Monday, May 30, 2011

The Time Has Come....

Haul after haul, impulsive purchase after impulsive purchase, big spend after big spend.....I've hit the breaking point. This, my friends, is an intervention ("Uhhh you can't have an intervention for yourself!")... PSHHH, yes I can...just watch me, bitches!

I call this intervention......


Yes, my lovahs, I'm diving into the project of all beauty projects. After my bank account seemed to be dropping after one (or 25) too many trips to Sephora, Ulta, Target, or other various drugstores, I knew it was really only a matter of time until I cracked. I would like to hurt to thank the various bloggers who have written about their projects and, in turn, are the ones to blame to thank for my choice in jumping into said xpan project! I was really forced into it....with an invisible gun held by an invisible person...yep, I said it.

I've chosen makeup and skincare to put into one project. If you think I'm going to take the plunge and choose ten skincare items and ten makeup're truly insane and need to be medicated! Am I supposed to use brand new products, products already in use, products nearly on their way out? Ok, I know the last one isn't allowed, but seriously, no one ever sat me down and explained the rules so I made my own! Some of these products have been used for a couple weeks now...or even months....but ALL are looking at life "glass half full" if you catch my drift. (For the idiot readers...which NONE of you are...I mean that the product is less than half-way gone...most are pretty new, though.)

ProjectX Oath:  I, Superficial Sanctuary, do by solemnly swear to not buy new products until the products in said project have hit the pan and are completely gone beyond the point of use. I, Superficial Sanctuary, am giving myself permission to buy a new product when --and only when-- a product in the project has hit the pan (i.e. buy a new bronzer once PXP product has hit the pan). After all, a girl needs rewards ;)

HERE are the products.....
Forgive me for not putting them all in order....BUT, at least I numbered them!

1. Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic Bronzer - pretty much brand spanking new!
2. NARS Orgasm Blush
3. Revlon Colorstay Foundation
4. Rosebud Lip Salve (WHYYYY would I do that to myself? No idea...this thing lasts forever!)
5. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray (Cop-out, perhaps, but it's kiiiind of makeup?)
6. Yes to Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub (review on this below)
7. Too Faced Brow-nie Brow Pencil in Blonde-y
8. e.l.f Felt Pen Eyeliner in Plum
9. Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer
10. Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream

EDIT EDIT, ALERT ALERT: I have taken it upon myself to CHANGE one of the products. Now, before you go all "Gasp, you can't paaahsibly change your mind, dahling" hear me out! I realized that the bronzer I had originally placed in this project just doesn't work with my skin without needing another bronzer to blend it all in....and that's a waste! I gave it to my sister who has darker skin than I and have replaced it with the bronzer I used for blending which is the Rimmel Bronzer I just bought, so you know the bad boy is brand spanking new! Yes, the first product in my x-pan has already been replaced, but for good reason!

I will keep you posted as to what products go first and show proof that the sucker is truly gone (I'm nothing if not a thorough beauty blogger!) Wish me luck and feel free to share your project x pan stories/posts....I'd love to read about them :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend, back to school tomorrow...booo! But only 8.5 days left until summer (I'm truly worse than the kiddos)!

Until next time, farewell my lovahhhs!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Superficial Skin : Review Time!

I'm back, bitches! ("Uhhh you just posted yesterday...") Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm back in the sense of beauty, though! Yesterday's post was all about something entirely unrelated to my usual shtick, and I'm still looking for more info and app ideas so if you haven't read the post yet, do it nowwww! (Read, commented? Great!) I'm slowly but surely building a fantastic phone, and I think this little dude and I are becoming fast friends.

I came back to do a review on a product that I (and I hope for the sake of this entry that also YOU) know little to nothing about.

Drum roll please....


Let's break down the good, the bad, and the (maybe) ugly.

