Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've been a bad, bad girl.....(Thanks Fiona Apple....)

Ok, let me preface this by saying that I did not pay for ALL of this. No, I'm not awesome and have sponsors who are now telling me to blog about this....if only. My dearest mother gave me her card to find the maxi skirt I have been searching far and wide for and I FOUND IT....but then found a lot of other cute things, too! No, no, don't think I abused my parents' funds like that...I paid for the rest of what I bought, so go me for being nice to my parents, boo me for stepping off of the "spend-freeze" train.

I most definitely made a haul video where I crack some bad jokes and become scatter-brained because I was trying to film quickly before I went out to dinner and from that point up until now, I cannot for the life of me figure out why it won't let me upload it. It keeps telling me there was an error, boo! So, yes, out of tiredness and laziness, I am giving up and writing about this haul. The photos are not that great but it gets the job done, so don't judge too harshly!

Let's talk fashion!

From Marshall's:
FINALLY found my long-searched-for black maxi and I owe it to Little Petite because I saw her OOTD and her black maxi outfit was SO cute, I had to know where she got it. Turns out she found it at Marshall's (which is why I went to my own) and I have to say, now I love that place....I never knew they had such good deals!
Second maxi is a great print for summer and transitioning into fall. Can never have too many maxis, and Who What Wear just had an article on printed maxis, so yay for my new one....I am just sooo fashionable (note : sarcasm!)

They place the shoes in the front of Marshall's....much too smart! I saw a pair of wedges that were all one color (top and wedge, I mean) and it was a gorgeous chestnut brown, but alas, not in my size :( This pair is the same style but different color and honestly, I love them just as much. I need all the height I can get and I like to wear wedges under my maxis so it looks like I may just be that tall naturally since the skirt hides the shoes for the most part- hey, a short gal can dream!
This bag really didn't need to be purchased, but it's Tommy Hilfiger, a cute color, and on clearance! It was a nearly $80 bag and I got it for $ I was basically forced to buy it! Such a cute bag for the beach and the snap closure is great since none of the other bags I have for the beach close. So yes, I somehow rationalized that I needed this beach bag so now it sits in my room, as anxious for the beach as I am!

I drove over to Target afterward just to pick up some basics to pair with the new skirts....they are, like I already said, basic, so I just posted the links - if you feel like looking, click away! One is actually not so basic and quite cute, though!

From Target:
Black Ribbed Tank
Green Ribbed Tank**
Khaki Ribbed Tank**
White Boyfriend Tee
Converse Ruffled Splatter Print Tank
**Colors not posted online - tanks are currently on sale for $5 on their site but were $9 in stores, so I'm not sure if I actually found the exact tank, but it's close enough....who hasn't seen basic tanks? Target has great ones!

I mentioned above, so click on the link if you'd like...I highly recommend it! Be sure to sign up for their daily emails and check out their books, too, they're awesome!
Also check out Little Petite's page because, like I said, she gave me the answer to where I could finally find the long-searched-for maxi!

So yes, BACK on the spend-freeze train. All aboard to happier wallets! (Cheesy, whatev). Hope you all enjoyed the weekend!
Beach Countdown = FIVE days! Travel version of "what's in my bag(s)?!" to come soon!

Until next time, as always, farewell love bugs!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Superficial Review : Get Thirsty

It may have been the HH cocktails talking or perhaps just actual dehydration (from said cocktails....), but I had dreams last night.....about drinking water. No, no, not like dreams of me under waterfalls in wonderful lands, taking in all the freshness of the natural surroundings. An actual dream of yours truly, sitting at a plain desk, in a plain white room, chugging water bottle after water bottle. YEAH. It happened. Oddly enough (as if the dream itself wasn't the odd part!), I woke up after about the third chugged H2O bottle and went downstairs to drink.....vegetable juice.

I never cease to amaze myself.

Why talk about this dream and risk losing many followers out of the sheer fact that I am, in fact, not normal? Because it has to do with my latest review! Just go with me here, people.....

After a solid week (and some change) I have been using a new cleanser. In case you're new (welcome!) or just not too bright (sorry!), you should know that I love myself a good scrub. I need to feel the grit, the grime, the feeling of it sloughing away anything but pure beauty (ok, so I'm exaggerating here, whatevs).....but my new cleanser is the exact opposite!

I give you my review on..... 

"What is that smell?!"
"Shit, I just got that up my nose, gross."
"Did I not use enough?" 
"Screw it, just wash it off."
"Oooh, I suddenly feel fresh."

Clean-zee-ness (If you don't watch RHONJ you won't get that last word....sorry!) - This is truly a "purifying" cleanser in the sense that it doesn't have shit in it, it's got a clean track record! No parabens, no sulfates, no silicones, nadda. Definitely one of the best factors to this BB cleanser.

