ;) Do you have a favorite color to wear currently? If so, fill a sister in, I'd love to know!

Until next time, hope you all have been resting well after a great holiday! I'll be back to report on my November favorites soon...............

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

HO HO HO - Superficial Holiday Spending Guide

Hello dear readers! Can you believe we'll be stuffing our faces with turkey and, well, stuffing in less than 24 hours?! Are any of you venturing out to get sloshed on this wonderful Thanksgiving Eve? If you are, have one for this bitch. Not that I won't be drinking myself, but let's make this a team effort, in the spirit of the holidays, after all ;)

Now I'm as crazy as they come, sure, but not crazy enough to get up before the sun the day after eating my weight in festive food just for a good holiday bargain. I was, actually, the girl who did it ONCE with friends in high school...and ended up just buying stuff for myself and a few items for friends and/or family. Yeah, that's where my Black Friday experience starts and ends, try not to judge too harshly.

I'm here today to give you a guide to giving this season for every budget out there and for every person out there you need to buy a gift for this season. Let's hop into Santa's sack, shall we? (That came out wrong...)

1. Nail Polish Sets - These are always out around the holidays and they are great for the girl-tastic BFF or sibling whose polish collection can make a salon weep with envy. Try the Muppets collection from OPI or even Butter's giftsets this season. Really, most all nail polishes come out with collections for Christmas giving, the choice is yours -- just try to pick polishes that won't clash with her skin tone...nothing worse than buying the wrong reds collection for your pale-skinned pal! ($5-$30)
2. F21 Scarf & Earwarmers - F21 never disappoints when it comes to scarves. Buy a bold print or pattern for your mom so she stops stealing from your collection (yes, mother, talking about YOU!) and get a cute neutral ear warmer headband to match. Stray away from anything too plain for the scarf because it looks as though you either didn't care or are clueless when it comes to knowing her fashion taste. ($8-$25)

1. Urban Decay's NAKED Palette - If there is a pal in my life without this, then I'd want to be the one who was sure she added it to her collection. It's my favorite set of shadows and no beauty pal of mine should be without it. Find it at Sephora or Ulta, Macy's, or even Nordstrom, but act on this quick, because these are sure to be snatched up during the holiday season! ($48)
2. TOMS Shoes - Why not give a gift to your sister or best pal while giving to someone else in need, too? Go for the sparkly pair for the girly girl best friend or choose a pair in your sister's favorite color or pattern. Heck, if your mom is into this style, too, get her a pair in a neutral color that she can rock on the weekends. ($44-60)

1. Slouchy Beanie or Skull Cap - Some dudes really love these warmer hats, especially my twin brother, so getting another one to add to their collection will be sure to make them happy. Try getting one with a subtle print you know he'll like or stick with his favorite color. Try to stray from black (he probably has tons of those!) or white (they get too dirty!) -- a royal blue or plaid print will do the trick for brother or boyfriend! Try PacSun, Journey's, or American Eagle for plenty of options. ($15-$30)
2. Graphic Tee, Plaid Shirt - Even though most men don't love shopping and would rather cut off their right arm than hold our bags while at the mall, they don't mind getting a shirt from us because it means we approve of said clothing item which gives it more wearbility in their mind. Just don't be surprised if your boyfriend wears this specific shirt the day after he did something wrong to try (and fail miserably) to get back in your good graces. Check out Urban Outfitters for some great options for every kind of boy. ($20-30)

1.Booze Gift Set - I know this sounds odd, but really, it's a great idea for just about any man out there (of legal drinking age, of course!) Most of their favorite liquors come in gift sets around this time of year, whether it's Maker's Mark coming with cool wax-covered rocks glasses or a nice flask with his favorite bourbon. It shows you know what he likes to drink, which will undoubtedly score you points with the boyfriend or even some extra money from dad....because dads are much more willing to hand over some cash for gas when they've tipped back a few! ($30-60)
2. Skyrim, COD, Nerd-Tastic-ness - Whether they admit it or not (and most have no problem coming to terms with their inner child), most of the men in our life love video games. Snoop around or ask him questions to determine which one he is pining after (and didn't already buy after waiting in line until midnight!) to be sure you pick a game you know he'll like. Sure, you can pick any old game, but we're trying to prove we know what they like here, ladies! They will surely appreciate the fact you just saved them $60 and are accepting the fact you just lost several dates to whatever game you bought him! ($50-60)

1. iPhone/iPod/iPad Case - Believe it or not, most of these won't break your bank! Go to your local Apple store to find a case for your tech-savvy sib or best friend to show you not only want to protect her phone while she's texting you, but prove that you know what she likes, too! There are great ones by Kate Spade and other designers for the girls in your life, but don't count out tech brands like Incase, Speck, or Uncommon -- all who have very trendy and sturdy cases for both guys and gals. ($25-$50)
2. Designer Watch - If there is one piece that is worth the splurge, it's your time-teller! Guys and girls alike can get on board with watches from Michael Kors (for your sister or mom), Fossil (for the dudes in your life), or my personal favorite MBMJ (for your best friend). A classic watch is a great gift no matter who the person is, but be sure to ask them discreetly if they prefer silver or gold before making the big purchase! ($50-$200)
3. Gift Cards - I know, I know, so cheap and what a cop-out, but really, when budgets are tight, sometimes it's nice to know you can buy some new tops from your favorite store with someone else's money! Be sure to pair it with something sentimental (a photo of you together with a homemade frame, a mini scrapbook of the vacation you went on recently, a vintage copy of their favorite old-school novel, etc.) and also be sure that the GC is for a place you know they absolutely love; that way, you avoid looking like you spent all of 2 seconds on their gift, and when it's placed with something super special (and thoughtful!), the gift card looks like an awesome bonus! ($5-$100)

