Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Dressings (NOT for your food....)

Sorry for my absences over the weekend, as the last few days have taken its toll and I am now rocking a wonderful cold, just in time for the holidays. Fear not, dear readers, SS will recover in plenty of time, and if I don't, I'll just drink hot toddy's all weekend ;)

Considering I am now listening to Christmas tunes and warming up my room with the scent of Christmas tree candles, I thought I'd bring the holiday cheer to the blog by creating some outfits that are holiday-approved, whether you're off to your family's for Thanksgiving or in need of a fantastic frock for a future holiday party.........this bitch has you covered!

1. Thanksgiving - No matter where you are headed this Turkey Day, it's best to keep in mind the food. Avoid white clothing (gravy stains don't always look like gravy....) as well as anything too thin or too tight. Thanksgiving is the time for a great pair of jeggings, a chunky sweater, great boots, and a patterned scarf. If you want to up it a bit, try wearing a dark-wash jean, brown riding boots, a bold print tank and blazer or belted cardigan. The look for this holiday is casual comfort. Don't overdo it, because the focus should be shared among all guests, after all.
 {the cozier the sweater, the more you can eat, sister!}

2. Christmas Parties (for work) - Nothing tackier than wearing something too flashy for a party with your coworkers....unless you work at a club. Pick a great fitted shift dress in a neutral color  or a nice jewel tone and add fun accessories. There's nothing wrong with picking a great LBD and making it special by pairing it with a bright scarf or great jewelry. You want to look classy without looking like you tried too hard to impress the people you work with. You can, however, pull out all the stops if you work in fashion....you need to impress those types of bitches ;)
{fun accessories can look festive enough on their
own, so don't overdo it with a flashy dress!}

3. Christmas Parties (for family) - If your family does a Christmas party for neighbors or friends, you probably don't need a dress for the occasion, unless you live on the Upper East Side and every event is a dress event. Try a great pair of slim black dress pants with a color in a rich hue of red or purple. You could rock a skirt but be sure to pair it with cute tights and/or boots and a simpler top so you're not showing too much skin in front of your family's guests.
{chances are you won't need shoes at your own family's house,
so feel free to let a bold toned top be the focal point!}

4. New Year's Eve - Go ahead, buy the sparkly dress or the sequined skirt. Wear the silver hot pants with black tights. Rock a leather pants or glittered heels. NYE is a great time to try out a bold outfit. My sister is having a Masquerade party and I plan on finding a great sequined dress to pair with my raven feather mask (that I still have yet to make, of course). Most women will be decked out regardless of where you go, so don't feel like you shouldn't be the same. If you want to go with jeans, wear a bright or bold top so you don't get lost in the crowd. If there's one holiday where you should stand out, it's the day before a brand new year. Work it, sister!
{i must have the blue sequined dress, it's fantastic!}

1. Try gold shadow for Thanksgiving or a simple bronzed face with a bit of pink blush. You'll be eating a ton (or should be!) so avoid a high-maintenance lip.
2. For Christmas parties, go simple on the face and add a great red lip or silver eyeshadow (but not both at once!) You could even try to rock a colored liner with a bare lid for an interesting pop with your LBD.
3. For NYE, you best be rocking the false lashes! Pair them with a winter glow: pale pink lips, mauve blush, and really any shadow that will complement your skin tone. Just take your usual, everyday look up about two notches to look like the best version of your gorgeous self!

1. Do not wear red and green together, it's just a holiday travesty.
2. Don't don Christmas pins or weird snow globe earrings, it's just overkill. You're not 75 yet.
3. Try not to overdo the makeup when you're in the company of family. There's no need to impress the people that helped change your diaper way back when, they know what you look like for real.
4. Don't rock fabulous shoes that the host will just ask you to take off at the front door; epic fashion fail.
5. For the love of all that is Christmas, make sure you check for VPLs on any outfit you choose. There's nothing that can kill an outfit quite like obvious underwear marks.

I hope you have fun finding your fashions for the holidays coming up. Feel free to experiment and have fun, and don't be afraid to pull out all of the stops for NYE. Check out Forever 21, Nordstrom, or American Eagle for some great tops, bottoms, or dresses for the last parties of 2011 ;)

Until next time, come on back tomorrow to get started on gift planning! I know, the thought makes me cringe, too..............


  1. haha love this...this is so perfect!

    p.s. don't forget to enter my giveaway!

  2. This whole post is so on point! Love it!

  3. I have a friend whose mother goes out of her way to purchase ugly christmas sweaters. She thinks they're cute. I'm not sure how to go about saying something without being a complete asshole about it. PS Can't WAIT to show you my new years lashes! I don't even have an outfit for any upcoming xmas/nye parties, but you best believe i've got some LASHES. =)

  4. My freshman year of college my sorority had a "Tacky Christmas" party. Being the idiot I was, I didn't realize that you were supposed to wear tacky christmas sweaters and snowflake earrings and stuff like that.

    So.... I just dressed tacky: sweatpants, a glittered butterfly top, old Jelly sandals.

    Yes, I was a moron. A stupid, drunken freshman moron.

  5. Great post! I will definitely be rockin the jeggings on Thanksgiving. I need something with a strechy waist to adapt to the stomach bloat I am going to experience lol. I am not going to lie..I am a sucker for red and green together ahhh I know, I know. Most of the time I try to avoid it but I do fall victim to this holiday mistake. Ohh jeez...ok...I also wear christmas socks but that is the last thing I will admit to. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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