Invisibility Cloak - I am an HP gal as much as the next bitch, but I am not so keen on my cleanser doing the disappearing act. (Cue H2O dream....) This feels like WATER, screw the "gel" name. It foams ever so lightly if I vigorously scrub my hands together with it before washing my face. It squirts out like I'm using a water gun and no offense, those things have pissed me off ever since they came in our "favor" bags at family reunions and my dad and brother just destroyed us with them and I was left with soaking wet clothes (add that to top-five pet peeves of all time!) 

Those who have the occasional skin issue. It could potentially cause dryness for those with normal/dry skin, but I'm on the combo side and with the right moisturizer, I don't see an issue. If you have more than the occasional skin problems, this seems too weak to do the trick!

It works.
You can't tell that it's working.
But it does work.
Because my skin is smooth.
The smell is still there.
But it isn't so bad anymore.
Unless you like smelling like an odd medicine.
Like bark and calamine lotion combined.
Yeah, that sounds about right.

FINAL GRADE: B+....the only reason this isn't getting my 100% teacher approval is because of the smell and it's non-foaming factor. I like water (as I've clearly displayed in my dreams) but not for a face wash. The smell is fine not a deal breaker, if I could just stop accidentally getting it up my nose (failure).
I give it a B+ because it's like a student I had that tried really hard to do well in my class, but then just seemed sort of like a douche when I'd see said student trying really hard to impress girls. Just do you work, don't annoy me (or high school skanks) in the it Burt's Bees? Thanks.

I'll still use it, don't get me wrong, but I'm still on the hunt for a cleanser that is like Philosophy's Purity (which actually does have parabens in it....shit!) but does the work of a medicinal cleanser like my Yes To Tomatoes or Neutrogena scrubs. Here's to the search.....once my spending freeze is over. Damn. Any suggestions?

What are your thoughts on "water" cleansers? Or just on Burt's Bees products in general? I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments!

Does anyone else have odd water dreams or are you also plagued by water guns, small and/or large? No? No one? Really? Just me? Cool, cool.....

Until next time, happy bloggin' lovahs.....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

As Of Late....

I feel as though I have completely disconnected myself from my blog as of late and although I have nothing groundbreaking to report, no reviews or hauls (sad face), or OOTD (I just always waste too much time getting ready and then leave without any photos taken, blast!) So, to hold me (and maybe you?) over until I have something actually blog-worthy, here is what I have been up photo form.

Boyfriend was away this past week on vacation with his brothers, 
so I obviously had to make my own beach fun...this was the closest I got, 
but damn, their food is stellar!

Ignore the blue color and too-big factor of this dress 
(hemline is at least a solid two inches too long).....make it a very dark purple ("lapis") 
and this is the bridesmaid dress my sister picked out for her May 2012 nuptials. 
I call myself the MOH part 2 and my older sister is MOH part 1 because she insists on 
doing all the planning...whatev, less work for me, more fun for me! 
I plan on making a killer MOH speech and drinking/dancing the 
night away at the reception. Awesome.

Still on the accent nail kick. My latest? I call it....Minty Kitty....rawr. 
Revlon's Minted and Sally Hansen's "Kitty, Kitty" 
and amazingly, I haven't picked them apart yet!

Thankfully, work has gone down to 3-days but I 
still feel consumed by it, oddly enough. Where did the summer go? 
Beach countdown = 12 days!

In case you were blissfully unaware, get in the know....TODAY is national tequila day, woot woot! My friends and I are heading out to Mad Mex for their holiday drink specials to celebrate this glorious, wonderous holiday. I'll be sure to have one for you, too!

Reviews on Burt's Bees cleanser and Jason Shampoo soon enough....want to use them a bit more before I give the review(s). So far, I notice the Burt's Bees feels like water and the shampoo is very medicinal-smelling. Neither good nor bad opinions....yet. 

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Rest in peace to Amy Winehouse. Remember, kids, if someone (anyone) tells you to go to it, don't sing "No, no, no..." I know, I know, too soon. But really, listen to those around you, they know you best. 

Until next time, farewell love bugs...more beauty-full blog posts to come very soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HAUL (Beauty & Fashion)

So here's the thang, y'all. I really never say "y'all" first of all....and secondly, I had completely planned on doing a super fun haul video with all the wonderful things I bought instead of doing a long post, but then I realized....I started this as a writer, and I think I may convey my message just a taaaad better through writing on this one. I'll do my best to still make it entertaining, as always ;)

The haul crosses so many different places over the weekend and in the past two days, so here's the list: Forever21, Sephora, Nordstrom, Target, Walmart (hate this place!!), and even a grocery store (woah, SS, slow your jets!) You will be glad to know that I have, starting yesterday, put myself on a debit card spending freeze until I go on vacation. Yes, debit card have to keep the credit card for emergencies, no? Totally ;)

Let's begin with photos!

