Sunday, November 6, 2011

Scarf Sunday!

{So I forgot to post this during the actual Wednesday it should have been up.....don't judge me with those judge-y eyes!}

He-low, lads & ladies! Today, we here have a Wrapped Wednesday Scarf Sunday that will take ye to the Scottish lands. So grab ye kilts and hold on tight!

Alright, I'm done, I tried, the accent is just too much! (I think that sounded more "pirate" bad!)

This week's scarf is one of my favorites (do I say that every WW now?!) because it's a bold pattern but still matches everything (well, I normally wear solid for my wardrobe, it matches everything!) Here in North America, we just consider it a plaid scarf, but those Scottish fellers call it "tartan" -- so please do not call it "Tartan Plaid" as that is ridiculously when people say they need to go to the "ATM Machine"....uuhhhh, what does the "M" stand for in that acronym, genius?! Infuriating!
{enter awkward facial expression......aaaaand scene.}

Does the Scottish intro make sense now?! Maybe?!

I actually wore this scarf a lot in college, considering I purchased it during junior year (awesome memory, I know). I had more than a handful of people compliment the scarf and say, "Awesome, a tartan scarf!" and of course my response on the outside was, "Yeah, totally, thanks!" and on the inside, I was all "Uhh, it's plaid but whatever, smile and nod!"

I recently just wore this scarf with:
--Black skinnies, my Aldo boots, a white tee, and blush-tone leather

I also love wearing this with:
--Classic blue skinnies, brown boots, and a black crewneck preppy of me!
--Black maxi skirt, white v-neck tee, and a slouchy beanie...hippy meets Scottish?!
--Dark dress pants, white button-up (or button-down?!), blush blazer...the Tartan scarf is my "kilt at work" attire....get it?! Maybe? No? Fine.

I usually wear this scarf just around my neck, nothing special, but for very cold days, try this trick with your wool (and wool plaid) scarves!
1. Wrap around neck, throw both ends behind & bring back around to front.
2. Take the left end and tuck it UP into the loop/hole.
3. Take the right end and tuck it DOWN into the loop/hole.

Before I finish this Scottish rant, for those who want a laugh, look at this -- Glossary of Scottish Terms. Truly my kind of place seeing as how they have about 10 words that mean drunk........

Until next time, I bid you farewell, fellow non-Scottish-jargon-speakers...........


  1. I love plaid! That scarf is great!! And I love that hat!! Thank you for the fashion lesson and the Scottish lesson! You truly are a teacher. :)

  2. We should take a group of bloggers to Scotland and get totally bawsed.

  3. I'm seconding this trip. Also, how about people who say "but yet..."? Makes me want to scratch their eyes out.

  4. You look so cute in scarves...I never can tie them right! I'm going to have to try your tips. They always make my neck hurt and then I get complain-y hahah!


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