Monday, May 30, 2011

The Time Has Come....

Haul after haul, impulsive purchase after impulsive purchase, big spend after big spend.....I've hit the breaking point. This, my friends, is an intervention ("Uhhh you can't have an intervention for yourself!")... PSHHH, yes I can...just watch me, bitches!

I call this intervention......


Yes, my lovahs, I'm diving into the project of all beauty projects. After my bank account seemed to be dropping after one (or 25) too many trips to Sephora, Ulta, Target, or other various drugstores, I knew it was really only a matter of time until I cracked. I would like to hurt to thank the various bloggers who have written about their projects and, in turn, are the ones to blame to thank for my choice in jumping into said xpan project! I was really forced into it....with an invisible gun held by an invisible person...yep, I said it.

I've chosen makeup and skincare to put into one project. If you think I'm going to take the plunge and choose ten skincare items and ten makeup're truly insane and need to be medicated! Am I supposed to use brand new products, products already in use, products nearly on their way out? Ok, I know the last one isn't allowed, but seriously, no one ever sat me down and explained the rules so I made my own! Some of these products have been used for a couple weeks now...or even months....but ALL are looking at life "glass half full" if you catch my drift. (For the idiot readers...which NONE of you are...I mean that the product is less than half-way gone...most are pretty new, though.)

ProjectX Oath:  I, Superficial Sanctuary, do by solemnly swear to not buy new products until the products in said project have hit the pan and are completely gone beyond the point of use. I, Superficial Sanctuary, am giving myself permission to buy a new product when --and only when-- a product in the project has hit the pan (i.e. buy a new bronzer once PXP product has hit the pan). After all, a girl needs rewards ;)

HERE are the products.....
Forgive me for not putting them all in order....BUT, at least I numbered them!

1. Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic Bronzer - pretty much brand spanking new!
2. NARS Orgasm Blush
3. Revlon Colorstay Foundation
4. Rosebud Lip Salve (WHYYYY would I do that to myself? No idea...this thing lasts forever!)
5. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray (Cop-out, perhaps, but it's kiiiind of makeup?)
6. Yes to Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub (review on this below)
7. Too Faced Brow-nie Brow Pencil in Blonde-y
8. e.l.f Felt Pen Eyeliner in Plum
9. Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer
10. Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream

EDIT EDIT, ALERT ALERT: I have taken it upon myself to CHANGE one of the products. Now, before you go all "Gasp, you can't paaahsibly change your mind, dahling" hear me out! I realized that the bronzer I had originally placed in this project just doesn't work with my skin without needing another bronzer to blend it all in....and that's a waste! I gave it to my sister who has darker skin than I and have replaced it with the bronzer I used for blending which is the Rimmel Bronzer I just bought, so you know the bad boy is brand spanking new! Yes, the first product in my x-pan has already been replaced, but for good reason!

I will keep you posted as to what products go first and show proof that the sucker is truly gone (I'm nothing if not a thorough beauty blogger!) Wish me luck and feel free to share your project x pan stories/posts....I'd love to read about them :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend, back to school tomorrow...booo! But only 8.5 days left until summer (I'm truly worse than the kiddos)!

Until next time, farewell my lovahhhs!


  1. Oh, this is a great idea! I have SO many products but I always buy others when I'm out just...well, just because I guess. I should really do this! It would save me a lot of money. Good luck!!

  2. good luck! I'm about to post an update on my progress - I don't think it has to be completely full products or I'd take that as an excuse to buy 10 new products =P

  3. So glad to see you're doing it too! I find it easier to stick to knowing others are in the same position as well :) Good luck! You can do it no matter how hard it may seem.. LOL

  4. oh i dunno if i'll ever be able to do this.. Takes a lot of discipline i ain't got =P

    All the best!


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