There are more fashion items that were not posted on F21's site and one of the bracelets is really just a stand-in for the real one I got, so let's hear it for F21 and their failed website of TOO MUCH SHIT that IS NOT IN STORES. I love a good deal at F21 as much as the next fashion whore, but really, "people's gotsta get their shit togetha" if they want to keep me as an avid shopper.

Eh, who am I kidding? I'll still go back. You probably will, too, let's not kid ourselves!

Ok, so beauty items! Yay, let's hear it for me and my NON-stick-to-it-approach on the whole PXP matter. I've hit a beauty rut, though, and this was necessary. After this haul, it really does appear as though I'm set on my beauty products for now. Really. I swear. This time I mean it.....honestly!

1. Nail Effects - Loved "Kitty, Kitty" the first time so I bought it again to put on my twinkle toes for the beach. Countdown = 18 days (not counting today!) Woohoo!
2. Tarte Bronzer - Waterproof AND matte, need I say more? Not sure how well it lasts on my face, but the humidity here may be to blame for its melt factor. Oh, and my high sweating issue in any temp above 85 degrees....lovely.
3.  Burt's Bees Purifying Gel Cleanser - Wait, what's that, SS? You're not using a scrub anymore?! You are correct, dear reader! I heard from the woman in Sephora that using a scrub on skin daily is safe is about as truthful as munchkins living in my closet stealing my missing clothes (ok, so she didn't say that but I did....) I have to agree with her, too, because it makes sense (who would have thought?!) I will still exfoliate up to 3x per week (duh), but we'll see how this new non-scrub regimen goes!
4. All-Nighter - Now, if I were a street walker and needed to be on the corner all night, this shit would be awesome. Really, though, I use it because it works and I need that in this dead heat of summer.
5. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner - Have never used Kiehl's and have not used a toner since college. I feel like I need one to help my lackluster skin as of late, and Kiehl's is a solid brand to try, so I went for it. Review to follow perhaps?
6. Jason Thin-To-Thick Shampoo - I really don't understand why I care so much about what I put on my face but neglect my hair products which may contain such crap. My friend (who I may pressure into guest blogging about this!) is super into all products that are made without her "list" of enemies. She was buying this brand while we went grocery shopping for food (apparently we just love shopping for anything these days!) and I saw this kind and was intrigued. Natural ingredients and promises to thicken my thin hair? Deal. Let you know what I think soon enough!

Onto the fash-e-on! (Did that come out like a French guy? It was meant to, anyways.....)
Note: Some of the items I had to actually photograph, totally killing my pretty Polyvore work, but the maxi just photographed terribly, but hey, it's another maxi, so we've all seen them, right? Right.

1&2. Headwraps - I wore a thin scarf wrapped around my head while I was down South on my first vacation of the summer and when I came across these, they had that turban effect that was so popular last fall (yeah, yeah, so I'm far behind, whatev!) I like to have something on my head at the beach or by the pool so it's not all flopping around, wet on my face....the wet dog look doesn't work for anyone, dah-ling! So one in paisley and one in cheetah, because why not match it to my nails and be a total loser, right?
3&4. Bracelets - The one on the top right IS the one I got and I love it! I saw it before in previous trips to F21 but never bought it until this last haul. It matched the dress I bought really well so that was reason enough. The other bracelet is the right size and style, but the one I bought has blue/turquoise "gems" placed around in....only about four or so around the whole thing...simple and dainty but very pretty.
5. Maxi Dress - Posted about wanting these in my last post and only left with one. Like I said, F21's website-to-store ratio blows big time, so I couldn't find the ones I really wanted, but I do like the one I got a lot. The pattern throughout looks like this:
6. Top - Flowy, romantic-feel, wing-like's perfect! I'm so excited to wear it out because it makes me feel so girly and fun.
So there you have it, my latest haul that goes from high-end skincare to the grocery store! Look out for reviews soon on Kiehl's, Jason Shampoo, and maybe some OOTD posts, too, since I've been failing on those big time. I am sorry if you really would prefer this in video, but I was just in the mood to write, so deal with it ;)

Hope you're all surviving the week. I for one am super excited for the weekend!

Until next time, farewell love bugs and fellow bloggers....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random Rambles from SS

'Ello you love-el-ly people & readers.