**If there is ONE gift to avoid getting girls, it's the dreaded bath set. I'd prefer ALL gift cards in place of receiving even one of those sets from B&BW. This may just be me, but it really just seems odd. "Please shower with better smelling scents" or "HERE, I thought of you when I saw this!" -- as least if I got a gift card to my favorite store, I would know you knew what I liked. A bath set? I think I can buy my own loofah and body wash at Target, thanks.
**The no-fail gift for dudes seems to be electronic (again, that came out wrong). My dad loves iTunes gift cards to download his old-school tunes, my brother would be stoked to get another pair of over-the-ear headphones or a new iPod, and SSB is all about the tech, no matter what it is. Look at your local Best Buy if you're totally lost on what to get the men in your life, be sure to tell them your budget if you're asking for help, and they'll be happy to steer a pretty girl like you in the right direction (really, all the dudes working there will jump at the chance!)

There you have it, my opinions on what is great to give to your loved ones this season, superficial-style! Just be sure you spend time time actually thinking about what to get them, because no one likes a gift they can tell you didn't put thought into.....unless it's cold-hard-cash, baby! Make it rain on this bitch then! I kid, I kid....sort of.

Until next time, I'm off to dream of turkey and mashed potatoes while I drink myself silly, have a wonderfully perfect and happy Thanksgiving..........

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Dressings (NOT for your food....)

Sorry for my absences over the weekend, as the last few days have taken its toll and I am now rocking a wonderful cold, just in time for the holidays. Fear not, dear readers, SS will recover in plenty of time, and if I don't, I'll just drink hot toddy's all weekend ;)

Considering I am now listening to Christmas tunes and warming up my room with the scent of Christmas tree candles, I thought I'd bring the holiday cheer to the blog by creating some outfits that are holiday-approved, whether you're off to your family's for Thanksgiving or in need of a fantastic frock for a future holiday party.........this bitch has you covered!

1. Thanksgiving - No matter where you are headed this Turkey Day, it's best to keep in mind the food. Avoid white clothing (gravy stains don't always look like gravy....) as well as anything too thin or too tight. Thanksgiving is the time for a great pair of jeggings, a chunky sweater, great boots, and a patterned scarf. If you want to up it a bit, try wearing a dark-wash jean, brown riding boots, a bold print tank and blazer or belted cardigan. The look for this holiday is casual comfort. Don't overdo it, because the focus should be shared among all guests, after all.
 {the cozier the sweater, the more you can eat, sister!}

2. Christmas Parties (for work) - Nothing tackier than wearing something too flashy for a party with your coworkers....unless you work at a club. Pick a great fitted shift dress in a neutral color  or a nice jewel tone and add fun accessories. There's nothing wrong with picking a great LBD and making it special by pairing it with a bright scarf or great jewelry. You want to look classy without looking like you tried too hard to impress the people you work with. You can, however, pull out all the stops if you work in need to impress those types of bitches ;)
{fun accessories can look festive enough on their
own, so don't overdo it with a flashy dress!}

3. Christmas Parties (for family) - If your family does a Christmas party for neighbors or friends, you probably don't need a dress for the occasion, unless you live on the Upper East Side and every event is a dress event. Try a great pair of slim black dress pants with a color in a rich hue of red or purple. You could rock a skirt but be sure to pair it with cute tights and/or boots and a simpler top so you're not showing too much skin in front of your family's guests.
{chances are you won't need shoes at your own family's house,
so feel free to let a bold toned top be the focal point!}

4. New Year's Eve - Go ahead, buy the sparkly dress or the sequined skirt. Wear the silver hot pants with black tights. Rock a leather pants or glittered heels. NYE is a great time to try out a bold outfit. My sister is having a Masquerade party and I plan on finding a great sequined dress to pair with my raven feather mask (that I still have yet to make, of course). Most women will be decked out regardless of where you go, so don't feel like you shouldn't be the same. If you want to go with jeans, wear a bright or bold top so you don't get lost in the crowd. If there's one holiday where you should stand out, it's the day before a brand new year. Work it, sister!
{i must have the blue sequined dress, it's fantastic!}

1. Try gold shadow for Thanksgiving or a simple bronzed face with a bit of pink blush. You'll be eating a ton (or should be!) so avoid a high-maintenance lip.
2. For Christmas parties, go simple on the face and add a great red lip or silver eyeshadow (but not both at once!) You could even try to rock a colored liner with a bare lid for an interesting pop with your LBD.
3. For NYE, you best be rocking the false lashes! Pair them with a winter glow: pale pink lips, mauve blush, and really any shadow that will complement your skin tone. Just take your usual, everyday look up about two notches to look like the best version of your gorgeous self!

1. Do not wear red and green together, it's just a holiday travesty.
2. Don't don Christmas pins or weird snow globe earrings, it's just overkill. You're not 75 yet.
3. Try not to overdo the makeup when you're in the company of family. There's no need to impress the people that helped change your diaper way back when, they know what you look like for real.
4. Don't rock fabulous shoes that the host will just ask you to take off at the front door; epic fashion fail.
5. For the love of all that is Christmas, make sure you check for VPLs on any outfit you choose. There's nothing that can kill an outfit quite like obvious underwear marks.

