Wednesday, November 23, 2011

HO HO HO - Superficial Holiday Spending Guide

Hello dear readers! Can you believe we'll be stuffing our faces with turkey and, well, stuffing in less than 24 hours?! Are any of you venturing out to get sloshed on this wonderful Thanksgiving Eve? If you are, have one for this bitch. Not that I won't be drinking myself, but let's make this a team effort, in the spirit of the holidays, after all ;)

Now I'm as crazy as they come, sure, but not crazy enough to get up before the sun the day after eating my weight in festive food just for a good holiday bargain. I was, actually, the girl who did it ONCE with friends in high school...and ended up just buying stuff for myself and a few items for friends and/or family. Yeah, that's where my Black Friday experience starts and ends, try not to judge too harshly.

I'm here today to give you a guide to giving this season for every budget out there and for every person out there you need to buy a gift for this season. Let's hop into Santa's sack, shall we? (That came out wrong...)

1. Nail Polish Sets - These are always out around the holidays and they are great for the girl-tastic BFF or sibling whose polish collection can make a salon weep with envy. Try the Muppets collection from OPI or even Butter's giftsets this season. Really, most all nail polishes come out with collections for Christmas giving, the choice is yours -- just try to pick polishes that won't clash with her skin tone...nothing worse than buying the wrong reds collection for your pale-skinned pal! ($5-$30)
2. F21 Scarf & Earwarmers - F21 never disappoints when it comes to scarves. Buy a bold print or pattern for your mom so she stops stealing from your collection (yes, mother, talking about YOU!) and get a cute neutral ear warmer headband to match. Stray away from anything too plain for the scarf because it looks as though you either didn't care or are clueless when it comes to knowing her fashion taste. ($8-$25)

1. Urban Decay's NAKED Palette - If there is a pal in my life without this, then I'd want to be the one who was sure she added it to her collection. It's my favorite set of shadows and no beauty pal of mine should be without it. Find it at Sephora or Ulta, Macy's, or even Nordstrom, but act on this quick, because these are sure to be snatched up during the holiday season! ($48)
2. TOMS Shoes - Why not give a gift to your sister or best pal while giving to someone else in need, too? Go for the sparkly pair for the girly girl best friend or choose a pair in your sister's favorite color or pattern. Heck, if your mom is into this style, too, get her a pair in a neutral color that she can rock on the weekends. ($44-60)

1. Slouchy Beanie or Skull Cap - Some dudes really love these warmer hats, especially my twin brother, so getting another one to add to their collection will be sure to make them happy. Try getting one with a subtle print you know he'll like or stick with his favorite color. Try to stray from black (he probably has tons of those!) or white (they get too dirty!) -- a royal blue or plaid print will do the trick for brother or boyfriend! Try PacSun, Journey's, or American Eagle for plenty of options. ($15-$30)
2. Graphic Tee, Plaid Shirt - Even though most men don't love shopping and would rather cut off their right arm than hold our bags while at the mall, they don't mind getting a shirt from us because it means we approve of said clothing item which gives it more wearbility in their mind. Just don't be surprised if your boyfriend wears this specific shirt the day after he did something wrong to try (and fail miserably) to get back in your good graces. Check out Urban Outfitters for some great options for every kind of boy. ($20-30)

1.Booze Gift Set - I know this sounds odd, but really, it's a great idea for just about any man out there (of legal drinking age, of course!) Most of their favorite liquors come in gift sets around this time of year, whether it's Maker's Mark coming with cool wax-covered rocks glasses or a nice flask with his favorite bourbon. It shows you know what he likes to drink, which will undoubtedly score you points with the boyfriend or even some extra money from dad....because dads are much more willing to hand over some cash for gas when they've tipped back a few! ($30-60)
2. Skyrim, COD, Nerd-Tastic-ness - Whether they admit it or not (and most have no problem coming to terms with their inner child), most of the men in our life love video games. Snoop around or ask him questions to determine which one he is pining after (and didn't already buy after waiting in line until midnight!) to be sure you pick a game you know he'll like. Sure, you can pick any old game, but we're trying to prove we know what they like here, ladies! They will surely appreciate the fact you just saved them $60 and are accepting the fact you just lost several dates to whatever game you bought him! ($50-60)