I have already deemed this the most random post thus far in my blogging career, because I had a crazy week and am just now able to breathe and relax. Oh, and I should mention I am freshly awake from an eleven hour sleep fest. Go this girl! I only had three hours of sleep going into Friday due to the HARRY POTTTER midnight show, but it was well worth it! Did you see it? Did you love it? (NOTE: If you do not like HP, find another blog to be rude to, then, not mine...because I will verbally assault you. I'm a teacher for a living, so don't think I can't make you cry with my words!)
[Even my pup likes HP!]

Here we go.....five random facts to ring in the weekend!

ONE - If you are a new reader, welcome. If you're not, you know I bought a bronzer from Ulta (featured in THIS video) and I was basically cornered to buy it...blast. I am returning it today. I said in the video (or maybe I didn't, whatev) that I specifically did not want a shimmery-glitzy bronzer; I don't want to look like a brown disco ball, after all! She told me this was perfect, had hardly any shimmer and woah, she lied big time (again!) It is so shimmery and my face looks like a big bronzed pearl (and not in a good way!) so after only one use, I'm returning it. I may just take the plunge and buy the NARS Laguna, but I've also seen a lot (or, like, two articles) on Tarte's Park Avenue Princess Bronzer and it's waterproof! Perfect for the beach seeing as how my face is always lighter than the rest of me because of my fear for early wrinkles. Yes, I did just say that. I know what you're thinking...."but, makeup at the beach?!" It's freaking powder bronzer, don't judge. It's not like I'm airbrushing my face before diving into the waves. This reminds me! Beach Countdown = 3 weeks!

TWO - I just recently bought Netflix to stream from my Mac and my Wii (that I never use, so it might as well be made useful!) and I am already addicted. I finished....and again, you cannot judge....season one of.....Glee. Ok, the ellipses streak is done, sorry. But yes, I watched all of season one already and I just bought Netflix on Tuesday. They don't have season two (unless I'm an idiot and can't see it) so I started watching the show Party Down. Pretty funny! I have a lot of movies on my Instant Que but also want new shows to watch. Any suggestions? Fill me in!

THREE - It is that time of summer. Jeans just don't cut it because it's too damn hot. What's a gal to do when she still wants her legs covered on certain days when shorts just don't work? Maxis! The problem? I only have one maxi skirt and two maxi dresses. This means, of course, I will be at the mall at some point over the weekend to stock up on these beautys. Some of my favs from F21 are as follows:
[The last one is actually a pair of pants, not a skirt....
but they have that complete 70s vibe to them and I cannot wait to get 
my grubby little hands on them to see how they look!]

FOUR - I get to eat cake fo' free today! My sister has an appointment at one of my favorite bake shops that make fantastic cupcakes and beautiful edible art - hope she picks them to make her cake! She actually is putting mini-replica cakes on all the tables instead of having one huge cake and I think that is quite modern and very smart....but I will still stick to my dream of having a cupcake-wedding-cake ;) haha And, obviously, I'll be buying a couple cupcakes to go once our appointment is through!

FIVE - Does anyone know how to make cream/liquid blush work and not separate on my face? I am probably the only one that can tell because it isn't that bad, but really, it never looks right on my face. I know the #1 rule for all blushes of this consistency is to not place them over powder, but I do put setting powder over my blush once everything is finished. I've done it this way and without powder and I still get the same effect. Really, what gives? I love my bene-tint and I so so badly want to try out Tarte's cheek stain, but I can't spend that kind of money if I don't know what will make this shit work!

 So, like I said, it truly is a random post. It gives you insight into what I will be doing over the weekend, though, so perhaps a mini beauty haul and fashion haul are in the works. Should I do them as videos, just write about them? Give me your thoughts!

Hope you enjoyed reading the randomness that is the mind of Superficial Sanctuary ;)

As always, until next time, farewell lovahs and enjoy your weekend!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Top 10 Award : Skincare Edition

I, oddly enough, did another video. This time it's for an award I won and I filmed the "skincare tag" portion of it. If you don't want to watch the video (just under 10 minutes long), the writing is below for your reading pleasure. I think the video habit will die out after this weekend, so don't think I've changed my mind about liking writing better ;) Just trying out this system a bit, testing the beauty waters, ya dig?
Note: It's slightly choppy, I talked too much so I tried to cut a lot out! It also totally neglects the body wash that I mention below in the writing, so sorry about that, too! I just ran out so I didn't have the bottle to show, whoops!

