Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HAUL (Beauty & Fashion)

So here's the thang, y'all. I really never say "y'all" first of all....and secondly, I had completely planned on doing a super fun haul video with all the wonderful things I bought instead of doing a long post, but then I realized....I started this as a writer, and I think I may convey my message just a taaaad better through writing on this one. I'll do my best to still make it entertaining, as always ;)

The haul crosses so many different places over the weekend and in the past two days, so here's the list: Forever21, Sephora, Nordstrom, Target, Walmart (hate this place!!), and even a grocery store (woah, SS, slow your jets!) You will be glad to know that I have, starting yesterday, put myself on a debit card spending freeze until I go on vacation. Yes, debit card freeze.....you have to keep the credit card for emergencies, no? Totally ;)

Let's begin with photos!

There are more fashion items that were not posted on F21's site and one of the bracelets is really just a stand-in for the real one I got, so let's hear it for F21 and their failed website of TOO MUCH SHIT that IS NOT IN STORES. I love a good deal at F21 as much as the next fashion whore, but really, "people's gotsta get their shit togetha" if they want to keep me as an avid shopper.

Eh, who am I kidding? I'll still go back. You probably will, too, let's not kid ourselves!

Ok, so beauty items! Yay, let's hear it for me and my NON-stick-to-it-approach on the whole PXP matter. I've hit a beauty rut, though, and this was necessary. After this haul, it really does appear as though I'm set on my beauty products for now. Really. I swear. This time I mean it.....honestly!

1. Nail Effects - Loved "Kitty, Kitty" the first time so I bought it again to put on my twinkle toes for the beach. Countdown = 18 days (not counting today!) Woohoo!
2. Tarte Bronzer - Waterproof AND matte, need I say more? Not sure how well it lasts on my face, but the humidity here may be to blame for its melt factor. Oh, and my high sweating issue in any temp above 85 degrees....lovely.
3.  Burt's Bees Purifying Gel Cleanser - Wait, what's that, SS? You're not using a scrub anymore?! You are correct, dear reader! I heard from the woman in Sephora that using a scrub on skin daily is safe is about as truthful as munchkins living in my closet stealing my missing clothes (ok, so she didn't say that but I did....) I have to agree with her, too, because it makes sense (who would have thought?!) I will still exfoliate up to 3x per week (duh), but we'll see how this new non-scrub regimen goes!
4. All-Nighter - Now, if I were a street walker and needed to be on the corner all night, this shit would be awesome. Really, though, I use it because it works and I need that in this dead heat of summer.
5. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner - Have never used Kiehl's and have not used a toner since college. I feel like I need one to help my lackluster skin as of late, and Kiehl's is a solid brand to try, so I went for it. Review to follow perhaps?
6. Jason Thin-To-Thick Shampoo - I really don't understand why I care so much about what I put on my face but neglect my hair products which may contain such crap. My friend (who I may pressure into guest blogging about this!) is super into all products that are made without her "list" of enemies. She was buying this brand while we went grocery shopping for food (apparently we just love shopping for anything these days!) and I saw this kind and was intrigued. Natural ingredients and promises to thicken my thin hair? Deal. Let you know what I think soon enough!

Onto the fash-e-on! (Did that come out like a French guy? It was meant to, anyways.....)
Note: Some of the items I had to actually photograph, totally killing my pretty Polyvore work, but the maxi just photographed terribly, but hey, it's another maxi, so we've all seen them, right? Right.

1&2. Headwraps - I wore a thin scarf wrapped around my head while I was down South on my first vacation of the summer and when I came across these, they had that turban effect that was so popular last fall (yeah, yeah, so I'm far behind, whatev!) I like to have something on my head at the beach or by the pool so it's not all flopping around, wet on my face....the wet dog look doesn't work for anyone, dah-ling! So one in paisley and one in cheetah, because why not match it to my nails and be a total loser, right?
3&4. Bracelets - The one on the top right IS the one I got and I love it! I saw it before in previous trips to F21 but never bought it until this last haul. It matched the dress I bought really well so that was reason enough. The other bracelet is the right size and style, but the one I bought has blue/turquoise "gems" placed around in....only about four or so around the whole thing...simple and dainty but very pretty.
5. Maxi Dress - Posted about wanting these in my last post and only left with one. Like I said, F21's website-to-store ratio blows big time, so I couldn't find the ones I really wanted, but I do like the one I got a lot. The pattern throughout looks like this:
6. Top - Flowy, romantic-feel, wing-like sleeves....it's perfect! I'm so excited to wear it out because it makes me feel so girly and fun.
So there you have it, my latest haul that goes from high-end skincare to the grocery store! Look out for reviews soon on Kiehl's, Jason Shampoo, and maybe some OOTD posts, too, since I've been failing on those big time. I am sorry if you really would prefer this in video, but I was just in the mood to write, so deal with it ;)

Hope you're all surviving the week. I for one am super excited for the weekend!

Until next time, farewell love bugs and fellow bloggers....


  1. I'm officially requesting a toner review -- I've never tried that one and I'm about (read: in 10 weeks but I might just buy this now and pretend to not use it until PXP is over...) to run out of my rosewater.

  2. lOVE the Shirt :)
    Hey is anyone having trouble with Posting Because mine won't because of Javascipt idk.

  3. really like the top!!! so pretty!

  4. loving the top, beautiful ♥


  5. Thanks so much for the comment=)I think you asked me where I bought my maxi skirt, I bought it at Marshall's it was 13 dollars. I haven't tried the nail effects but I really want to! You got a lot of great stuff.


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