I hope you have fun finding your fashions for the holidays coming up. Feel free to experiment and have fun, and don't be afraid to pull out all of the stops for NYE. Check out Forever 21, Nordstrom, or American Eagle for some great tops, bottoms, or dresses for the last parties of 2011 ;)

Until next time, come on back tomorrow to get started on gift planning! I know, the thought makes me cringe, too..............

Friday, November 18, 2011

To Trend or NOT To Trend.....

There are some things that, as of late, have been ailing me, or perhaps, not letting me live my life to its fullest height of superficiality (I kid, I kid). Let's discuss these matters in what I'd like to call: "Blogging is my therapy."

Don't panic, it's not getting that deep!

1. You "mustache" from this trend -- (that should read more like must dash, dear oblivious folks) I don't know why but the mustache craze confuses me so very much, and I've seen it everywhere in the blogosphere since summer! I would appreciate it if we would, at the very least, kill most of the hairy can remain on cute mugs from Urban Outfitters and the like, but having your entire wedding party holding up the mustache stick or constantly photographing yourself wearing the finger drawn hair craze and then tagging all of those photos on your facebook is just going beyond the normal boundaries! Please, for the love of all that is blogging, stop the madness!

{if you own all of this, you've gone too far!}

2. I hate blood, but love Edward -- I have an obsession and don't care who knows it! Actually, I do because I've never been overtly open about my love for all things Twilight and the vampire trend, but alas, I am opening up now since this is a therapeutic session where you, dear reader, are not allowed to judge. Do the books suck from a literary standpoint? Yes, the errors are horrendous, her editor should be fired, but I still love those books!! Did the first movie make me feel awkward from all the tension and fakeness from the actors? Without a doubt, stop biting your lip Kristen Stewart! The movies (and actors) have come into their own, though, and I think they've gotten better with time.
.....ok, ok, so I just want to see Edward Cullen break the headboard in the sex scene heard 'round the world. Don't judge me with those judgy eyes!
{if you haven't seen the trailer of him breaking the bed, watch now}

3. "You're one and only source into...." -- Ever since Gossip Girl has been added to Netflix (or ever since I discovered this fact thanks to AlmostBritain!), I have been watching it with every free moment given to me since the weekend. I may or may not have started the middle of season two on Saturday only to be six episodes away from finishing season four.......and I may or may not have watched it too much, as my own dreams the other night were narrated by Kristen Bell's voice, I kid you not (not nearly as glamorous as it may sound!) SSB told me I should take sleeping meds. I think maybe a good day away from GG would aid me just fine, but we all know that won't happen. XOXO.....
{not a Little J fan in the slightest!!}

4. It's beginning to look a lot like...nothing?! -- I love Christmas tunes as much as gal or guy who loves Christmas tunes, but let's be real, the first snow fell over Halloween weekend and hasn't showed its glittery face since! I mean, I don't need the snow, really (no really, Mother Nature, I don't!!!), but I need something to feel like the holidays in order for my inner Santa-believing-child to come out and rejoice all things merry and bright. I listened to Michael Buble's Christmas album the other day before feeling like I just jumped the gun. Stepping into the Starbucks store today, though, totally changed everything. Father Christmas, you are now officially welcomed into my world :) You have been greeted with my snow globe fingers and the best Christmas album to date...NSYNC's. Yeah, I said it.
{OPI Skull & Glossbones under F21's Silver Sparkle Polish}

There you have it, "trends" I have been conflicted with in the past week or so.
Mustaches -- NO!
Vampires -- Just Edward Cullen.
Gossip Girl -- Intervention?!
Christmas -- Now HERE!

Until next time, I hope you also use blogging as your therapeutic session....after arriving home from your actual shrink...........

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beware, SSB....

...because I'm about to go full-blown wedding on your asses!

It may be the MOH pt. 2 in me for my sister's upcoming nuptials next year (aka my older sister is MOH pt. 1 so she does all the work!), my excessive pinning of all things pretty, or just the inner princess in me begging to come out of her 23 years of forbidden mention, but something sparked me to make this post, so let's just blame all of the aforementioned ;)

I have never been the girl who had dreamed of every detail of a fairytale wedding in a castle with a man dressed like some odd prince-marine-solider mashup all before the age of ten, but I have always thought weddings should be special. I actually never even thought about the dress, the ring (ok, SSB will call me out on this one), or the location until somewhat recently. You know, we will blame this on my sister's upcoming knot-date, it just makes me look less crazy!

So, I share with you today, SS's dream wedding, photos all courtesy of Pinterest, of course....some thrown in from Google, too!

1. The Dress - I love lace, anything classic or vintage, and it must have sleeves. YES. I loathe strapless dresses on myself. While they are stunningly beautiful on other women, I just couldn't see myself on the big day wearing something without sleeves.....lace sleeves, obviously. Think of a slim silhouette with a possible diamond cut-out in the back. Yes, I see it in my head and it look mahhh-velous, dahling!
Pinned Image
{this with longer sleeves and a cut-out back!}

2. The Ring - Sooo this is where my wedding goes from classic to a bit edgy. I have never wanted a "simple" diamond ring. In fact, SSB has heard it time & time again, but it bears repeating. He knows not to ever buy me jewelry for holidays or birthdays, because I want one piece of jewelery from him whenever that time may come, so he should save his funds...I think he loves me for this now....but will not feel so hot about it later. I would love a ruby or sapphire stone surrounded by smaller diamonds (not really like Diana's Kate's, but I mean, that wouldn't be terrible). Also, if I can't have the stone, I choose something vintage. You know, to redeem myself on the whole "classic" bit ;)
Pinned Image
{vintage Tiffany's}