1. iPhone/iPod/iPad Case - Believe it or not, most of these won't break your bank! Go to your local Apple store to find a case for your tech-savvy sib or best friend to show you not only want to protect her phone while she's texting you, but prove that you know what she likes, too! There are great ones by Kate Spade and other designers for the girls in your life, but don't count out tech brands like Incase, Speck, or Uncommon -- all who have very trendy and sturdy cases for both guys and gals. ($25-$50)
2. Designer Watch - If there is one piece that is worth the splurge, it's your time-teller! Guys and girls alike can get on board with watches from Michael Kors (for your sister or mom), Fossil (for the dudes in your life), or my personal favorite MBMJ (for your best friend). A classic watch is a great gift no matter who the person is, but be sure to ask them discreetly if they prefer silver or gold before making the big purchase! ($50-$200)
3. Gift Cards - I know, I know, so cheap and what a cop-out, but really, when budgets are tight, sometimes it's nice to know you can buy some new tops from your favorite store with someone else's money! Be sure to pair it with something sentimental (a photo of you together with a homemade frame, a mini scrapbook of the vacation you went on recently, a vintage copy of their favorite old-school novel, etc.) and also be sure that the GC is for a place you know they absolutely love; that way, you avoid looking like you spent all of 2 seconds on their gift, and when it's placed with something super special (and thoughtful!), the gift card looks like an awesome bonus! ($5-$100)

**If there is ONE gift to avoid getting girls, it's the dreaded bath set. I'd prefer ALL gift cards in place of receiving even one of those sets from B&BW. This may just be me, but it really just seems odd. "Please shower with better smelling scents" or "HERE, I thought of you when I saw this!" -- as least if I got a gift card to my favorite store, I would know you knew what I liked. A bath set? I think I can buy my own loofah and body wash at Target, thanks.
**The no-fail gift for dudes seems to be electronic (again, that came out wrong). My dad loves iTunes gift cards to download his old-school tunes, my brother would be stoked to get another pair of over-the-ear headphones or a new iPod, and SSB is all about the tech, no matter what it is. Look at your local Best Buy if you're totally lost on what to get the men in your life, be sure to tell them your budget if you're asking for help, and they'll be happy to steer a pretty girl like you in the right direction (really, all the dudes working there will jump at the chance!)

There you have it, my opinions on what is great to give to your loved ones this season, superficial-style! Just be sure you spend time time actually thinking about what to get them, because no one likes a gift they can tell you didn't put thought into.....unless it's cold-hard-cash, baby! Make it rain on this bitch then! I kid, I kid....sort of.

Until next time, I'm off to dream of turkey and mashed potatoes while I drink myself silly, have a wonderfully perfect and happy Thanksgiving..........


  1. Amen to the bath sets...ugh! i hate getting those!

  2. ooh good call on the alcohol sets. And OMG I'd be forever bound to someone who would gift me a Naked palette. By the same vein though...that bath set friend would be immediately excommunicated.

  3. Despise the bath sets.....

    One of my very best friends gave me one almost every year for my birthday (as well as our other friends). Of course this wasn't her choice, but her mom's, who had an entire collection of things things. hahah

    I'm dying to go buy myself one of the Muppets nail polishes!!!

  4. There's a Mama Bear and Papa Bear in my family! I thought we were the only ones!

    What good ideas! I have yet to start shopping, but this post will help. I love those Maker's Mark glasses...for someone else, I mean (butnotreallyImeanforme).

    I don't think you can go wrong with gift cards. When I was younger I hated them because I wasn't unwrapping a PRESENT, but a plastic card. Now I love them to pieces and prefer them over a lot of random presents.

    - Britt

  5. I want that Naked palette soooo bad. I almost picked it up at Ulta on Black Friday, but then decided I didn't need it. It was on sale! What was I thinking??? I totally blew it.

    You're right - bath sets are the token "i had to get you something, but didn't want to put any effort into it" gift.


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