Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a REAL superficial sanctuary...

I am BACK to be a beauty blogger, imagine that! Well, a sort of beauty blogger. Let's hop into it!

Am I one in a long line of people who all want this vanity set but just doesn't want to shell out the money for it?
No? I'm the only one?
Whatever. Now I bet you've added yourself to the list ;)

In its place (for nowwww), I have an Ikea desk and it suits me just fine. I recently got rid of a very small one and replaced it with the one in the below photo. I just reorganized my girl-tastic corner and thought I'd share my space-saving and organizational tips with you....most of them you've probably heard/seen on YouTube videos and/or other blogs, but perhaps I will have new, earth shattering tidbits for you.......or not, a girl can dream. I don't have nearly as much makeup as most "beauty bloggers" or "beauty gurus" (both terms I do not enjoy using for myself!), so if you have a shit ton of palettes or 1,586 single eye shadows or every flipping thing MAC has ever sold, it's best you look for someone else's tips....I'm just not that crazy. Yet.

{hell yes John Mayer looks at me everyday while I prepare myself....
if only I could say that literally, but that may upset SSB.}

1. Keep main makeup/skincare in view.
It may be that I wake up well before the sun and don't even speak until I order my Starbucks in the morning (unless I talk to myself while getting ready....which happens sometimes a lot), but I like my makeup out in the open where I can grab it, put it on, and goooo. I bought a clear makeup case from Target, the ones with all the little compartments. My main makeup goes in this clear case, along with other random items I may find myself needing last minute (extra concealers, eye brushes, lip balms, etc. for the days where I wake up an go, "gahhhh who is this monster beast?!"). I keep my morning/nighttime skincare products off to the side but still out in the open, as well, so I can easily grab them. The cute drawers become cumbersome for products you use every single day.
{if we're being honest, I hate YouRebel, do not use the two foundations to the far right, or either brush in the clear case.....you caught me, pot calling the kettle black. WHATEVS!}

2. Compartmentalize according to product.
A no-brainer. I have 3 drawers (all from Target, about $6 bucks each I believe!) which all have three compartments (that's nine in total, non-math kiddos) and I separate like such.....
--Blushes (liquid and powder)
--Lipsticks & Lip balms
--Separate, Single Eyeshadows
--Mini Eye Palettes
--Powders & Bronzers
--Extra Foundations
--Eyeliners (pencils, gels, liquids)
--Highlighters & Illuminzers
--Makeup Remover Towelettes and Baby Shampoo (towelettes to clean my vanity; shampoo to clean my brushes)
**I keep the "main" products at eye level for easier access. I rarely use lipsticks so I put them in the top compartment, off to the side. Same with my highlighters and extra foundations --those are all in the white drawer that's on the far right.
**My bigger eye palettes are on a vintage side table that sits lower & goes underneath my vanity -- didn't think to take a picture of that, sorry!

3. Buy a Cottonball & Q-Tip holder (as well as a brush holder)
Seriously, a life-saver. I bought mine at Target in the bath section and I love it. I can easily fix makeup smudges, apply my toner, or perfect my manicures because of this little contraption without dealing with the crappy bags/boxes they come in. Really, have it on your vanity...just like using a toner, there is no exception here! I keep the bags for easy refills under the little top tier (far right in photo).
I bought two white buckets with bows from the dollar Easter section at Target this past April and keep my extra brushes in them, off to the side (again). My main brushes are in a thick glass container that is filled with sand and glass beads (both in the vase section as they are called "vase fillers" -- genius, I know) to keep the brushes upright and separated...I already had the vase at my place, so find one around your own place or invest in some sort of container to keep your brushes in. Don't let them touch very often because that spreads germs quickly (even though all the germs are your germs...love-el-ly thought, I know!)

4. Keep it cute.
If my entire bedroom is a disaster, my vanity will still be pristine. You do your makeup here, perhaps your morning/nighttime skincare routine (I do after I've washed my face in my bathroom/shower), so it should be pretty, just like you! I keep it clean always (hence the towelettes mentioned above), add some candles, some real (or faux!) flowers, or just little pretty touches here and there to keep it fun.....after all, if you're sitting at a pretty vanity, you'll instantly feel prettier, no? At least that's what I try to keep in mind!

So, to put it simply, keep main products within easy reach and in plain sight, extra pieces off to the side or at least not in front of your daily products, and keep it cute....after all, it's your "girl-tastic" space, your own superficial sanctuary...so make it a good (and gorgeous) one!

I know much of this was not new, but still bears repeating, right? Maybe. Well, I repeated it anyways, miss rude pants!
Doing my makeup has become much more fun now that everything has a place and it looks put together. I remember the days in college where I'd be doing my makeup in front of a mirror in my poorly-lit bathroom, all of my makeup just shoved into a makeup bag.....ugh, I shudder at the thought now that I have my own little space. Now if only I could get my hands on that gawww-ghus vanity! I don't own enough makeup and products (YET!) to make such a vanity all that useful, though. ONE day, though, one day......

Until next time, good luck revamping your own beauty-full space....let me know if you have any fun tips, too, as I love hearing them!


  1. Not gonna lie...I would LOVE to have a vanity to sit and do my hair and makeup...it'd be so nice! And Daisy is my favorite perfume!

  2. I have a vanity table in my bedroom, but by the end of the week all the stuff has crept out of the drawers and is just laying all willy nilly on the top of the vanity. I clean it up every Sunday night, and by the next Sunday morning I'm back to teh same ol' mess, haha.

  3. your vanity is much much cuter than mine!!! While I do love my actually vanity every time I organize everything it goes at the window about 2 weeks later when I start frantically getting ready in the morning and throwing everything in the wrong place! lol then I have to start all over again!

    xo Jackie

  4. Cute, cute! I must get a vanity one of these days. I made a cute little makeup corner in my room but the lighting is terrible so I am still doing my makeup in my bathroom or in my living room.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who did not like Dream Liquid Mousse.

    I want to redecorate my corner now, thanks a lot!


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