I totally stole the whole setup idea from the blogger who awarded me. Her design is much cuter, but her entire blog is that way, so go and check her out! Thanks Antiqued Gold :) Also, Glitter and Granola awarded me, too, so a big thank you to both of them. Such cute blogs so you really need to go and follow them - you heard it hear first! (I thanked them in the original video but then had to cut it out - again, too long!!)
1. Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer
2. Philosophy Purity 1-Step Cleanser
3. Neosporin Night Renewal Lip Treatment
4. Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub in Pink Grapefruit (not mentioned in video)
5 Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (has a "try me" label on it because it's from my sister's salon - no worries, it wasn't opened for consumers before I bought it - that'd be gross, no?)
6. Yes To Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub
7. Rosebud Lip Salve
8. Glysolid Glycerin Cream (
9. The Body Shop's Vitamin E Eye Cream
10. Marc Jacobs Daisy Lotion

Many of my favorite blogs have already received this award, but considering it is about skincare, I picked the people who I think discuss beauty ridiculously well. They seem like the gals that would know a thing (or twenty) about good skincare, and they are:

AlmostBritain - Does awesome EOTD posts
Dream Out Loud - A sincere blogger with a seriously cute blog
Blushed Pearls - Creative post ideas and I never tired of them
Angie B. - Posts awesome photos to get any blogger inspired
Procrastinating Pretty - My virtual friend who can do it all
Hannah Michelle - An Aussie girl who has great attention to detail/beauty/fashion

Hope you all have a great week ahead of you. This week marks my last five day work week! After this week I only work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through the rest of summer. Hell to the yes, you have no idea how happy this makes me! (If you really want to know why this makes me happy, read this post HERE!)

As always, until next time, farewell my love bugs!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I was driving home from Ulta when I thought to myself, "Hauls are so much fun!" Then, as I was driving, another thought occurred (no worries, my brain didn't explode from the overload of thinking!) and I said to myself, "Hauls are even more fun in videos."

So yes, dear readers, I don't know why I decided to do it, but I made my first video. Yeah, I don't really know why other than the fact that, like I said to myself in the car, hauls are better in videos....slightly more organic, little more fun. I apologize for not being the typical gawh-jus beauty blogger like the rest of the people who make beauty videos, but whatever, I'm only human, not plastic and don't judge me, all right? Awesome.

If you decide to no longer read/follow my blog after viewing the video, cool, totally up to you (and your loss, right?) If you do decide to stay, thank you kindly! I really don't think I'll be making a habit of videos, as I mention in the vid that I do enjoy writing more, but we'll see, we'll see.

Without anymore talking, here it Ulta Haul Video!

Please Note:
1. I realize the photos in the background are a bit odd....the one that looks like a dog is, in fact, a boyfriend dressed up as one for Halloween one year. He's nothing like a dog in real life, not to worry ;) The other are just me and friends and/or family.
2. This video is so ridiculously amateur so be kind....I'm no pro videographer!
3. When I said I got the OPI polish from the beauty/salon section, I have no idea what I was saying. I get my hair cut at a salon that has a store connected to the front (sort of like Ulta....but not really), so I got the polish there, not at Ulta.
 4. I make weird's just my nature, part of the humor, no? Thanks, YouTube, for making an awesome Herp-Derp face for the screen shot opener. Awesome, really.
5. I finally opened the bronzer....and I'm sorry it looked so pink/purple/not bronzey in the video. Here's a better depcition of it:
6. I talked about two liners I got at Target....yeah, well, they didn't melt in my car (yippey!!) Here they are....
Enjoy! Please feel free to leave your criticism in the comments, but don't be mean....that's just not nice...obviously. I'm off to paint my nails and enjoy the HP marathon on TV....yeah, I know it's Saturday but I went out Thursday and Friday night, so my I (and my liver) need to lay low tonight. So thank you, HP, for having a marathon on TV ;)

Until next time, farewell lovahs!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Didn't Even Know It's FRIDAY!

This week has been a bit odd, and I only knew it was Friday when I walked into Starbucks and saw my barista boyfriend wearing his Starbucks t-shirt instead of the typical button-ups they have to wear. Yeah, is that pathetic, because I sort of thought it was. Either way, it IS Friday and I am so glad to still have the rest of today and the weekend off before going back to - gasp! - nanny work on Monday...sad face.

In brighter news, I would like to thank Blushed Pearls for awarding me the "Versatile Blogger" award. I was unaware that my blog is versatile, but considering I interject my beauty with rants on fashion and the everyday life, I suppose I'm not just your cookie-cutter beauty blogger. Thumbs up for me and thumbs up for Blushed Pearls, go check her out!

Rules (I'll make this quick!)

