Thursday, November 10, 2011

Post-Teacher OOTD (so really just a plain outfit....)

"You don't really look like normal teachers."
"What ever do you mean dear student?"
"You actually care what you look like when you come here."
"Right you are...bonus for go Glen Coco."
.....and they actually got my reference! A win in the teacher book, for sure!

I always try to look pulled together, even outside the classroom. It's getting chilly here with snow just around the corner (cough, tomorrow, cough) but there are also days here where t-shirts are acceptable. Oh, mother nature, you craaazy bitch!

That being said, I like to look myself but still classy just in case I happen to run into any student and/or student parent while know, shopping for clothes...or buying I said, classy. Plus, I thought I'd showcase this aforementioned crazy weather in all its fall, pre-winter glory, hence no cropping of photos!

{Cape: Marshall's, Tee: American Eagle, Scarf: Stolen from sister ;), Jeans: Volcom (very old jeans!), Shoes: Sam Edelman} 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday and are excited that TGIF is just around the corner (along with the snow, booooo!)

Until next time, farewell to every single one of my love-el-ly readers, new and old, I love you all more than SSB (just don't tell him that!)................


  1. Cute, love the scarf!!! Thank you for the comment on my blog!!! Have a great day sweetie :)

    xo Emma

  2. Lovin' this outfit. And I love me some Mean Girls.

  3. Girlll, look at them shoes. Lovely!

  4. Love the Mean Girls reference:-) Reminds me, it's been awhile since I've watched it. Poor Lindsay Lohan! Ummm, and you pretty much look like a supermodel! xoxo

  5. Love your wedges dear, and you know I love a good cape.

    Thanks for following my blog, now following you back!

    Goodwill Huntingg
    Best casual boots on a budget - $50 and under

  6. Yay for an outfit post! I love this look - casual chic.

    Oh, and yes, you can definitley look classy when buying booze... just avoid the Aristocrat vodka and Boone's Farm "wine." Haha

  7. i'd like my scarf back too please ;)


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