3. The Location - SSB wants to do it outside (that came out wrong....), or at least not in a traditional church. I agree, unless that church is old and has beautiful stained-glass windows and perhaps gorgeous, wooden doors to take photos in front of....yes, I am admitting that I only want to be married in a church if it's a pretty church. Is that terrible? I assure you I am not (that) vain, but these photos and these memories do last forever, so I think it's fair to want to make sure it looks amazing! If not in a church, a simple outside gazebo would be nice or even in the middle of a beautifully wooded forest that just happens to have a great big opening in the middle with a perfect aisle for me to walk down and birds placed ever so discreetly throughout the trees for a natural chorus, but that sounds a bit excessive, even for me (even for Snow White, actually....)
Pinned Image
{seriously?! really?! SO amazing!}

Pinned Image
{...but this would work just as well!}

4. The Decor - When I joked with my mother about wanting an "Alice in Wonderland" theme for my wedding when she was discussing my sister's (which is Victorian....with lots of wine), I wasn't entirely kidding. No, I don't want rabbits in waistcoats or a man who has lead poisoning from his hat making an appearance, but I love the whimsical aspect. A wedding should be fun and light and nothing says fun and light quite like the word whimsical. Feathered wreaths, vases with submerged flowers under floating lights, old chairs and perhaps teacups on top of teacups, all filled with vodka. I mean, admit it, you so want to be in that kind of wonderland!
Pinned Image
{awesome inspiration!}

5. The Wedding Party - I think the groom should wear gunmetal gray (because dark gray isn't "badass" enough for SSB), the groomsmen in a lighter gray (but not too light), and the bridemaids in deep midnight blue dresses, potentially floor-length, given the season. I used to hate the look of long dresses on bridesmaids but it does ring true with the classics, so I've changed my tune to ring the same way. I'm just thinking more floaty bottoms than something from a 90s prom, though.
Pinned Image
{like this, but in blue, obviously}

This post has just made me that girl...the girl who knows the details of the wedding she is nowhere near close to having, thank goodness! I'm sure most of this will change over time, but I feel as though it is very true to who I am (and who SSB is, too, actually!), so perhaps you'll all be invited to a "Classically Vintage Wonderland Wedding"....that is, if you're willing to pay for the ticket to get here ;)

Until next time, I'm late I'm late for a very important date! (not really)...........

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Thoughts of a Penn State Student...

Sometimes when I read the news, I often wonder about the people directly involved, the thoughts of those who are connected, in any way, to the story, because, more often than not, the story is told from those who are merely hearing it second-hand or are asked to give their opinion on the matter, as if one person's opinion is the solid, factual truth. Tisk, tisk ESPN, shame on you.

Let's be serious, I don't really read the news that often, as it bores me almost as much as it saddens me. The times I do take the time to read and/or watch, however, my mind goes to those who are involved, and I sometimes wish they would speak out in place of those who are being paid to do so.

I'm here to do just that today, and you are free to ignore this post as it is not superficial, has nothing to do with a beautiful sanctuary, and is serious in nature. I mean, serious starts with an "S" which is the letter that dictates the title of this blog, but I digress......

I am, forever and a day, dedicated to my university. If you are new (or not), I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in Secondary Education. "Wait, SS, you're, like, smart and teacherly?" Who would have thought!

If you have listened or read the news lately, you know my school has been under serious fire lately, we've been brewing in a steaming pot of turmoil and scandal......and for good reason. While I will not discuss the matters on my blog and while I will not go into details, you are welcome to google my school and the searches will--no doubt--lead you to news article after news article that has been haunting my school as of late.

I know many of you who read my blog do not call PSU your college home, but I do. Yes, do & not did. While I have graduated, I will forever be a Penn State student, something only a Penn State student can understand. We are family, past and present, and any one person can understand that a family is not chosen or hand-picked but rather formed through the years into one, solid unit. All families have hard times, some more than others, and we all have that awkward aunt who smells funny or the cousin who is convinced she's a vampire after one too many read-throughs of Twilight, but family is just

I am sick and saddened and destroyed emotionally by the news, yes, but I am still not hurting as much as the victims and their families. However, if nothing rings more true, it is the fact that my university as a whole should not and cannot be discredited by the actions of a twisted and sadistic man and his hellish helpers. My school is not "wallowing in our filth forever" nor are we "forever ruined as a university for our actions." I'm sorry, "our" actions? As far as I am aware, I did nothing and knew nothing in this situation. I went to a school for a solid education, made friends, created a family, and enjoyed myself and my time at a school who has nearly been unscathed by the media for, for generations. How dare you take that from me, from all of us who worked so hard to grow into good, upstanding citizens who could represent our school proudly. How dare you tell me I am wallowing in filth when I have nothing but a clean record, a pure heart, and a the strongest of pride for my university. Do not take down my university, my home when you know the actions only came from a troubling and disgusting man.