First & Foremost....This product feels like it's working. I've never been a foaming cleanser type unless it is to just remove my makeup. I like a bit more punch for my actual cleanser. I have said in several other posts that I was using Neutrogena's Stress Control Scrub for quite some time, but I was just in the market for something new but not drastically different. It was a creamier scrub, more like a thick cleanser with exfoliating beads thrown in. THIS scrub, however, has a lot more grit.

It feels like : salt or sugar mixed with water.
It smells like : so mild you can hardly tell, but I accidentally got it up my nose (awesome job) and it smells like the Earth, raw and natural.

1. It is 97% natural AND paraben-free...woo! I am not the "use everything organic" gal but I'm certainly not opposed to using a product that boasts natural ingredients like bamboo, tomatoes (duh), and fruit acids to help control the oil production on your face.
2. It leaves a very soft finish behind; almost as if when you rinse it off, you just moisturized, too, if that makes sense.
3. After almost a solid week of use (or five days...whatever), it has already helped the mini breakouts on my skin. It definitely does work and it seems to complement my MB drying lotion and vitamin E lotion very well.
*Note : The mini breakouts came from using Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Blush. I didn't look at the ingredients when buying it about three months ago and have used it maybe three times total (the last time being last week) but WOW, it has tons and tons of parabens and silicone, way more than any one tiny little blush container should have...tossed it right then and there! You've been warned....(read THIS post for more information on skin busters!)

1. Rinsing it off can be a sure to splash your face and ensure that all the grain and grit is off your face before drying and adding your moisturizer. Otherwise, you'll be rubbing the grainy stuff in still and that'll just cause irritation.
2. It's $10 for a 4 ounce container. My Neutrogena cleanser was a smidgen bigger at 4.2 ounces and it was half the price. I don't mind spending $10 every so often for it (if I plan to stay with it), but it could be a deal-breaker for others...and a blow to my beauty ego when I realize I'm paying more for less product.
3. I would only use this scrub if you do not have large areas of breakouts. It seems like it would irritate the larger, cystic-like breakouts even if it does say it's gentle enough for daily use.

8.43 out of 10 >> Why? Well, it not only feels like it's working but it shows proof that the little grains and grit are hard at work fighting the oil and bacteria on your skin. I'd like it to have a better smell and cheaper price, but that's really all I can find that busted its final grade.
NOTE: My local Target had a "Starter Kit" for the "Yes to Tomatoes" line which is an acne-fighting collection, so if you're interested in trying out the whole package (I almost did!), they're selling four products for $30. Check out your Target if you think you'd like to try out the whole line.

Think you'll plan on trying it out? If you've been using the same old cleanser for over a year, switch it up! Just like everything else in life, change is needed to see new results. Your skin will thank you for feeding it something good (and natural!) Let me know if you plan on trying it or even write a review on your own for this product; I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts!

Until next time, enjoy yourselves...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Superficial Spending

[And, no, it's not really a "superficial"'s just that my blog is Superficial Sanctuary and I'm a huge sucker for alliteration...don't think I'm some sort of ego-maniac-bitch of a blogger....unless that makes my blog better....then yes, yes indeed, that's exactly what I am!]

I made a purchase that is so fantastic, so (somewhat) impulsive, and so awesome and it has NOTHING to do with beauty, skincare, makeup, or anything girl-tastic.

What is it then, you ask?

An iPhone 4.

Yes. Yes. Yes. My ever-so best friend, Mr. Blackberry, decided to be a total bitch in the month of April and into May (we had a good run for almost two solid years) and when this past Sunday hit and I couldn't hold a charge on the little sucker to save my life (i.e. it had to stay plugged in when I would talk or even text!), I had enough. I don't know if everyone else is like this, but once I decide I want to do/buy something, it must be done; it's a sick sort of mission I set out to accomplish and conquer, so I was determined to make this phone issue disappear.....

