Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dreaming of a Cobalt Christmas

I tweeted about this earlier so I apologize for the potential repeated statement, but seriously, shopping the day after Black Friday is my new favorite! It's like the sloppy seconds that girls actually want to take part in (or should want to!) -- the deals are still great, the lines are cut by 80% and the crazies are still recuperating at home so parking is a breeze! Let's call this the Saturday of Sloppy Seconds......sexual intercourse not included.

I was in search for new black boots and while I did not find the boots (yet), I did find a lot of great teacher outfit options and you best believe this bitch snagged them up! I'm not here to post a haul, however, because I'll just plan to post more OOTD:Teacher Edition posts soon. Try not to quote me on that one, though!


Cobalt Blue is a fantastic color, no matter what. I have seen it in a ton of stores and am here to share with you some of the wonderful ways this color is popping up this season. If I can manage to find it, I will be rocking a cobalt blazer with a black lapel for Christmas mass and family festivities. Perhaps I'll even rock a cobalt dress for NYE. Bring on the breezy blue color, people, bring it onnnnnn!

Color me Colbat
Feeling Blue? Tips on including cobalt into your wardrobe --
*Add a great pair of wedges (like the Steve Madden ones above!) to a monochromatic outfit for a serious pop of color.
*Any piece of cobalt jewelry looks on-trend and stays classic, so long as you don't pair it with anything else that is too flashy.
*If you're rocking a cobalt dress, let it do the talking. Don't overpower your outfit with sparkly shoes or cover it up with a glittery blazer. Keep accessories or coats black or gray (or silver in the case of jewelry!), both colors that blend in well with blue!
*Cobalt jeans can be a great focal point for a holiday party outfit (for more tips on this, check out my Holiday Dressings post!) -- pair them with a white tank and black tux blazer for a look that will make SS totally envious of you (seriously, I'd attempt to steal your outfit on the spot, sorry I'm not sorry!)
*If you don't feel like buying anything new or too expensive to rock this trend, try adding a cobalt liner to a bare lid for a night out. It will make your eyes pop and you'll look ridiculously badass!

There you have it, my favorite color for this season....screw the traditional red and green shit ;) Do you have a favorite color to wear currently? If so, fill a sister in, I'd love to know!

Until next time, hope you all have been resting well after a great holiday! I'll be back to report on my November favorites soon...............


  1. my favourite colour? SEQUINS. Okay, not a colour, but still. In terms of actual colour...I find my wardrobe stays more or less the same...still loving neutrals with bright yellow, emerald green and burnt orange popping up here and there. And of course cobalt, but that goes without saying =)

  2. Gorgeous colour!

  3. The color is amazing! That blazer would look great in my closet!

  4. I'm with the procrastinator - sequins is my favorite color! Haha. This shade of blue is really, really pretty, though. I need to add more color to my everyday wardrobe... I've been in a neutral rut lately.

  5. Fabulous post! I might have to do a similar one for my column - cobalt blue is so hott. And yes, we did have classes together back at Kent. I believe College Writing?

    Goodwill Huntingg: Happy Holidays Giveaway!
    Accessory alert: tassels

  6. thanks for the tips! i love cobalt blue!

  7. obsessed with this color. your tips are amazing. thanks for sharing, love. If you get a second I'd love to hear what you think of my latest outfit. I shot it in front of Dee's house from Clueless. I'm sorta obsessed. lol. xo


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