Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random Rambles from SS

'Ello you love-el-ly people & readers.

I have already deemed this the most random post thus far in my blogging career, because I had a crazy week and am just now able to breathe and relax. Oh, and I should mention I am freshly awake from an eleven hour sleep fest. Go this girl! I only had three hours of sleep going into Friday due to the HARRY POTTTER midnight show, but it was well worth it! Did you see it? Did you love it? (NOTE: If you do not like HP, find another blog to be rude to, then, not mine...because I will verbally assault you. I'm a teacher for a living, so don't think I can't make you cry with my words!)
[Even my pup likes HP!]

Here we go.....five random facts to ring in the weekend!

ONE - If you are a new reader, welcome. If you're not, you know I bought a bronzer from Ulta (featured in THIS video) and I was basically cornered to buy it...blast. I am returning it today. I said in the video (or maybe I didn't, whatev) that I specifically did not want a shimmery-glitzy bronzer; I don't want to look like a brown disco ball, after all! She told me this was perfect, had hardly any shimmer and woah, she lied big time (again!) It is so shimmery and my face looks like a big bronzed pearl (and not in a good way!) so after only one use, I'm returning it. I may just take the plunge and buy the NARS Laguna, but I've also seen a lot (or, like, two articles) on Tarte's Park Avenue Princess Bronzer and it's waterproof! Perfect for the beach seeing as how my face is always lighter than the rest of me because of my fear for early wrinkles. Yes, I did just say that. I know what you're thinking...."but, makeup at the beach?!" It's freaking powder bronzer, don't judge. It's not like I'm airbrushing my face before diving into the waves. This reminds me! Beach Countdown = 3 weeks!

TWO - I just recently bought Netflix to stream from my Mac and my Wii (that I never use, so it might as well be made useful!) and I am already addicted. I finished....and again, you cannot judge....season one of.....Glee. Ok, the ellipses streak is done, sorry. But yes, I watched all of season one already and I just bought Netflix on Tuesday. They don't have season two (unless I'm an idiot and can't see it) so I started watching the show Party Down. Pretty funny! I have a lot of movies on my Instant Que but also want new shows to watch. Any suggestions? Fill me in!

THREE - It is that time of summer. Jeans just don't cut it because it's too damn hot. What's a gal to do when she still wants her legs covered on certain days when shorts just don't work? Maxis! The problem? I only have one maxi skirt and two maxi dresses. This means, of course, I will be at the mall at some point over the weekend to stock up on these beautys. Some of my favs from F21 are as follows:
[The last one is actually a pair of pants, not a skirt....
but they have that complete 70s vibe to them and I cannot wait to get 
my grubby little hands on them to see how they look!]

FOUR - I get to eat cake fo' free today! My sister has an appointment at one of my favorite bake shops that make fantastic cupcakes and beautiful edible art - hope she picks them to make her cake! She actually is putting mini-replica cakes on all the tables instead of having one huge cake and I think that is quite modern and very smart....but I will still stick to my dream of having a cupcake-wedding-cake ;) haha And, obviously, I'll be buying a couple cupcakes to go once our appointment is through!

FIVE - Does anyone know how to make cream/liquid blush work and not separate on my face? I am probably the only one that can tell because it isn't that bad, but really, it never looks right on my face. I know the #1 rule for all blushes of this consistency is to not place them over powder, but I do put setting powder over my blush once everything is finished. I've done it this way and without powder and I still get the same effect. Really, what gives? I love my bene-tint and I so so badly want to try out Tarte's cheek stain, but I can't spend that kind of money if I don't know what will make this shit work!

 So, like I said, it truly is a random post. It gives you insight into what I will be doing over the weekend, though, so perhaps a mini beauty haul and fashion haul are in the works. Should I do them as videos, just write about them? Give me your thoughts!

Hope you enjoyed reading the randomness that is the mind of Superficial Sanctuary ;)

As always, until next time, farewell lovahs and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Try a NARS multiple. If cream blushes tend to separate on you, tarte cheekstain will be the same -- it separates on Tod after a while. But the multiples are cream-to-powder so they stay a loooot better. And I don't think ANYONE would judge you for loving glee!

    PS: NARS Laguna has a little shimmer, but it shouldn't show up on your skin - tarte's park avenue princess has more shimmer (I think). For a truly matte bronzer, Benefit Hoola has ZERO shimmer!

  2. @The Procrastinator Totally want to try out a multiple now; I've been meaning to but since my luck with the cream category hasn't been so hot, I haven't wanted to try them. Also, you're right, Park Ave. is quite shimmery (no thank you!) but they made a new shade for it that's not only waterproof but matte, yay! I'll be sure to post about it if I decide on it. Hoola was on the list of possibilities, but I feel like the box is so small! (Woah, long comment!)

  3. i have a NARS multiple blush and it doesn't seem to last long, even with powder on top. it doesn't run all over ,u face or anything, but i just feel like it completely disappears after an hour.

    i looooove party down! that show is hilarious. thanks for reminding me that i need to finish the first season ASAP.


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