Then something awesome happened. My wonderful sister says to me, "Take my upgrade, I don't need a new phone until later." Um, HELL YES (mine wasn't up until the end of August). I know what you're thinking...."but you could have just bought a new battery"....true, touche. Regardless, I went on Monday immediately after-school (I may have even broke major traffic laws to get there even faster...hey, we've all done it!) and within 20 minutes of talking to the asshole at Verizon (do they get paid to act like arrogant bitches?!), my brand new iPhone was in my hands.............

and I was clueless. (ok, ok, overstatement....but go with me here.)

SO, my dear readers, if you have read my blog before or are just reading for the first time (followwww; shameless plug, whatever), I need your help!

I want to know your favorite apps, inside tips on this little bugger, and anything and everything relatable to the iPhone. I am not completely inept when it comes to using it, but I want to know more, more, more than I already do. Good apps for fashion, beauty, or even blogging?
My boyfriend is obsessed with all things technology and "needs" to have the latest gadgets (he preordered his iPhone at the full price when they first hit the Verizon network....nerd alert) so he has helped me a lot in just the last two days, but I need some GIRL perspective on this bitch!

In the words of Pat Benatar, hit me with your best shot.

SIDE NOTE: If you didn't mind the missing beauty/fashion aspect to this post, check out my teacher rant post HERE for a good laugh. Maybe then you'll really think I'm a crazy bitch!

Until next time, when I bring beauty and everything girl-tastic back to the SS scene, enjoy yourselves and those around you!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Haul Whore

Ahh, the time has come back to me yet again. HOWEVER, this haul was for a purpose, for those items that are, let's say, must-haves for my daily routines and all were running low or lost or what have you, so don't expect glamour in this post. I've been trying to save money (and I'll tell you why in a post hopefully sooner than later!) so that's why I have been avoiding (quite dutifully on my part) the mall and even Ulta.

So off I went to Target, my home away from home.
1. Yes to Tomatoes Daily Pore Scrub - I have been pretty faithful to my trusty Neutrogena Stress Control Daily Scrub, but I just felt like changing it up, as I think my skin may have been getting too used to the Neutrogena wash (which can and usually does happen after prolonged use of such a product, FYI) so when I came across the "Yes To..." brand, I was very intrgued. I've seen the products before in passing during other Target runs but never paid too much attention. This scrub was only a few dollars more so I figured I'd go for it as it still has 2% Salicylic Acid. So far, it's great! I've only used it last night and this morning before work but it definitely makes for some smooth skin! If you're interested in purchasing this, know it is a very grainy scrub but it is gentle enough for "daily" use (as its name suggests!) so I massage my skin in small, gentle circles when I use it. What's also great about it is how almost completely natural the ingredients are AND it's a paraben-free product, woot woot! (read THIS post if you're interested in learning about this skin buster and other culprits!)

2. Rimmel Matte Bronzer in 21 Sun Light - I really just need a matte bronzer as summer nears. I plan on buying a water-resistant forumla for the dawwwg days of summer where I sweat like no one's business (lovely!) but this under $4 spend is a solid one; Rimmel powders are fantastic for how cheap they are!

3. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in First Kiss - I don't like pink. I don't wear a lot of pink, I think it makes me look like a Barbie (and not the classy kind) so I steer away from it more often than not. THIS pink color, however, looked too cute from the bottle to ignore. It's got a bit of a coral kick to it and apparently this specific polish is great, so I knew I had to give it a try. It's part of the Tracy Reese collection for SH, so it's not on the website which is why I'm using this photo from Google. Review coming soon (maybe, hopefully, who knows!)

4. Sleeping Mask - I lost mine. "How do you lose something you sleep with?" GOOD QUESTION. I can't find the sucker anywhere and I needed a new one pronto. $4 later and this bad boy was purchased.

5. Listerine Zero Mouthwash - I'm a serious wuss when it comes to strong Listerine but I love the stuff still. I haven't tried out the 'zero' kind yet (still used the strong-as-balls one this morning) but I look forward to my eyes not watering when I rinse after brushing...yep, no one said I was a hardass.

