Friday, July 8, 2011

Didn't Even Know It's FRIDAY!

This week has been a bit odd, and I only knew it was Friday when I walked into Starbucks and saw my barista boyfriend wearing his Starbucks t-shirt instead of the typical button-ups they have to wear. Yeah, is that pathetic, because I sort of thought it was. Either way, it IS Friday and I am so glad to still have the rest of today and the weekend off before going back to - gasp! - nanny work on Monday...sad face.

In brighter news, I would like to thank Blushed Pearls for awarding me the "Versatile Blogger" award. I was unaware that my blog is versatile, but considering I interject my beauty with rants on fashion and the everyday life, I suppose I'm not just your cookie-cutter beauty blogger. Thumbs up for me and thumbs up for Blushed Pearls, go check her out!

Rules (I'll make this quick!)

1. 10 Random Facts (I'll try to come up with extremely random ones so I don't bore you and repeat facts from Friday Facts or other posts....)
2. Award Bloggers


1. I just went tanning (don't judge) and I used a tingle lotion. WORST decision I've made in a long time. I'm staying out of the bed and away from anything that makes my skin feel like it's melting :( Sorry if that gave anyone a bad visual.
2. I hate feet. They really, really bother me...even the pretty little cute ones. Ok, I can handle baby feet, but normally, I detest feet. Gag.
3. I have a baby blanket and it's already torn into three pieces. One of the three pieces had a tiny tear come off, so my mini lamb sleeps with it now...he has his own baby blanket. Yep, I'm 23. No big deal.
4. I really don't like drinking water. It does nothing for me. I mean, I know it does a lot for me, but I'm using that statement in the cliche form. It really just doesn't work for me. I can drink flavored water or club soda, but not the plain shit....unless I'm working out....which rarely happens.
5. I am still WAY too pissed off about Casey Anthony. I have no idea why because I didn't even follow the entire trial, but I will forever hate that scum of earth piece of shit.
6. I just found out I have a quarter of Cherokee Indian in me while vacationing last week. Explains why I wanted feathers so badly...doesn't explain the bright blonde hair. I can thank the Irish in me for that!
7. I really, really love the show Weeds. Like, a lot. Mondays just got a little brighter because of Season 7 (hah, season 7, fact 7, I'm good!)
8. I dream almost every night. That's not good, means you're not sleeping soundly. Damnit. They're always bad ones, too, so clearly I have anxiety issues. Nothing coffee and alcohol can't fix, though ;)
9. I have cheated on Words With Friends before by using an online Scrabble Cheater. There, I said it. I had to, I couldn't lose to a fellow student, then I'd be a terrible teacher!
10. I think the people who read all ten of these facts are way cooler than me and if you're new, I'll be sure to follow your blog, because if you can actually sit through all these facts, you're kind of awesome.

I wanted to give this award to the people who I truly think are very versatile and, of course, the ones I love reading. Pretty sure I name some of the same people all the time, but I like reading their blogs, so they deserve it!

Mary Lane/The Blonde - Love her posts, she always has something new and fresh to offer...never boring and has some funny punchlines, that's for sure! Check her out.

Procrastinating Pretty - I've awarded her everything I've received because she deserves it more than most of the bloggers I know (or read, whatever). She may stick to mostly beauty, but damn, the girl knows her shit. I already have told my readers to check her out, so if you're new, go and follow her page!

Living After Midnite - She delivers a lot of great posts; everything from fashion and beauty to her most recent on how to make popsicles from smoothies (why didn't I think of that?!) Gorgeous gal, one worth following for all the inside scoop on beauty-related things!

Love, Ainslee - She doesn't stick to any one topic and her blog is always refreshing to read. Whether it's just a post of great photos or a blog about the daily life, she covers it and does it very well!

Antiqued Gold - If it's possible to be a good writer, have posts covering so many (informative) topics, and have a page/text/photos that are so eye-catchingly awesome, then THIS is your go-to gal! Every time I read her posts, I either was just thinking the same thing or instantly want to buy what she writes about! She deserves you as a follower!

There are a lot of other bloggers out there that deserve the recognition, but most have already received the award, so I wanted to give it to those who don't have it but definitely deserve it!

I also have come to report that another Project X Pan item has bit the dust and is gone, gone, gone! My bronzer is finito and I used that sucker to the last little speck....after all, it's summer and I'm pale, I need to get mah bronzin' on! That's FOUR down and only six more to go. Let's be honest, I'm a terrible PXP-er, some of the products are nowhere near being finished and I still buy more. It should be noted, though, that I only buy products that are not still currently on the PXP list, so I'm not breaking the rules that much right? Hey, wait, this is my blog, so I say I'm not guilty!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I leave you with my EOTD - nothing fancy, but still sort of fun?
teal liner on the waterline....a nice pop of color, no?

Until next time, farewell lovahs.


  1. OMG you are getting so many awards! You're the next generation of blogger! =) congrats on the PXP update too! And thank you AGAIN for nominating me, you are too good to me. Thank you!!

  2. You've made me wanna watch Weeds now and shame on you for cheating on that game...haha, just kidding! I really enjoyed reading your random facts and I think the eyeliner looks so good on you. I have a blue one that I use on my waterline too and I really like it.
    Congrats, btw! :)

  3. OMGG thank you so much!!! I read all your facts and love them!! I used to work at a tanning salon & have had that terrible "after using tingle lotion" feeling far too many times!!! Love your blog <3

    xo Jackie

  4. Congratulations on the award!!! I also love the EOTD! The teal looks lovely with your eyes! I also wanted to let you know I passed the Top Ten Award: Skin Care Edition on to you. Feel free to check it out on my blog. I would love to see what you have to say on the TAG!


  5. Thank you so much for the award! Are those colored contacts??? Your eyes are insanely beautiful!

  6. cool pop of liner and i work for bux :D

  7. omg! You are so awesome! You did not have to go back and add me :) I truly appreciate it though and your kind words! Thank you again! :D

    Lauren <3!

  8. awe, you are so sweet!! thank you for the award love!!!


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