Friday, November 18, 2011

To Trend or NOT To Trend.....

There are some things that, as of late, have been ailing me, or perhaps, not letting me live my life to its fullest height of superficiality (I kid, I kid). Let's discuss these matters in what I'd like to call: "Blogging is my therapy."

Don't panic, it's not getting that deep!

1. You "mustache" from this trend -- (that should read more like must dash, dear oblivious folks) I don't know why but the mustache craze confuses me so very much, and I've seen it everywhere in the blogosphere since summer! I would appreciate it if we would, at the very least, kill most of the hairy can remain on cute mugs from Urban Outfitters and the like, but having your entire wedding party holding up the mustache stick or constantly photographing yourself wearing the finger drawn hair craze and then tagging all of those photos on your facebook is just going beyond the normal boundaries! Please, for the love of all that is blogging, stop the madness!

{if you own all of this, you've gone too far!}

2. I hate blood, but love Edward -- I have an obsession and don't care who knows it! Actually, I do because I've never been overtly open about my love for all things Twilight and the vampire trend, but alas, I am opening up now since this is a therapeutic session where you, dear reader, are not allowed to judge. Do the books suck from a literary standpoint? Yes, the errors are horrendous, her editor should be fired, but I still love those books!! Did the first movie make me feel awkward from all the tension and fakeness from the actors? Without a doubt, stop biting your lip Kristen Stewart! The movies (and actors) have come into their own, though, and I think they've gotten better with time.
.....ok, ok, so I just want to see Edward Cullen break the headboard in the sex scene heard 'round the world. Don't judge me with those judgy eyes!
{if you haven't seen the trailer of him breaking the bed, watch now}

3. "You're one and only source into...." -- Ever since Gossip Girl has been added to Netflix (or ever since I discovered this fact thanks to AlmostBritain!), I have been watching it with every free moment given to me since the weekend. I may or may not have started the middle of season two on Saturday only to be six episodes away from finishing season four.......and I may or may not have watched it too much, as my own dreams the other night were narrated by Kristen Bell's voice, I kid you not (not nearly as glamorous as it may sound!) SSB told me I should take sleeping meds. I think maybe a good day away from GG would aid me just fine, but we all know that won't happen. XOXO.....
{not a Little J fan in the slightest!!}

4. It's beginning to look a lot like...nothing?! -- I love Christmas tunes as much as gal or guy who loves Christmas tunes, but let's be real, the first snow fell over Halloween weekend and hasn't showed its glittery face since! I mean, I don't need the snow, really (no really, Mother Nature, I don't!!!), but I need something to feel like the holidays in order for my inner Santa-believing-child to come out and rejoice all things merry and bright. I listened to Michael Buble's Christmas album the other day before feeling like I just jumped the gun. Stepping into the Starbucks store today, though, totally changed everything. Father Christmas, you are now officially welcomed into my world :) You have been greeted with my snow globe fingers and the best Christmas album to date...NSYNC's. Yeah, I said it.
{OPI Skull & Glossbones under F21's Silver Sparkle Polish}

There you have it, "trends" I have been conflicted with in the past week or so.
Mustaches -- NO!
Vampires -- Just Edward Cullen.
Gossip Girl -- Intervention?!
Christmas -- Now HERE!

Until next time, I hope you also use blogging as your therapeutic session....after arriving home from your actual shrink...........


  1. ha ha I have to admit I love the mustaches, but I only own a mustache necklace and thats it, so I dont think I have gone to overboard lol.

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who could do entirely without the mustaches. Yes, the mugs are cute and yes, ONE small necklace is cute. But the rest? No, thank you!!

    I'm new to your blog and let me just say, I already love your sense of sarcasm. Yes, I am dead serious. :)

    Oh, and that nail polish is absolutely fantastic.

  3. Ugh. I totally agree about the mustaches. No, you are not Zoey Deschanel (sp?), so put down that stupid coffee mug and stop trying to be cute.

    I've never gotten on board with Twilight. I watched the first movie and thought it was just OK. I thought about reading the books, but then I saw that Reasoning With Vampires Tumblr and knew that I wouldn't be able to handle it.

    Gossip Girl - LOVE! I'm so glad Little J is gone. i'm concerned about where they're going to go after this season, though. I mean, Blair's having a baby!?! That's going to change everything.

  4. Hate the mustache trend! Love Gossip Girl! I have been watching that freaking show since it started and I still cannot get enough.

  5. I absolutely LOVE your nail polish! Those are some amazing sparkles!! And I agree, the mustache trend is just weird!!

  6. I agree mustaches NOOO!

    I am so with you on EDWARD I am not team Jacob! Can't wait to see the breaking of the headboard scene either ha ha

    Cute nails by the way!

  7. I am totally hooked to Gossip Girl. It took over my life for months. I am all caught up and feel lost. I neeeeed morrrreee!!

  8. I'm not a mustache fan, but I have a friend who is obsessed and unfortunately I feed into the addiction by getting her little mustache gifts. Shame on me.
    I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 the other day, slightly disappointed. I don't know why? Probably because they are torturing us by making us wait another year to see the rest of the movie! UGGH!
    LOVE GG and definitely in the Christmas spirit already!

  9. Vampires MUST GO!!

    I got a mustache ring MONTHS ago and I LOVE it!!!

  10. I need to get in on this F21 polish! And OMGGossipGirl. It's gotten a lot better this season!


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