1. 10 Random Facts (I'll try to come up with extremely random ones so I don't bore you and repeat facts from Friday Facts or other posts....)
2. Award Bloggers


1. I just went tanning (don't judge) and I used a tingle lotion. WORST decision I've made in a long time. I'm staying out of the bed and away from anything that makes my skin feel like it's melting :( Sorry if that gave anyone a bad visual.
2. I hate feet. They really, really bother me...even the pretty little cute ones. Ok, I can handle baby feet, but normally, I detest feet. Gag.
3. I have a baby blanket and it's already torn into three pieces. One of the three pieces had a tiny tear come off, so my mini lamb sleeps with it now...he has his own baby blanket. Yep, I'm 23. No big deal.
4. I really don't like drinking water. It does nothing for me. I mean, I know it does a lot for me, but I'm using that statement in the cliche form. It really just doesn't work for me. I can drink flavored water or club soda, but not the plain shit....unless I'm working out....which rarely happens.
5. I am still WAY too pissed off about Casey Anthony. I have no idea why because I didn't even follow the entire trial, but I will forever hate that scum of earth piece of shit.
6. I just found out I have a quarter of Cherokee Indian in me while vacationing last week. Explains why I wanted feathers so badly...doesn't explain the bright blonde hair. I can thank the Irish in me for that!
7. I really, really love the show Weeds. Like, a lot. Mondays just got a little brighter because of Season 7 (hah, season 7, fact 7, I'm good!)
8. I dream almost every night. That's not good, means you're not sleeping soundly. Damnit. They're always bad ones, too, so clearly I have anxiety issues. Nothing coffee and alcohol can't fix, though ;)
9. I have cheated on Words With Friends before by using an online Scrabble Cheater. There, I said it. I had to, I couldn't lose to a fellow student, then I'd be a terrible teacher!
10. I think the people who read all ten of these facts are way cooler than me and if you're new, I'll be sure to follow your blog, because if you can actually sit through all these facts, you're kind of awesome.

I wanted to give this award to the people who I truly think are very versatile and, of course, the ones I love reading. Pretty sure I name some of the same people all the time, but I like reading their blogs, so they deserve it!

Mary Lane/The Blonde - Love her posts, she always has something new and fresh to offer...never boring and has some funny punchlines, that's for sure! Check her out.

Procrastinating Pretty - I've awarded her everything I've received because she deserves it more than most of the bloggers I know (or read, whatever). She may stick to mostly beauty, but damn, the girl knows her shit. I already have told my readers to check her out, so if you're new, go and follow her page!

Living After Midnite - She delivers a lot of great posts; everything from fashion and beauty to her most recent on how to make popsicles from smoothies (why didn't I think of that?!) Gorgeous gal, one worth following for all the inside scoop on beauty-related things!

Love, Ainslee - She doesn't stick to any one topic and her blog is always refreshing to read. Whether it's just a post of great photos or a blog about the daily life, she covers it and does it very well!

Antiqued Gold - If it's possible to be a good writer, have posts covering so many (informative) topics, and have a page/text/photos that are so eye-catchingly awesome, then THIS is your go-to gal! Every time I read her posts, I either was just thinking the same thing or instantly want to buy what she writes about! She deserves you as a follower!

There are a lot of other bloggers out there that deserve the recognition, but most have already received the award, so I wanted to give it to those who don't have it but definitely deserve it!

I also have come to report that another Project X Pan item has bit the dust and is gone, gone, gone! My bronzer is finito and I used that sucker to the last little speck....after all, it's summer and I'm pale, I need to get mah bronzin' on! That's FOUR down and only six more to go. Let's be honest, I'm a terrible PXP-er, some of the products are nowhere near being finished and I still buy more. It should be noted, though, that I only buy products that are not still currently on the PXP list, so I'm not breaking the rules that much right? Hey, wait, this is my blog, so I say I'm not guilty!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I leave you with my EOTD - nothing fancy, but still sort of fun?
teal liner on the waterline....a nice pop of color, no?

Until next time, farewell lovahs.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Little Late - June Favorites

I have returned, alive, from the mini-vacation my family took to visit our extended family down South. After receiving far too many mosquito bites, random cuts and bruises (WHERE did those come from?!) and a twinge of sunburn, I'm glad to be back home, with my laptop and my own bed and bathroom, that's for sure!

Considering we were on a boat everyday, I kept the makeup very very minimal. That being said, I'm thrilled to discuss beauty-related things now that I'm off the boat and my feet are on dry land. SOOOOO, without further a-do, I present you with my.......
Orgasm Blush - I have had this for awhile and have sadly hit pan pretty hardcore on it, but I kept it stashed away for a couple months until June rolled around....and now I'm obsessed all over again. I don't care about the cost, I'm buying it again as soon as I run out!

