Saturday, July 9, 2011


I was driving home from Ulta when I thought to myself, "Hauls are so much fun!" Then, as I was driving, another thought occurred (no worries, my brain didn't explode from the overload of thinking!) and I said to myself, "Hauls are even more fun in videos."

So yes, dear readers, I don't know why I decided to do it, but I made my first video. Yeah, I don't really know why other than the fact that, like I said to myself in the car, hauls are better in videos....slightly more organic, little more fun. I apologize for not being the typical gawh-jus beauty blogger like the rest of the people who make beauty videos, but whatever, I'm only human, not plastic and don't judge me, all right? Awesome.

If you decide to no longer read/follow my blog after viewing the video, cool, totally up to you (and your loss, right?) If you do decide to stay, thank you kindly! I really don't think I'll be making a habit of videos, as I mention in the vid that I do enjoy writing more, but we'll see, we'll see.

Without anymore talking, here it Ulta Haul Video!

Please Note:
1. I realize the photos in the background are a bit odd....the one that looks like a dog is, in fact, a boyfriend dressed up as one for Halloween one year. He's nothing like a dog in real life, not to worry ;) The other are just me and friends and/or family.
2. This video is so ridiculously amateur so be kind....I'm no pro videographer!
3. When I said I got the OPI polish from the beauty/salon section, I have no idea what I was saying. I get my hair cut at a salon that has a store connected to the front (sort of like Ulta....but not really), so I got the polish there, not at Ulta.
 4. I make weird's just my nature, part of the humor, no? Thanks, YouTube, for making an awesome Herp-Derp face for the screen shot opener. Awesome, really.
5. I finally opened the bronzer....and I'm sorry it looked so pink/purple/not bronzey in the video. Here's a better depcition of it:
6. I talked about two liners I got at Target....yeah, well, they didn't melt in my car (yippey!!) Here they are....
Enjoy! Please feel free to leave your criticism in the comments, but don't be mean....that's just not nice...obviously. I'm off to paint my nails and enjoy the HP marathon on TV....yeah, I know it's Saturday but I went out Thursday and Friday night, so my I (and my liver) need to lay low tonight. So thank you, HP, for having a marathon on TV ;)

Until next time, farewell lovahs!


  1. I loved the haul! Ahh you're SUCH a cutie and so fun to watch! Definitely make more videossssss :)

  2. Love your buys, and those eyeliner colours are gorgeous!! Loved the video, you should definitely continue to make them!

  3. I loved your video! You are hilarious! My favorite part was when you just whipped the receipt behind your head. Loved it! I am definitely going to have to make a trip to Ulta to buy some Essie polish. I have been wanting to check out the Brazilian collection.

  4. So glad you did a video! :) It was really enjoyable to watch. Maybe make a video every once in awhile but continue to write more since you prefer/enjoy it more?

  5. I love haul videos!! Yours was really fun and informative, and you have a nice voice :) :) Actually, I almost bought that gold liner.. might purchase it next time I go to Target. The color is gorgeous.

  6. HI!Nice blog I'm following! Come to see mine and follow if you like :)

  7. thanks for the comment!
    btw... nice post! :) hihi

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  8. love love love your video, and yes-hauls are so fun! do more!!!! :)

  9. You are just as funny in video as I'd hoped! And yayy for haircuts! I'm so excited to work with TOD'S new hair =)

    PS now I totally want all those essie colous. thanks, you've just made project x pan THAT much harder on me =P

  10. hahaha I love the stuff you got!

  11. I think you should keep doing the videos! Haul videos make me feel a little less guilty for all my shopping :)

  12. Those 2 eyeliners are such good colors!!! love them!!

    xo Jackie


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