Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend OOTD

I am not a fashion-only blogger.
I feel like most--if not all--of you already know this.

There are some blogs I adore and all they do is post photos of their outfits. Usually oufits I could nah-ever afford or outfits that amaze me because it's all thrifted and I just never have that kind of luck, but these blogs all provide me with an everyday editorial....which are usually better than the actual editorials in magazines that include creepy men, lambs, and off-site locations that just look odd.
{for good fashion-only blogs, check out Atlantic-Pacific and The Moptop}

Then, there are other fashion-only blogs that I adore but for an entirely different reason. They pose in such hysterical ways that make me wonder if they are being serious. Fear not, if I comment on your blog about your outfit or just about anything else, you are not one of these bloggers. Chances are if you're reading this blog, you are not one of these bloggers!

So SSB & I headed out for Happy Hour at a local bar yesterday and after he downed three beers on virtually no food and I slurped down two cocktails, I convinced SSB to take photos of my outfit. It's not even a great outfit, it's not exactly perfectly planned, but hey, we were buzzed......and I pulled out my best damned awkward poses for your viewing pleasure. NO need to thank me, really, just laugh it up. You can, however, thank the ever-so charming SSB for taking these when he had no idea what my intention was. "WHY do you look so sad in this photo?" Oh, SSB, you have no idea about the world of fashion-gone-funny blogging. At least he's still cute.

PREFACE: Honestly, I don't have specific bloggers in mind, and I don't want anyone to be offended. I mean, after all, I'm the one who is actin' a fool here, people! Remember that fact!

Pose #1 - Deer in Headlights
Truthfully, I usually look like a DIH because I'm frazzled by just about anything, but this is one of the true gems that I love seeing on OOTD posts!
{this is how Bambi looks right before your car swerves to miss hitting her......}

Pose #2 - Why so sad? Why soooo serious? (is The Joker around?!)
This takes me back to Myspace days when you were supposed to take sad photos of yourself not looking at the camera. I mean, there ARE photos where not looking at the camera still looks entirely normal, so long as you do not have a terribly pitiful look of your face. Enter horribly pitiful face in the following photo.....
{either I'm sad...or scared of a mouse in the corner...this could go both ways, folks}

Pose #3 - Full Blown Profile
These gals have clearly never taken a good theatre class....profile never means to turn completely sideways, rookie mistake, dolls. Always place the feet towards the audience/camera, position your body so we can still see you.......& no offense, this just looks like you're trying to show off your ass(ets) and does nothing for your OOTD.
{only made better by the bunched placement of my hair....}

For the record, my OOTD includes:
Old Navy Jeans
Target Converse Tank
F21 Leather Jacket
F21 Heels
Scarf (stolen from my sister in high school...)

I mean, if you can't laugh at yourself, at least you can count on everyone else to ;) I kid, I kid!
With that being said, I hope you all learned a bit on how to pose properly in your next OOTD spread.
Look forward to a potential Teacher OOTD this week...if I take the time to actually plan a good outfit, that is.

Until next time, I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend....go ahead and post your best awkward photos.......after plenty of alcohol, of course........


  1. hahaaah i TOTALLY know what you mean. I don't think I'd be able to keep a straight face through any of it. PS: I'm loving this wide-leg jean and oversized everything on you! Very Olsen twin while attending NYU of you!

  2. OMG we are on the same wavelength again. Just posted an OOTD and then saw this post! Get out of my head! Haha! Your poses are too funny. I added the look-down-at-your-shoes pose in my post. Another go to pose, haha.

  3. Love your new hair color! It looks gorgeous on you and is perfect for fall/winter!! It is funny to think about how often this poses are used but just how silly some of them really look. My fav is when people take a picture of themselves in a mirror but forget to move the camera. In result, covering the entire outfit, ridiculous.

  4. OH EM GEEEEE!!! Your #2 is fantastic. it is so true. They are so emo looking but so many of them do it. I was just wondering the other day who started that?! Each OOTD blogger must just copy the previous to keep that bizarre pose going.

  5. Hahahahaa... love the myspace photos! I just found your blog and busted out laughing while reading it so I had to follow!!

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  7. This was funny and I love your face on the second pose ha ha! That is hilarious!

  8. Haha, this is great! I love your deer in the headlights shot.

  9. LOVE this, but could we get links to the bloggers with the bad poses? Nothing entertains me more than seeing people who are seriously trying to model for their blog. I know - I'm a mean person.


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