For those of you who know Joe Pa, you know him from the what the sports networks show you. We at PSU know him differently. We know he is the man who paid for our school to build a fantastic library on top of donating thousands of dollars more into our academic buildings to make our campus--our home--the best it can be. We know him as the man who lived just down the street from our university in a house as modest as himself. He is not "driven by power," not "bathing in the light of his fame." He is 61 years of dedication, passion, and love for the school I also love. He is not who they say he is....he is the father of this family, and every father makes mistakes, but this man did not react to his fortune or fame, he did not save a man just to save his football legacy. He did what he thought he had to do, and even if that is not enough, you cannot say that you have always done everything to the utmost....we are not perfect, we never claimed to be, despite what the media says about our school. We have pride but we are not conceited, we have strength but we are not too confident. We are not asking you to feel sorry for us, but rather, place your focus where it needs to be. This is not about football, this was never about football, and while I am upset that this man could not see through to his last game, I understand what had to be done. We are allowed to be upset by this, but by no means does that give anyone the right to judge us for our thoughts and emotions. For the record, as an aside, I am glad that our president was fired. His too-soon comment was without the appropriate, prior thought; it was severely careless, as he should not have spoken a word of his opinion when the issue was still so new, the wound was just inflicted, and he threw in salt. I never knew enough about this man to hate him, but I knew that he was just as careless with money, throwing dollar signs just about anywhere he walked, and now our university is paying dearly for it.....thank you for my enormous amount of loans, dear president. I am not sorry you were taken down in the scandal.

Do I think the man behind this scandal deserves life in prison? I think he deserves death for what he has done to the victims that have come out and for those of them waiting in the wings for justice and rightful punishment to fall on him. Do I think the men who lied in front of a court and in front of a judge deserve time in prison? Surely karma will do them in, and yes, they should be behind bars. Do I think the situation would have been different had the victims been young girls? Undoubtedly so, something that I have thought about many times. Do I think the situation would have been different had our university not had Joe Pa? Again, an easy answer, seeing as how the media has been waiting with bated breath for years to take him down with a story that would rock our university to its core. Would I have rioted in the streets had I still been a student there? Obviously, but more so "watching" rather than "rioting" which, I believe, is what 90% of those "rioters" were doing. The remaining 8% were there to create chaos and havoc and the other 2% probably just wanted to be on TV....hey, like I said, we are only human.

Despite the media claims, regardless of the man behind these acts, and ignoring those who are just spewing out hate and judgement for attention, I am here to say we are still strong, still true, still PSU, and while this story will not last forever, my pride in my university will.
"May no act of ours bring shame, to one heart that loves thy name, may our lives but swell thy fame, dear old State, dear old State."

Friday, November 11, 2011


Shit is about to get real.

Is it amazing to anyone else that this is the 100th post -- on 11/11/11?!
No? You don't think so?
No one?
Bueller, Bueller?

Either way, regardless of your lackluster knowledge and/or opinion on my 100th post, it is STILL my "50x2" post....and I am loving that!
I wanted to do something interesting and a bit off-the-cuff than my normal spiel, but really, this is nothing earth-shattering or's just a memeto to mark the fact that I made it to 100 on 11/11/11 and on a's like three great things all wrapped into one, like a perfect blogging burrito!
(If you want a real fantastical 100th post, read my pal's, The Procrastinator. Did you read/watch it? Pretty damn cool right?!)

So what is it SS, what's the deal? What are you going to share with us?!

I am going to share ME!
Don't we already know you?
I mean, pretty much.
But not reeeeally!
Here it goes.

Superficial Sanctuary = Torrie Smith
Yep. That's me, that's my actual name.
Why Torrie? Because my twin brother, Tyler, came out first....and my parents wanted our names to have the same first intials.
Yeah.....that's the reason.
Try sharing that story in a room full of students during your freshman seminar in college with people named "Paris" for where their parents met and "Tiffany" because it was where her mother worked when she met her dad.......I mean, I went to a fashion school for one hot semester after all! I had no good reason for being Torrie, sorry fashion whores.

However, I still think my name speaks a lot about who I am as a person.....if you think about it. Which I won't make you do, of course, because I'm just going to tell you WHY it speaks a lot about me....and you'll look at me with this new found respect because SS is about to get deep!

Torrie is not that common of a name....or it wasn't when I was in high school.
It is not short for Victoria (which is the number 1 question I hate next to "Can you feel your twin brother's pain?!" -- seriously, you're an idiot).
It is not spelled in the common way (both my sisters have "ie" endings in their names, too!)
It is not anywhere close to the mundane and humdrum last name of Smith.

.....which makes my name just like me....completely unique but still pretty boring.
I love being who I am, as different as that may be, as odd as I may be in my real life.
However, I am still proud to be a bit boring, whether that means I choose not to step outside my comfort zone or feel pressured into being a certain way or fitting into a certain mold.
I don't do drugs (except for caffeine), I don't have mental issues (that have been diagnosed anyways....or fixed with alcohol!), and I don't think my actions will land me a reality show on a channel that should be playing music.
But damnit, I am so stoked to be the person I am today, 23 (and a half!) years in the making! I love big, I laugh bigger, and I cry like a f*cking baby....but I would never trade being Torrie Smith for anything in the world.

Do you ever think about why you are the person you are? In all honesty, I think about that question a lot, because I am a firm believer in the idea that "everything happens for a reason" -- when I was younger this thought was more like, "Why wasn't I a dog?" or "What if God chose me to be this fork?!" to "What if I were just this chair, and my sole purpose was to comfort your ass?" to a more mature question of, "Why am I me? Why am I so unlike that person and what is the reason for me being me and not, well, anyone else?"

I don't ask it because I wish to be that person....and I certainly am ecstatic that I am not that chair.
I just think it's something fantastic to think about. Was was I made this way and not that way?
I have yet to find that answer and I don't really ever look for the answer, but I still love asking myself that question....just because.

So yes, I am still SS, but you can call me Torrie, too. My students sometimes call me T.Smith and I'm just fine with that name, as well. Some went as far as to call me T-Money, but I don't prefer that one so ruins my chances of using it later when my rapping career takes off.