6. Ice Breaker Mints in Wintergreen - I don't like chewing gum; I think it's disgusting to "chomp, chomp, chomp" around people or even by myself. I like mints to give my mouth a little boost every once in awhile. Plus, there's no chomping involved...awesome.

Like I said, nothing too glamorous, I didn't even include photos of half the haul because who wants to see mints and a sleeping mask? Boring! Target hauls are still fun for cheap indulgences, though :)

Hope you all have a sunny (or at least happy) Monday and let's breeze through this week as it is the LAST full five-day week left in the school year for my district....YES, I may very well be more excited than the kiddos!

Until next time, farewell Monday lovahs...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Friday

Like I said in my last post, the Five Friday Facts are donezo....sort of.  Instead I'm just going to stick with five things, varying in subject content, for the remainder of my Fridays....until I get bored and need to do something else.


I WANT...more maxi-dresses. I never really liked this look until this spring. I'm quite short so I always thought these looked so bizarre on me, but I have two so far that I bought recently and now I love this look. I know H&M and Forever21 have some budget-friendly maxis, so I really need to go and take a look soon! 

I wedges. I already have a great pair of brown wedges (posted in this OOTD) but I need a black pair. I don't want patent or even leather, it needs to have a very small peep top or no peep toe at all, and I'm looking for a pair with the natural cork or tan wedge, not an all black wedge. If this makes sense to you, and you know where to find such a pair, FILL ME IN! I'd seriously go and buy them tomorrow if someone could tell me where these bad boys are!

I WANT...a wide-brimmed hat. I have a wool one from winter but I'd really like another for summer in a lighter weight. I don't want the typical big, super floppy hat that seems to always be in when it's time to hit the beach, but a more structured version that feels slightly seventies. I love my summer fedoras, but with the 70s trend coming back, I really want a hat like this.

I WANT...feathers in my hair! I am a teacher (in case this is your first time reading my blog) so the feather look wouldn't fly over too well during the school year but now that we're so close to the finish line, and my sister's salon is getting these in any day now, I'm stoked to add these to my summer "wardrobe." I think I'll just go with the natural-looking color and maybe add them on both sides but more so underneath my hair so they peak out every so often. Do you have these, do you love them? Are they easy to style/manage?

I WANT...John Lennon sunnies. For the fact that I will probably be kicking myself next summer when I look back on photos from this summer coming up for wearing these bad boys, I still want them. Also for the same fact about kicking myself, I don't want to spend the $150 it is for Ray-Ban's spot-on version of these, so does anyone know where a simple look-a-like pair is that isn't in the three-digit price range? I should just look on e-bay and see if anyone else has decided they need to sell theirs because they look crazy, but I still love love love them!

So there you have it, my five friday : summer edition! Looking at the collection of them in the photo above, it looks like if I paired all my summer wants together, I'd have one rocking seventies outfit! hah

What are some things you are dying for this summer, even if they are not fashion related? Let me know!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

F*CKED Fashion...yep, I said it!

I have seen a couple posts as of late about pet peeves, whether it be in the beauty department or even just in general. I just did a big beauty post (look below) so I figured it might be fun to post some fashion pet peeves. Complaining about something so trivial and quite meaningless also helps me blow off steam from a stressful week. THANKFULLY, the kiddos have off tomorrow and I only have to work from 8am-1pm judging (yes, judging) senior projects...yep, the life of a teacher is tres glam, I know!

NOTE/WARNING: If you are easily offended, you probably don't want to read this. I'm nothing if not brutally abrasive, but I do it all in good fun. I have no specific human being(s) in mind when writing this and I'm not trying to offend anyone by explaining my pet peeves. Relax, life is meant to be enjoyed. Continue if you wish....

To all the bitches who think that they can squeeze into the clothes they wore before birth control or the freshman fifteen plagued them drive me insane. No, I'm not telling you to lose weight or even that you're overweight, but FIT is everything when it comes to looking presentable to the world. Try to remember this when you (or someone you know) is trying to wear the god-awful buttoned shirt that shows more lumps than Grandma's horrendous mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. This photo should instantly make you feel uncomfortable; this side effect is normal and should pass once people learn how to dress PROPERLY.

