Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beware, SSB....

...because I'm about to go full-blown wedding on your asses!

It may be the MOH pt. 2 in me for my sister's upcoming nuptials next year (aka my older sister is MOH pt. 1 so she does all the work!), my excessive pinning of all things pretty, or just the inner princess in me begging to come out of her 23 years of forbidden mention, but something sparked me to make this post, so let's just blame all of the aforementioned ;)

I have never been the girl who had dreamed of every detail of a fairytale wedding in a castle with a man dressed like some odd prince-marine-solider mashup all before the age of ten, but I have always thought weddings should be special. I actually never even thought about the dress, the ring (ok, SSB will call me out on this one), or the location until somewhat recently. You know, we will blame this on my sister's upcoming knot-date, it just makes me look less crazy!

So, I share with you today, SS's dream wedding, photos all courtesy of Pinterest, of course....some thrown in from Google, too!

1. The Dress - I love lace, anything classic or vintage, and it must have sleeves. YES. I loathe strapless dresses on myself. While they are stunningly beautiful on other women, I just couldn't see myself on the big day wearing something without sleeves.....lace sleeves, obviously. Think of a slim silhouette with a possible diamond cut-out in the back. Yes, I see it in my head and it look mahhh-velous, dahling!
Pinned Image
{this with longer sleeves and a cut-out back!}

2. The Ring - Sooo this is where my wedding goes from classic to a bit edgy. I have never wanted a "simple" diamond ring. In fact, SSB has heard it time & time again, but it bears repeating. He knows not to ever buy me jewelry for holidays or birthdays, because I want one piece of jewelery from him whenever that time may come, so he should save his funds...I think he loves me for this now....but will not feel so hot about it later. I would love a ruby or sapphire stone surrounded by smaller diamonds (not really like Diana's Kate's, but I mean, that wouldn't be terrible). Also, if I can't have the stone, I choose something vintage. You know, to redeem myself on the whole "classic" bit ;)
Pinned Image
{vintage Tiffany's}

3. The Location - SSB wants to do it outside (that came out wrong....), or at least not in a traditional church. I agree, unless that church is old and has beautiful stained-glass windows and perhaps gorgeous, wooden doors to take photos in front of....yes, I am admitting that I only want to be married in a church if it's a pretty church. Is that terrible? I assure you I am not (that) vain, but these photos and these memories do last forever, so I think it's fair to want to make sure it looks amazing! If not in a church, a simple outside gazebo would be nice or even in the middle of a beautifully wooded forest that just happens to have a great big opening in the middle with a perfect aisle for me to walk down and birds placed ever so discreetly throughout the trees for a natural chorus, but that sounds a bit excessive, even for me (even for Snow White, actually....)
Pinned Image
{seriously?! really?! SO amazing!}

Pinned Image
{...but this would work just as well!}

4. The Decor - When I joked with my mother about wanting an "Alice in Wonderland" theme for my wedding when she was discussing my sister's (which is Victorian....with lots of wine), I wasn't entirely kidding. No, I don't want rabbits in waistcoats or a man who has lead poisoning from his hat making an appearance, but I love the whimsical aspect. A wedding should be fun and light and nothing says fun and light quite like the word whimsical. Feathered wreaths, vases with submerged flowers under floating lights, old chairs and perhaps teacups on top of teacups, all filled with vodka. I mean, admit it, you so want to be in that kind of wonderland!
Pinned Image
{awesome inspiration!}

5. The Wedding Party - I think the groom should wear gunmetal gray (because dark gray isn't "badass" enough for SSB), the groomsmen in a lighter gray (but not too light), and the bridemaids in deep midnight blue dresses, potentially floor-length, given the season. I used to hate the look of long dresses on bridesmaids but it does ring true with the classics, so I've changed my tune to ring the same way. I'm just thinking more floaty bottoms than something from a 90s prom, though.
Pinned Image
{like this, but in blue, obviously}

This post has just made me that girl...the girl who knows the details of the wedding she is nowhere near close to having, thank goodness! I'm sure most of this will change over time, but I feel as though it is very true to who I am (and who SSB is, too, actually!), so perhaps you'll all be invited to a "Classically Vintage Wonderland Wedding"....that is, if you're willing to pay for the ticket to get here ;)

Until next time, I'm late I'm late for a very important date! (not really)...........


  1. Love love loooove the lace dress! I know i definitely want a lace dress too! Preferably a strapless lace dress with a sweetheart neckline. Perfect :) And that ring is to die for!

  2. omg I've been bitten by the wedding bug lately too!! too bad I'm not getting married in the near future and none of my friends are lol I haven a whole pinterest board of all things wedding!! lol love everything here!

    xo Jackie

  3. sounds like you will have a beautiful wedding!! I love lacy wedding dresses too, although I'm not normally a strapless person, but for some reason it was different with wedding dresses, they just fit right. But I think sleeves would be beautiful!!!

    I'm a new follower!


  4. I am that girl too! At least you have a serious bf, I am completely single but have most of the details of my wedding planned already. And I agree with you about the church thing, I do not plan on getting married inside one unless I have to, and it better be pretty!

  5. we did long dark blue dresses for the girls and i LOVE how they look in the pics. and i think i'd like that ring for my right hand :)

  6. Lace, slim-fitting dress, keyhole back... you just described my wedding gown, girlfriend! Mine had cap sleeves, not long sleeves, though.

    Being "that girl" where weddings are concerned isn't so bad. Just wait a couple more years... "that girl" won't be the wedding-obsessed girl, it will be the baby-obsessed girl. That's where I am right now. Allll my friends are getting baby fever and it freaks me out. Yikes.


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