Waterline Liner - I always look at different makeup looks to see what I want to try on myself. The one thing I always loved on other's eyes but steered away from was eyeliner on the waterline...or that part right below your eyeball before your lashes, for you confused readers! I decided to give this look a try on a whim in mid-June and love the look! I still need to adjust to it but it makes the blue in my eyes really stand out and gives them a bit of an edgy touch that isn't too hooker/emo/biker, which were all looks I was afraid this look would give me. A sigh of relief I still look like myself with liner on my waterline!

Stila Gloss in Majesty - I bought a pack of 8 Stila glosses from Urban Outfitters awhile ago...honestly, I don't even remember when. I loved all the colors except for one, so I gave it to my sister. It just looked too dark from the tube and I was instantly uninterested....until I saw it in her bag and tried it and LOVED it. The berry color comes out like a light stain for the lips, just enough color without looking too bare or too dramatic. I stole it back...after all, it's not like she paid for it, I did ;)

Mojitos - Pretty sure this is my summer drink staple. I just cannot get enough of this refreshingly wonderful drink! I drank far too many of them over the month of June and July should be no different. It's a nice change from my usually mundane vodka soda, and summer deserves to have a little difference!

Loose Tanks - When it's hot hot HOT out and there's little I want sticking to my body (sweat, gross, yuck), these bad boys tend to be my go-to and they definitely were through the month of June. I love a good loose tank in a pretty print. The two I have from Target get the most compliments (imagine that!), so I need to go back and see if they have more because you can't go wrong with a good tank for summer.

I was pretty boring for June. All the working (teaching and nannying) really did me in so I'm super pumped to start my 3-day weeks soon enough. Much more time for laying by the pool....and more blogging, of course! 

Hope you all had a wonderful June and your July is shaping up to be just as great! I'm off to get some beauty rest after dropping some serious cash on my new Victoria's Secret card on these two bad boys....

Can't go wrong with a blue suit, right? For a gal who loves this color in just about any shade, it's odd I don't have a single blue bathing suit. I had to change that ;)

I typically hate pink on me, but this neon shade just screamed summer to me, and it also screamed at me to buy rude, but I obliged, so I'm hoping it looks good! 

If you're not new to this blog, I hope you like the face-lift I gave to SS...this soft pink and black reminded me of an old-school-summer-vacation, so I went with it....I don't even like pink (as I already mentioned) so I'm not entirely sure how/why I decided to make the change. Whatevs.

Until next time, as always, farewell my lovahs!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Award & Rant

I leave later today, technically tomorrow, for a trip down to the dirtay South (relax, I don't actually think it's dirty, just trying to be a rapper) so I have nothing very fun to post considering I've been running around like crazy because I'm a huge procrastinator. WOAH. Speaking of, Procrastinating Pretty awarded me the Liebster Blog Award and I thank her oh-so much. If you have yet to click on the link to her blog that I put so nicely for you where her name is, you need to do so now before reading the rest of this post. Her blog is fan-freaking-tastic and somehow I always agree with her choices....which is rare for me because I tend to be sporadic with how I feel at any given moment, but her blog/posts never disappoint, check her out NOW! She even does videos with her friend who she puts all these wonderful makeup looks on....don't we all need a friend who can make us look all fun and funky and pretty? I think so!

Did you go over to her blog? Really, did you? Don't lie to me, bitch! Ok, let's move on....

Considering I:

A)have already mentioned I have been a busy bee (keep up, will you?)  aaaand
B)will not be home until the 6th

....I'm leaving you with a rant.....of the nanny variety. If you do not currently take birth control, this story and rant is truly all you need to refrain from all activity that may get you knocked up. You may just run from your boyfriend at the mere feeling of his hand brushing yours. Have him call me (or not, that'd be creepy), so just show him this post....then you both can lie in bed at night, staring at the ceiling, awkwardly not touching just to ensure this never happens to YOU! You're welcome, really, no need to thank me.

 I have worked for two and a half weeks as a nanny and although I have done this job before in past summers (what else does a teacher do in the summer but torture herself further?!), this summer...hahahahahahaha....OH, this summer has been the summer from HELL....and I should note it is not due to the weather, no no, not one bit. It's due to a 5-year-old and and 8-year-old that have been made by the hands of the big man to bring the pain onto me....a 23-year-old. Now, I'm not a Math whiz, but I know that I'm still double their ages - almost combined! - so why should I even let these little tyrant maggots affect me? Because I am with them for a minimum of 9 hours a day, five days a week....I see THEM more than I see my own self in the mirror. You know your job is rough when you use the bathroom and toilet seat as a release....and stop, you're gross, I didn't mean releasing of bodily functions.