Who EVER thought it would be a good idea to take an already heinous pattern and put white slahes through it? "OH, I know! We can just make it look cut into, it's genius." NO, it's actually idiotic on another level. I also want to know what is going on in the minds of the girls who tell their friends in the dressing room, "Yesssss, girlfrannn, this top/dress is going to bring allll the boys tonight on the dance floor....get it hunnay!" She's wearing a shirt that looks like someone accidently bleached an Ed Hardy pattern....the only thing she'll be bringing to the dance floor are the actual  Ed Hardy adorned men...and who wants a guy who wears bedazzled dragons all over his shirt with cursive writing that he can't even read because his big muscles stretch it out....on purpose. Just stop. There's no subliminal message for this look aside from "If you wear this, you're secretly showing everyone your IQ is lower than how much you paid for that outfit."

I saw this look so much in college I wanted to gauge my eyes out. Who wants to take a dress and make it flowy on the top and all of a sudden have it suck their thighs only highlighting the fact that you're already starting to have cellulite (hey, we're all human!) I'm not sure if it's worse on the girls who almost fall into fashion faux #1 or on the nearly anorexic gals who wear it without the banded part even hugging their invisble curves, so it just hangs awkwardly, only showing how much you desperately need to entire cow. This also makes you just look cheap. No designer with any sense of dignity is going to take an ill-fitting dress such as this and make it in mass quantites ("Keep 'em cominggggg - all colors and patterns!!") I actually just saw a girl wear this style of dress with the subliminal pattern all throughout. It's amazing I didn't vomit gin and tonic all over her. I almost wish I had. I'd be doing the bitch a favor! There are cute variations of this, but the banded dresses I have in mind are very much like the one in the photo where the band is thin and skinny, not wide like a full skirt.

If you can't afford it, then just don't buy it. A classic, simple bag (even if it is made of fake leather) is better than rocking a goach (gucci and coach mashup) or any other fake bag. They come from places where children are slaving to make them. For what? So you can tell your friends you bought the cuuuutest...knockoff? Just listen to that last statement. Yeah, it sounds absurd. So are you for carrying that fake. Even if it looks real, what's the point? You're fabulous without needing a fake Coach bag to tells others that. Seriously, just stop! Most fake designer bags just look cheap as hell, and I'm looking out for don't want to look like a cheap hooker or 10 cent whore, do you? Good, put the bag down and back away from the fakeness. More often than not, too, I'm annoyed by the real bags that are covered in patterns. I'm not a patterned bag girl, end of story. The fake aspect of designer bags annoys me much more than the real bags with faaaaar too many patterns, though!

Denim skirts usually signify the start of summer for a lot of girls, so why does a winter boot need to be added to spring/summer attire? Sure, a good cowboy boot or something of that nature is justfiiable, but fur-lined boots with a denim skirt? GAG. It looks very childish to me, but perhaps that's because I work in a high school setting where some (not all!) girls have yet to figure out their whole high school career has been a fashion disaster so they rock this look constantly. I cannot stand the sight of these two paired together....if it's hot, fur is not acceptable. If it's cold, why the hell are you wearing a denim skirt? Unacceptable, end of story!

I only have five to rant about. There is surely more that drive me bonkers, but I'll stop it at five. Speaking of five, I'm changing my "Five Friday Facts" to just "Five Friday" where I'll say, show, or explain five things....topic changing weekly. Seems a bit more interesting, a bit more exciting....a bit more...whatever. So I apologize in advance for having back-to-back posts that boast a whole lot of five!

What are YOUR pet peeves when it comes to fashion. Do you agree/disagree with any of mine? Let me know!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Superficial Skin : Enemies & Friends

Stress is usually the #1 suspect when my skin strays from serenity (nice alliteration, right?) but now that my college days are (somewhat far) behind me and I'm no longer freaking over finals, ranting with roommates, or busying myself with boys, my skin has had the chance to calm down. Plus, it doesn't hurt that I've gotten smarter since my freshman days in college where I would slap just about anything on my face...ugh, I currently shutter at the thought!

