Saturday, October 1, 2011

Five Favorites + Month Nine = Still Five Favorites

Clearly, math is my strong subject, as an English teacher and all........

First of all, let me take this time to thank Antiqued Gold (one of mah main bloggin' bitches, yo) for awarding me the Liebster Blog Award! She may reconsider being blogger buds now that I just tried--and failed!--at speaking all ghetto fab in the last sentence, though! hah Go check out her blog, it's quite awesome.

ALSO: I added a new "page" to the top - there under "Stalk S.S" (clever, slightly creepy?!) you'll find my Twitter, Pinterest page, and Bloglovin' site (that I haven't used since the day I signed up for it)...awesome. Feel free to follow any or all for full SS updates!

Now....onto the REAL post...

Yay - October is HERE! September was all well & good but it came with enough bumps in the road to rock my happy boat (what? you don't have one of those, too?!), so I'm welcoming October with open arms!

Out with September, in with Favorites!

1. Aldo Boots - I randomly pulled these out during a mild September day and wore them almost religiously afterwards. With skinny jeans or my favorite pair of shorts on warmer days, this pair of fancy footwear never dissapointed! Love the built-in wedge effect, too.

2. Ulta Toast Lip Balm - Bought this in the middle of the month and had to wear it everyday - no exceptions! It's the perfect amount of tint without looking too harsh or done up, which is great for daytime or a full day of teaching. Easy application, soft and simple - perfect in every way!

3. Hair Color - Obviously I made my first leap into this during August, but I really became enraptured in my new hair color during the first fall-ish month and ended the month with an even warmer hue. I took this month to learn what I liked, loved, and absolutely loathed. This new tone is here to stay -- for now ;)

4. Rimmel Face Powder - Sometimes when my bronzer turned too dark or my face just didn't look put together, this powder came to the rescue. I went through the summer using Bare Minerals for this task, but screw that -- this powder does the job 10x better and is only $4 -- and usually is buy one, get one for that same $4 price....I mean, no brainer here, beauty ladies! Why I ever left it for BM is beyond me, but I'll never make that mistake again!

BONUS. Solo Dance Parties - Yep, not fashion or beauty related, deal with it. Like I mentioned before, September did not pass without stressful situations, so solo dance parties were needed to release my stress and anxiety. If you have never done this, you should probably stop reading right now and dance for a solid 5-10 minutes before finishing this post. Really, you'll thank me. I thank Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" and Cobra Starship's "You Make Me Feel..." for keeping my dance parties energetic.

....Now that we have the "favorites" out of the way, let's just note one very important thing....

SSB & I are still costume-less! We have taken the comments and emails into consideration and have narrowed it down to, oh wait, NOTHING....we're planners, clearly. Hopefully it all comes together soon enough because let's just note another important thing.....

Halloween Countdown = 30 days!
Halloween Party = 27 days! many options, so little time!

We went for 2.5 hours the other night to the Halloween store....and all we left with was this:
{let's just say he didn't like my "Kung Fu Panda" idea of him
being a ninja/kung fu artist and me being a I just 
bought it because, let's face it, it's a panda hat/scarf, so badass!}

.....and it wouldn't be a true fall day unless I wrote this in a coffee shop (ok, or just Starbucks) with a hot coffee (ok, or a Salted Carmel White Mocha Latte that's just "warm" now), listening to Florence + The Machine, and rocking a scarf and boots but still being chilly because of the fall air, which describes my current state exactly. Oh yes, my loves, fall is here.

Until next time, farewell to all and I look forward to reading your favorites......


  1. Ok I am slightly bummed. I went to Starbucks today and was going to splurge and get a white mocha (this was all decided before I even walked through the door.) I then saw Salted Caramel Mocha and was just thrown for a loop. I really wanted to try it but was already so set in my predetermined plan I did not get it. When low and behold I should have combined them! You are a genius! Lovvveee the Panda costume by the way :)

  2. I LOVE the boots!
    And your hair color too! It looks great. ;)

    xoxo Lindsey

  3. Love that powder! I got mine on a whim because it was on clearance for like $2 and I'm so glad I discovered it.

    I want to steal those boots.

    And that panda outfit.

    I love Fall!

  4. I went to the starbucks today on campus and they were all out of the pumpkin spice mix! It seriously pretty much ruined my day! Wahhh. But I do love the rimmel powder you use. I've been using it continually since May. That's how much I love it haha.


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