Birth Control Event #1 - Stairs & Claws
The 5-year-old never wants to nap, which blows my mind. Who wouldn't want to be forced to sleep for an hour (or two or five) during the day only to wake up to a nice snack before returning outside for playtime? Sign me up! This little bugger wasn't feeling it, so when I asked him nicely to go upstairs (we're currently standing at the top of the basement stairs), he screams and yells (typical) and out of nowhere takes both of his tiny little mitts and pushes me down the stairs. Yes. I know what you must be thinking. "But....he's only five? He can't be that strong!" Forgive me, but I don't come prepared with cat-like reflexes to defend a blow that I had NO idea was coming. So I topple, catch myself, and somehow still had enough restraint to not shake him like a Polaroid picture! THEN, I held my arm out so he couldn't run back down the stairs and he claws at me like a fucking cat! I mean, the kiddo broke skin and drew blood, for goodness sake! My hand looks like I accidentally put it in the feeding cage at the zoo. Ok, fiiiine, I'm exaggerating, but he might as well be a caged animal at the zoo, honestly! He was in his room for the rest of the day until mom got home to deal with the mess. I ran....and ran fast, scared for the next day!

Birth Control Event #2 - Pool Noodles = NOT Weapons
Both of the little terrors were being exactly that when I was bringing them home from taking their dog to the kennel. Between finding my way back to the house and blowing fur out of my mouth from the dog shedding ALL -seriously....ALL!- over my car, I hear the kids trying to unbuckle each other and proceed to kick and yell and play with the windows. I had enough, it was time for "time-out"....but they weren't so keen to that, of course. After refusing to argue (I'm not exerting that much energy) and ignoring their fake tears (you're a boy, grow a pair), the littlest one took a pool noodle and slammed me across the face with it. Now, I know what you're thinking again. "How did you NOT see that coming?" Well, I was too busy telling the older one he would be in his room the rest of the day if he didn't go upstairs when WHAM, pool noodle to the profile.....for real? Again, it took everything in me not to grab the other one and beat him to a sad, little pulp with the same Styrofoam toy he hit me with, but shit, that wouldn't get me anywhere except jail and a loss of my teaching certification! Finally, they yelled and screamed up to their rooms, ensuring I knew how awful and terrible of a human being I was (even tearing apart the "sorry" cards they had made me from the stairs fiasco days before and throwing the pieces everywhere). The youngest one was even sure to repeatedly yell, "Get gone forever!" while going up to his room which I promptly responded with, "Say that statement correctly and I'll gladly consider it!"

Birth Control Event #3 - Bike Helmets are BRUTAL
It should be noted, too, that once they got out of the car after the aforementioned experience, before the whole pool noodle incident, they immediately got on their bikes knowing very well they were to be reporting upstairs to their rooms. I told them to get off the bikes or they were up to their rooms for longer than the original punishment. They said they wouldn't listen, that they didn't do anything wrong, that they were going to ride their bikes even if it meant running me over (please do! I should have said), so I blocked their way (more or less) and the older one took his helmet and slammed it at my car (if he would have dented it, my Dad sure as hell would have made child soup for dinner) and the younger one put up a bigger fight....he kicked his helmet all around until BOOM, he took the helmet by the chin strap and slammed me in the shins. Again, I get it, but I was too busy avoiding his eye contact because he's quicker to do something if you aren't looking (as if he's perpetually peeing and you mustn't dare look!) so I was not paying attention to the little horror when he quickly slammed my shins. DAMNIT, those little plastic protectors hurt like hell! Now I'll have bruising all weekend while wearing my bathing suit on vacation....gahhh!

I will end the rant here before you officially void children out of your life forever. She (the mother, who is an absolute saint of a woman) actually sent me home early this past Wednesday due to how bad their behavior was and I still got paid for the hours I didn't have to finish....cha-ching! They are now on vacation and I have off until the ninth. Works out, because my first vacation of the summer is from July 1-6, so I even get another vacation (stay-cation) once we get back for a couple of days before returning to the dark depths of hell. I don't start the 3-day weeks until July 18th, but you bet your bottom dollar I am counting down until I can go without seeing them for consecutive days. My sanity is drained each and every day and is only restored by alcohol or sleep....or both.

I'm convinced this is all my karma building up and I'll get something awesome in return for salvaging my own life away for these tyrant bitches. If you got a good laugh out of this, I'm glad. If not, perhaps you're crying inside like I am every day....whichever.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and if you're not celebrating it, be sure not to wear red, white, or blue....because people will question you. Either way, just live your life and breathe easy...I know that's what I'll be doing!

Until next time, I'll miss you all dearly...farewell my love bugs!


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