Here's a (somewhat) simple post of what didn't help my skin in college and what saves it now!

Skin Busters...The Enemies!
Skin Busters
1. Mineral Oil - Rarely put in products now (phew!) but it can mostly be found in sunscreens, lotions, and makeup removers, so beware! Not all oils are bad (even for oily skin gals) but this one is certainly a pore-clogging whore. Stay away.
2. Silicone - Ever wonder why your primer was causing breakouts, perhaps, even though it was oil-free? This won't be seen on an ingredient list, but it's conspirators will; watch out for Dimethicone and words that end in "cone" because even though they can suck oil out from your face (which helps your makeup last longer), they can bring about breakouts with it. Silicone is meant to sit on your skin to keep in moisture, but it also keeps in any excess oil or debris on your face, clogging it in a secret, sneaky way. It doesn't make everyone breakout, but it created small whiteheads for me on my nose and chin. PRIMERS have a ton of silicone ingredients so that it has the silky finish and texture that most primers boast, but I'd rather opt out of primer (kind of sounds like optimus prime, hah! ok...I thought it was funny, anyway...) than worry about small, pesky whiteheads. Anyone know of a water-based primer that doesn't have this culprit?
WATCH OUT FOR THIS IN: Bare Minerals Prime-Time Primer
3. Parabens - These are nearly impossible to avoid, so like almost everything in life (except for coffee, shopping, and wrestling in the sheets), take these in moderation. They shouldn't harm you unless you already have skin issues, because parabens tend to only make matters worse without actually creating any issues in the first place. They won't cause the breakout, but rather, make it last longer if it is already there. I noticed this in college when I was using a foundation that had a ton of ingredients that ended in "paraben" (similar to silicone, it won't be listed alone but rather at the end of other big, fancy names) and my breakouts were getting worse instead of getting better, despite my routines to avoid breakouts. I actually use a foundation now that has parabens, but like I said, if there isn't a problem already, this one won't cause much trouble, and it really only creates an issue for your skin if the paraben party on the ingredient list exceeds one.
WATCH OUT FOR THIS IN: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

Skin Savers...My Best Beauty Friends!
1. Vitamin E - I noticed that when I started using a Vitamin E night cream at the beginning of this year, my face was cheery as hell. My combo skin practically turned normal and the issues were few and far between. This is great, too, for those gals that pop their breakouts and are left with scarring (apply pure vitamin E during those beauty-mishap moments). It helps with almost any skin issue. I just pop the gel pill and apply the stuff right to my face for a simple mask, but watch has a gooey effect. For everyday vitamin-e use, I apply a night cream before bed.
LOOK FOR THIS: The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream, Pure Vitamin E Capsules
2. Salicylic Acid - Pretty obvious one, sure, but I apply this even when I don't have breakouts (just a thin layer every night). I was using so much benzoyl peroxide in college and it never worked for me. Why? The harshness of the product just made my irritated skin that much more irritated. You cannot overdo it when it comes to acne products; a little goes a loooong way in this case (something we all learn the hard way). I only use benzoyl peroxide now if I have one of those big, under-the-skin issues around "that time" and it helps eliminate it, but I never apply it to my entire face. I also use a 2% salicylic acid cleanser (Neutrogena Stress-Control) to keep my skin at bay.
LOOK FOR THIS: Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Wash, Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
3. Birth Control - You may have seen me discuss this very briefly in my "Bag, Bitch" post, but it fits in perfectly here. I chose to take a birth control that actually has ingredients to help curb breakouts because I'm a vain son of a bitch and wanted them all gone, gone, gone! Almost all birth controls help with breakouts to some degree, but there are only a few out there that are designed for it. It takes a few months for your skin to adjust, and I'm not without the occasional breakout around "that time" but overall, it's probably my #1 weapon against bad skin; the more specific kinds actually help your skin produce less oil, eliminating pore congestion. "Talk to your doctor to see if birth control is right for you." Ok, commercial over, channel change.
LOOK FOR THIS: Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Tri-Sprintec (generic form of Ortho)

