Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wrapped Wednesday

{yes, I totally posted this before adding the photos, go this girl, let's hear it for one CRAY-ZAY week and blame it on that, k ;) k!}

Way to go, SS, you put this up on the right day this time!

Color me surprised......and the only reason I'm using such a terrible phrase is because I feel it fits quite well with my scarf of choice this week!

F21 Black & Floral Scarf
I actually bought this scarf because I had a plethora of solids and not very many fun prints. When I came across this little number during one of my many F21 strolls, I knew it had to be mine.
I mean, it is the perfect combination of dark and light, it's girly but not too feminine, lightweight but still long enough to keep me warm...the scarf is simply the perfect balance of opposites, how fantastic is that?!

Wear with:
1. An all black outfit for a pop of color.
2. Retro flares, white button-down, and floppy felt hat.
3. Blush tone blazer, slim-fit trousers, and brown blouse for work.
4. Leather jacket, maxi skirt, and motorcycle boots.
**Can you tell you can pair this with just about any outfit? Another reason to love this scarf!

I don't like to get too crazy with folding this scarf up and around my neck because I want the full effect of black-meets-bright, but considering it's a longer scarf, try this out if you have a similar lengthy style you want to bulk up around your neck for the colder months!

The Bulky Braid
1. Wrap around neck.
2. Take one end and wrap it twice around your neck (once if you're using a shorter scarf).
3. Take that end and loop it through either hole and pull through.
4. Take the other end and stuff it into either hole but do not pull through.
Very chic result, no?

Let's hear it for the fourth installment of Wrapped Wednesday....that was actually posted on a Wednesday (but posted before I realized there were NO photos, thanks blogger buds!) Woot woot!

Until next time, stay warm in those scarves, folks, because the weather is getting chilly chilly so very soon.........


  1. Hey there. So, I don't mean to alarm you... but I don't see any pictures. LOL Please don't let me leave this to my imagination, I want to see this pretty scarf! I love floral print!

  2. yes, let us see!

  3. I love a good juxtaposition. Gorgeous F21 find! I'm so feeling outfit #2, even though I look terrible in hats. I vow to find a hat that looks halfway decent. Can you tell I'm not aiming high?

  4. I still cannot get over the amount of scarves you own. I have exactly 4 scarves... how have I let this opportunit to accessorize slip through my fingers? You've inspired me to go shopping, for sure.


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