Monday, November 7, 2011

School Daze

I was trying to find a file on my computer last night and within the endless abyss of documents, prose, and pictures, I stumbled upon my college past. Sounds scary, but really, it was wild to see how much has changed--or hasn't!--since those days.

I haven't been out for very long, I know, but I have been removed from my days in fashion school (for one hot semester) and the days of my Rihanna bob, so I thought it'd be interesting to share SS through the edition. I think it's hard for us to see ourselves any differently throughout the years because we see ourselves numerous times a day (what vain bitches we all are!).....but these photos show a bit of a glimpse of change through the years of 18-23....

1. NO idea why this photo was taken, but I know I didn't take it. I think it was for my roommate's basic photo class or something. Either way, look at how blonde my hair was! I was in the sun a lot that summer so it was pretty light.....and long. I miss that length, I want it back!
2. I found that Power Ranger shirt at a thrift store right off campus called "Einstein's Attic" -- I look like I'm five...and that really hasn't changed much.

1&2. Still long hair, rocking the leather, my badass period where I chose the wrong boys (like the one behind me), the wrong booze, and made all the right memories. Junior year was a more severe version of this, but we won't divulge into those moments.........for another time, my loves. Cue Rihanna's most recent hit, "We Found Love" & these photos will make much more sense, HAH!

1. Where oh where did my hair go?! I loved this haircut at the time, so simple, so chic, definitely fit my personality. This was me, cah-learly intoxicated....celebrating my 21st!
2. I'll take random solo photos over the duck face pose photos anyyyyday, sister!

1. Student teacher days, where of course I took photos of my self in school!
2. SSB is in the picture now.....literally. (I don't know why we look so sexy, I assure you we weren't trying to look salaciously at the camera....because SSB doesn't even know what that word means.)


There you have it, the transformation of SS from scared freshman to graduated senior to now in the present day. I miss those days to a ridiculous extent. If you're still in college, I am a huge jelly belly because I wish I was in your position. Make the most of it, make all the wrong decisions just so you know you can make the right ones later!
If you're out of college like me, share your college photos! I would make this a cute link-up, but let's be honest, I'm way too lazy for that. Sorry I'm not sorry about it.

Until next time, farewell to you who never gained the freshman fifteen and to those who have not yet had the chance to do so........


  1. Man i don't even wanna REMEMBER what i looked like back in the days (aka high school for me). All i rmember was that I was for sure a freak of nature haha!

  2. There are a ton of pics of me from my 2 years in college but since I have one of those faces that never changes (seriously, my face looks pretty much the same as when I was 8, except it rounded out a bit), the only thing that really looks different is my hair length and color (yay for experimenting!). Perhaps I'll get around to posting some sometime though.

  3. Why is everyone posting old pictures of themselves this week? I do not want to have to do this, too! Or maybe I do...hmm.
    You rock(ed) both hair lengths!
    Sometimes I wish I was in a dorm instead of my campus being several states away and my "classroom" being my computer.
    And, look, you were a scarf fan even then.

  4. I'm so awkward in my old photos. Gotta say, I'm loving this curly goodness you've got going on in your senior year photos! You're also making me a little nervous re: graduating. I have less than a year to fill my mistake quota!

  5. You grew so much :)

    You look absolutely stunning.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  6. Hahaha I had sooo many "BAD" college photos, that I had delete them off of my Facebook. :\ Love your hair the color it is now...that last photo is my favorite!

  7. even though I didnt go to college I should put up my photos at that age, I had every hair color under the sun!
    Love the power ranger shirt!

  8. you are gorgeous all the way through girl! oh gosh, it's almost embarassing looking through my old pictures. i won't even allow myself to do it!
    xo TJ

  9. ohhmmgee, this is such a cute idea! I love your hair now but I also like the short cut, both are very cute on you. I don't have any of my old pictures on my current computer. The next time I go to my hometown though..I just might have to pick out a few and do this. Love it!


  10. I will NEVER re-cap my college style changes because most of that time I looked like a hot mess. Also, I'm drunk in most of my pictures from college, so...

  11. omg this is such a good idea!!!! while I did have some harsh times in college you look great in all of these!!! I don't know if I can brave the college photos in my old computer enough to make a post!!! lol

    xo Jackie


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