I still will write this blog in the same witty and sarcastic manner.
I still want to make you laugh and ignite your brain with the desires of all things makeup and skincare.
I still want to rant about my teaching days and complain about bad fashion choices.
I still will be me, but now you know the real name behind the other name of the girl behind this blog.

Leaving you now with a photo of the tattoo(s) I just got done this week that fits this post quite well. I added to my original tattoo to help balance out the other arm where I just got a feather.
It represents the feeling I have with my (real) writing and my flight and journey as a growing 20-something. BIG thanks to my future brother-in-law for doing it for me.....I love it!
"More than anything else, the sensation of flight is one of perfect peace mingled with an
excitement that strains every nerve to the utmost, if you can conceive of such a combination."

Mushy post over. AAAAAND SCENE!

Until next time, farewell blogger buddies, you mah bitches fo' life, and cheers to the next 100 posts.......

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Post-Teacher OOTD (so really just a plain outfit....)

"You don't really look like normal teachers."
"What ever do you mean dear student?"
"You actually care what you look like when you come here."
"Right you are...bonus for go Glen Coco."
.....and they actually got my reference! A win in the teacher book, for sure!

I always try to look pulled together, even outside the classroom. It's getting chilly here with snow just around the corner (cough, tomorrow, cough) but there are also days here where t-shirts are acceptable. Oh, mother nature, you craaazy bitch!

That being said, I like to look myself but still classy just in case I happen to run into any student and/or student parent while know, shopping for clothes...or buying I said, classy. Plus, I thought I'd showcase this aforementioned crazy weather in all its fall, pre-winter glory, hence no cropping of photos!

{Cape: Marshall's, Tee: American Eagle, Scarf: Stolen from sister ;), Jeans: Volcom (very old jeans!), Shoes: Sam Edelman} 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday and are excited that TGIF is just around the corner (along with the snow, booooo!)

Until next time, farewell to every single one of my love-el-ly readers, new and old, I love you all more than SSB (just don't tell him that!)................

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wrapped Wednesday

{yes, I totally posted this before adding the photos, go this girl, let's hear it for one CRAY-ZAY week and blame it on that, k ;) k!}

Way to go, SS, you put this up on the right day this time!

Color me surprised......and the only reason I'm using such a terrible phrase is because I feel it fits quite well with my scarf of choice this week!

F21 Black & Floral Scarf
I actually bought this scarf because I had a plethora of solids and not very many fun prints. When I came across this little number during one of my many F21 strolls, I knew it had to be mine.
I mean, it is the perfect combination of dark and light, it's girly but not too feminine, lightweight but still long enough to keep me warm...the scarf is simply the perfect balance of opposites, how fantastic is that?!

Wear with:
1. An all black outfit for a pop of color.
2. Retro flares, white button-down, and floppy felt hat.
3. Blush tone blazer, slim-fit trousers, and brown blouse for work.
4. Leather jacket, maxi skirt, and motorcycle boots.
**Can you tell you can pair this with just about any outfit? Another reason to love this scarf!

I don't like to get too crazy with folding this scarf up and around my neck because I want the full effect of black-meets-bright, but considering it's a longer scarf, try this out if you have a similar lengthy style you want to bulk up around your neck for the colder months!

The Bulky Braid
1. Wrap around neck.
2. Take one end and wrap it twice around your neck (once if you're using a shorter scarf).
3. Take that end and loop it through either hole and pull through.
4. Take the other end and stuff it into either hole but do not pull through.
Very chic result, no?

Let's hear it for the fourth installment of Wrapped Wednesday....that was actually posted on a Wednesday (but posted before I realized there were NO photos, thanks blogger buds!) Woot woot!

Until next time, stay warm in those scarves, folks, because the weather is getting chilly chilly so very soon.........

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a REAL superficial sanctuary...

I am BACK to be a beauty blogger, imagine that! Well, a sort of beauty blogger. Let's hop into it!

Am I one in a long line of people who all want this vanity set but just doesn't want to shell out the money for it?
No? I'm the only one?
Whatever. Now I bet you've added yourself to the list ;)

In its place (for nowwww), I have an Ikea desk and it suits me just fine. I recently got rid of a very small one and replaced it with the one in the below photo. I just reorganized my girl-tastic corner and thought I'd share my space-saving and organizational tips with you....most of them you've probably heard/seen on YouTube videos and/or other blogs, but perhaps I will have new, earth shattering tidbits for you.......or not, a girl can dream. I don't have nearly as much makeup as most "beauty bloggers" or "beauty gurus" (both terms I do not enjoy using for myself!), so if you have a shit ton of palettes or 1,586 single eye shadows or every flipping thing MAC has ever sold, it's best you look for someone else's tips....I'm just not that crazy. Yet.

