Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Superficial Review : Get Thirsty

It may have been the HH cocktails talking or perhaps just actual dehydration (from said cocktails....), but I had dreams last night.....about drinking water. No, no, not like dreams of me under waterfalls in wonderful lands, taking in all the freshness of the natural surroundings. An actual dream of yours truly, sitting at a plain desk, in a plain white room, chugging water bottle after water bottle. YEAH. It happened. Oddly enough (as if the dream itself wasn't the odd part!), I woke up after about the third chugged H2O bottle and went downstairs to drink.....vegetable juice.

I never cease to amaze myself.

Why talk about this dream and risk losing many followers out of the sheer fact that I am, in fact, not normal? Because it has to do with my latest review! Just go with me here, people.....

After a solid week (and some change) I have been using a new cleanser. In case you're new (welcome!) or just not too bright (sorry!), you should know that I love myself a good scrub. I need to feel the grit, the grime, the feeling of it sloughing away anything but pure beauty (ok, so I'm exaggerating here, whatevs).....but my new cleanser is the exact opposite!

I give you my review on..... 

"What is that smell?!"
"Shit, I just got that up my nose, gross."
"Did I not use enough?" 
"Screw it, just wash it off."
"Oooh, I suddenly feel fresh."

Clean-zee-ness (If you don't watch RHONJ you won't get that last word....sorry!) - This is truly a "purifying" cleanser in the sense that it doesn't have shit in it, it's got a clean track record! No parabens, no sulfates, no silicones, nadda. Definitely one of the best factors to this BB cleanser.

Invisibility Cloak - I am an HP gal as much as the next bitch, but I am not so keen on my cleanser doing the disappearing act. (Cue H2O dream....) This feels like WATER, screw the "gel" name. It foams ever so lightly if I vigorously scrub my hands together with it before washing my face. It squirts out like I'm using a water gun and no offense, those things have pissed me off ever since they came in our "favor" bags at family reunions and my dad and brother just destroyed us with them and I was left with soaking wet clothes (add that to top-five pet peeves of all time!) 

Those who have the occasional skin issue. It could potentially cause dryness for those with normal/dry skin, but I'm on the combo side and with the right moisturizer, I don't see an issue. If you have more than the occasional skin problems, this seems too weak to do the trick!

It works.
You can't tell that it's working.
But it does work.
Because my skin is smooth.
The smell is still there.
But it isn't so bad anymore.
Unless you like smelling like an odd medicine.
Like bark and calamine lotion combined.
Yeah, that sounds about right.

FINAL GRADE: B+....the only reason this isn't getting my 100% teacher approval is because of the smell and it's non-foaming factor. I like water (as I've clearly displayed in my dreams) but not for a face wash. The smell is fine not a deal breaker, if I could just stop accidentally getting it up my nose (failure).
I give it a B+ because it's like a student I had that tried really hard to do well in my class, but then just seemed sort of like a douche when I'd see said student trying really hard to impress girls. Just do you work, don't annoy me (or high school skanks) in the it Burt's Bees? Thanks.

I'll still use it, don't get me wrong, but I'm still on the hunt for a cleanser that is like Philosophy's Purity (which actually does have parabens in it....shit!) but does the work of a medicinal cleanser like my Yes To Tomatoes or Neutrogena scrubs. Here's to the search.....once my spending freeze is over. Damn. Any suggestions?

What are your thoughts on "water" cleansers? Or just on Burt's Bees products in general? I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments!

Does anyone else have odd water dreams or are you also plagued by water guns, small and/or large? No? No one? Really? Just me? Cool, cool.....

Until next time, happy bloggin' lovahs.....


  1. oh my...I love this post! A great review and it made me laugh! haha(:
    I probably won't try this product though, because my skin is SUPER picky and I don't want to risk it. Lol
    But great review!
    <3 Lizzy
    *Don't forget about my 'Quick Question' post!

  2. This is how the Mario cleanser is! It doesn't foam (and I love my foamingness) and it smells weird and you can't tell it's worked until you rinse it off.
    But Mario has shit in it and I adore Burt's Bees, so maybe I will switch it over.

  3. I haven't heard of this cleanser before, I like this brand though a lot. Thanks so much for the review...I like how you said you were dreaming of water. hehe. I have really sensitive skin so I might try this.


  4. is it like a micellar cleanser? I've been meaning to try one (but of course I have, blogger twin =P), and I'm thinking of starting with that Crealine stuff people are always going on about.

    For something more medicine-y...La Roche Posay? I've tried their one for acne and it was too harsh, but maybe something from one of the less astringent lines?

  5. I'm with you - I like to feel my cleanser working. My mom bought me Sisley's Sage Cleansing Milk last year and, although it totally cleans my skin, I don't like it because it does the sliding out of your hands thing you talked about and totally doesn't give me that "I'm working!!" feeling when I'm using it. The ideal cleanswer you described is exactly what I'm looking for. let me know if you ever find it!!

  6. Burts Bees products are some of my faves! Great review my dear! xoxo


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