{hell yes John Mayer looks at me everyday while I prepare myself....
if only I could say that literally, but that may upset SSB.}

1. Keep main makeup/skincare in view.
It may be that I wake up well before the sun and don't even speak until I order my Starbucks in the morning (unless I talk to myself while getting ready....which happens sometimes a lot), but I like my makeup out in the open where I can grab it, put it on, and goooo. I bought a clear makeup case from Target, the ones with all the little compartments. My main makeup goes in this clear case, along with other random items I may find myself needing last minute (extra concealers, eye brushes, lip balms, etc. for the days where I wake up an go, "gahhhh who is this monster beast?!"). I keep my morning/nighttime skincare products off to the side but still out in the open, as well, so I can easily grab them. The cute drawers become cumbersome for products you use every single day.
{if we're being honest, I hate YouRebel, do not use the two foundations to the far right, or either brush in the clear caught me, pot calling the kettle black. WHATEVS!}

2. Compartmentalize according to product.
A no-brainer. I have 3 drawers (all from Target, about $6 bucks each I believe!) which all have three compartments (that's nine in total, non-math kiddos) and I separate like such.....
--Blushes (liquid and powder)
--Lipsticks & Lip balms
--Separate, Single Eyeshadows
--Mini Eye Palettes
--Powders & Bronzers
--Extra Foundations
--Eyeliners (pencils, gels, liquids)
--Highlighters & Illuminzers
--Makeup Remover Towelettes and Baby Shampoo (towelettes to clean my vanity; shampoo to clean my brushes)
**I keep the "main" products at eye level for easier access. I rarely use lipsticks so I put them in the top compartment, off to the side. Same with my highlighters and extra foundations --those are all in the white drawer that's on the far right.
**My bigger eye palettes are on a vintage side table that sits lower & goes underneath my vanity -- didn't think to take a picture of that, sorry!

3. Buy a Cottonball & Q-Tip holder (as well as a brush holder)
Seriously, a life-saver. I bought mine at Target in the bath section and I love it. I can easily fix makeup smudges, apply my toner, or perfect my manicures because of this little contraption without dealing with the crappy bags/boxes they come in. Really, have it on your vanity...just like using a toner, there is no exception here! I keep the bags for easy refills under the little top tier (far right in photo).
I bought two white buckets with bows from the dollar Easter section at Target this past April and keep my extra brushes in them, off to the side (again). My main brushes are in a thick glass container that is filled with sand and glass beads (both in the vase section as they are called "vase fillers" -- genius, I know) to keep the brushes upright and separated...I already had the vase at my place, so find one around your own place or invest in some sort of container to keep your brushes in. Don't let them touch very often because that spreads germs quickly (even though all the germs are your thought, I know!)

4. Keep it cute.
If my entire bedroom is a disaster, my vanity will still be pristine. You do your makeup here, perhaps your morning/nighttime skincare routine (I do after I've washed my face in my bathroom/shower), so it should be pretty, just like you! I keep it clean always (hence the towelettes mentioned above), add some candles, some real (or faux!) flowers, or just little pretty touches here and there to keep it fun.....after all, if you're sitting at a pretty vanity, you'll instantly feel prettier, no? At least that's what I try to keep in mind!

So, to put it simply, keep main products within easy reach and in plain sight, extra pieces off to the side or at least not in front of your daily products, and keep it cute....after all, it's your "girl-tastic" space, your own superficial make it a good (and gorgeous) one!

I know much of this was not new, but still bears repeating, right? Maybe. Well, I repeated it anyways, miss rude pants!
Doing my makeup has become much more fun now that everything has a place and it looks put together. I remember the days in college where I'd be doing my makeup in front of a mirror in my poorly-lit bathroom, all of my makeup just shoved into a makeup bag.....ugh, I shudder at the thought now that I have my own little space. Now if only I could get my hands on that gawww-ghus vanity! I don't own enough makeup and products (YET!) to make such a vanity all that useful, though. ONE day, though, one day......

Until next time, good luck revamping your own beauty-full space....let me know if you have any fun tips, too, as I love hearing them!

Monday, November 7, 2011

School Daze

I was trying to find a file on my computer last night and within the endless abyss of documents, prose, and pictures, I stumbled upon my college past. Sounds scary, but really, it was wild to see how much has changed--or hasn't!--since those days.

I haven't been out for very long, I know, but I have been removed from my days in fashion school (for one hot semester) and the days of my Rihanna bob, so I thought it'd be interesting to share SS through the edition. I think it's hard for us to see ourselves any differently throughout the years because we see ourselves numerous times a day (what vain bitches we all are!).....but these photos show a bit of a glimpse of change through the years of 18-23....

1. NO idea why this photo was taken, but I know I didn't take it. I think it was for my roommate's basic photo class or something. Either way, look at how blonde my hair was! I was in the sun a lot that summer so it was pretty light.....and long. I miss that length, I want it back!
2. I found that Power Ranger shirt at a thrift store right off campus called "Einstein's Attic" -- I look like I'm five...and that really hasn't changed much.

1&2. Still long hair, rocking the leather, my badass period where I chose the wrong boys (like the one behind me), the wrong booze, and made all the right memories. Junior year was a more severe version of this, but we won't divulge into those moments.........for another time, my loves. Cue Rihanna's most recent hit, "We Found Love" & these photos will make much more sense, HAH!

1. Where oh where did my hair go?! I loved this haircut at the time, so simple, so chic, definitely fit my personality. This was me, cah-learly intoxicated....celebrating my 21st!
2. I'll take random solo photos over the duck face pose photos anyyyyday, sister!

1. Student teacher days, where of course I took photos of my self in school!
2. SSB is in the picture now.....literally. (I don't know why we look so sexy, I assure you we weren't trying to look salaciously at the camera....because SSB doesn't even know what that word means.)


There you have it, the transformation of SS from scared freshman to graduated senior to now in the present day. I miss those days to a ridiculous extent. If you're still in college, I am a huge jelly belly because I wish I was in your position. Make the most of it, make all the wrong decisions just so you know you can make the right ones later!
If you're out of college like me, share your college photos! I would make this a cute link-up, but let's be honest, I'm way too lazy for that. Sorry I'm not sorry about it.

Until next time, farewell to you who never gained the freshman fifteen and to those who have not yet had the chance to do so........

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Scarf Sunday!

{So I forgot to post this during the actual Wednesday it should have been up.....don't judge me with those judge-y eyes!}

He-low, lads & ladies! Today, we here have a Wrapped Wednesday Scarf Sunday that will take ye to the Scottish lands. So grab ye kilts and hold on tight!

Alright, I'm done, I tried, the accent is just too much! (I think that sounded more "pirate" bad!)

This week's scarf is one of my favorites (do I say that every WW now?!) because it's a bold pattern but still matches everything (well, I normally wear solid for my wardrobe, it matches everything!) Here in North America, we just consider it a plaid scarf, but those Scottish fellers call it "tartan" -- so please do not call it "Tartan Plaid" as that is ridiculously when people say they need to go to the "ATM Machine"....uuhhhh, what does the "M" stand for in that acronym, genius?! Infuriating!
{enter awkward facial expression......aaaaand scene.}

Does the Scottish intro make sense now?! Maybe?!

I actually wore this scarf a lot in college, considering I purchased it during junior year (awesome memory, I know). I had more than a handful of people compliment the scarf and say, "Awesome, a tartan scarf!" and of course my response on the outside was, "Yeah, totally, thanks!" and on the inside, I was all "Uhh, it's plaid but whatever, smile and nod!"

I recently just wore this scarf with:
--Black skinnies, my Aldo boots, a white tee, and blush-tone leather

I also love wearing this with:
--Classic blue skinnies, brown boots, and a black crewneck preppy of me!
--Black maxi skirt, white v-neck tee, and a slouchy beanie...hippy meets Scottish?!
--Dark dress pants, white button-up (or button-down?!), blush blazer...the Tartan scarf is my "kilt at work" attire....get it?! Maybe? No? Fine.

I usually wear this scarf just around my neck, nothing special, but for very cold days, try this trick with your wool (and wool plaid) scarves!
1. Wrap around neck, throw both ends behind & bring back around to front.
2. Take the left end and tuck it UP into the loop/hole.
3. Take the right end and tuck it DOWN into the loop/hole.

Before I finish this Scottish rant, for those who want a laugh, look at this -- Glossary of Scottish Terms. Truly my kind of place seeing as how they have about 10 words that mean drunk........

Until next time, I bid you farewell, fellow non-Scottish-jargon-speakers...........

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend OOTD

I am not a fashion-only blogger.
I feel like most--if not all--of you already know this.

There are some blogs I adore and all they do is post photos of their outfits. Usually oufits I could nah-ever afford or outfits that amaze me because it's all thrifted and I just never have that kind of luck, but these blogs all provide me with an everyday editorial....which are usually better than the actual editorials in magazines that include creepy men, lambs, and off-site locations that just look odd.
{for good fashion-only blogs, check out Atlantic-Pacific and The Moptop}

Then, there are other fashion-only blogs that I adore but for an entirely different reason. They pose in such hysterical ways that make me wonder if they are being serious. Fear not, if I comment on your blog about your outfit or just about anything else, you are not one of these bloggers. Chances are if you're reading this blog, you are not one of these bloggers!

So SSB & I headed out for Happy Hour at a local bar yesterday and after he downed three beers on virtually no food and I slurped down two cocktails, I convinced SSB to take photos of my outfit. It's not even a great outfit, it's not exactly perfectly planned, but hey, we were buzzed......and I pulled out my best damned awkward poses for your viewing pleasure. NO need to thank me, really, just laugh it up. You can, however, thank the ever-so charming SSB for taking these when he had no idea what my intention was. "WHY do you look so sad in this photo?" Oh, SSB, you have no idea about the world of fashion-gone-funny blogging. At least he's still cute.

PREFACE: Honestly, I don't have specific bloggers in mind, and I don't want anyone to be offended. I mean, after all, I'm the one who is actin' a fool here, people! Remember that fact!

Pose #1 - Deer in Headlights
Truthfully, I usually look like a DIH because I'm frazzled by just about anything, but this is one of the true gems that I love seeing on OOTD posts!
{this is how Bambi looks right before your car swerves to miss hitting her......}

Pose #2 - Why so sad? Why soooo serious? (is The Joker around?!)
This takes me back to Myspace days when you were supposed to take sad photos of yourself not looking at the camera. I mean, there ARE photos where not looking at the camera still looks entirely normal, so long as you do not have a terribly pitiful look of your face. Enter horribly pitiful face in the following photo.....
{either I'm sad...or scared of a mouse in the corner...this could go both ways, folks}

Pose #3 - Full Blown Profile
These gals have clearly never taken a good theatre class....profile never means to turn completely sideways, rookie mistake, dolls. Always place the feet towards the audience/camera, position your body so we can still see you.......& no offense, this just looks like you're trying to show off your ass(ets) and does nothing for your OOTD.
{only made better by the bunched placement of my hair....}

For the record, my OOTD includes:
Old Navy Jeans
Target Converse Tank
F21 Leather Jacket
F21 Heels
Scarf (stolen from my sister in high school...)

I mean, if you can't laugh at yourself, at least you can count on everyone else to ;) I kid, I kid!
With that being said, I hope you all learned a bit on how to pose properly in your next OOTD spread.
Look forward to a potential Teacher OOTD this week...if I take the time to actually plan a good outfit, that is.

Until next time, I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend....go ahead and post your best awkward photos.......after plenty of alcohol, of course........


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