ALWAYS wash (always, always, always - yes, I'm talking to YOU late-night lazies. I've been there! Break the habit!) and ALWAYS exfoliate....gently. Your face needs attention but not aggression. If you're using a scrub for your daily wash, rub it in small, slow circles to avoid unwanted redness - it's a scrub for a reason, it can do the job without you pushing it! Daily exfoliation has helped my skin tremendously, too. I flip between Philosophy's Mircodelivery ($25) and Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant ($50). Both are extremely gentle and formulated for even the most sensitive skin - yay! I cannot go a day without using one or the other, truthfully. I swear on my twin brother by both products! (Why him? We used to say that to my parents when one of us did something and tried to get out of it; "I swear on my twin sister I didn't meeeean to!" Like the time he threw a hairbrush at my head when we were jumping on our beds as little tykes and my blonde hair turned ginger from all the blood...yep. Awesome. Side rant over.)

Now I want to to know what works for you or if there are any other culprits out there I should know about? I think I've said this in past posts, but I'd rather shell out on good great skincare products and be a cheap whore thrifty when it comes to makeup; a lot of drugstore makeup boats nearly identical (good!) ingredients without the huge price tag. My top three drugstore brands are:
1. Maybelline...have yet to use their products and find an issue.
2. Neutrogena...they're the #1 dermatologist-recommended brand for a reason.
3. Physicians Formula...gentle, paraben-free, and nearly organic (nearly, not completely).

So there you have it, my superficial rant on skincare busters and savers. Every face is different but it still helps to know what works for some, and I tend to enjoy reading posts like this, so why not write one?! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the issue :)

Until next time, farewell...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday/Saturday Fives

NOTE: I wrote this on Friday the 13th but never got around to actually posting it. Therefore, dear reader, you need to go back into your Friday form for this to truly work. Whether you just got home from college so you were in your pj's all day (jealous) or you were drinking by 3pm (like me, rough day, try not to be a judgy bitch...) or you just had the typical Friday-the-13th-superstitious shit going on...whatever it may be, get back into that frame of mind, albeit quite painful for some. Are we there? Gooood. Let's continue!

While Blogger, my school email account, and several other of my morning websites are DOWN (what is going on Mr. Internet?), I have little to keep me occupied during my free morning periods! What's a bored teacher to do? Write lesson plans, put grades in? HA - been there, already done that, look at this teacher goooo! So with lessons written and grades in place, what's really left? Well, write a blog post inside of a word document (to later place in the aforementioned failed blogger) about her top five favs in five different categories in honor of the fifth month and fifth day of the week and in place of the usual five Friday facts (a whole lot of fives and a whole lot of f words in that last sentence...yep, f words, I said it.)

(I got this idea from - great site - but then I made it five times better...or bigger...whichever.)


(Gotta look hot on that island where people are apparently forced by gunpoint to take a trivial amount of shit....riiiight).
1. Purity Facial Cleanser
2. Revlon Colorstay Foundation
3. Bronzer (no specific kind)
4. Mascara (again, not too picky)
5. Rosebud Lip Salve

(You know, in case alll of my clothes are stolen by closet gnomes and I just happen to leave a letter behind to let them know to not take these items!)
1. Scarves (no brainer for me)
2. Wedges
3. Skinny Jeans
4. Black Tanks
5. Leather Jackets

(Because you and I both know you dance in your car....a lot)
1. Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble
2. I Do - Colbie Calliat
3. Dog Days are Over - Florence + The Machine
4. Good Vibrations - Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch (seriously...not kidding...)
5. Bigger than my Body - John Mayer

(Who knew feeling good can make you smarter, too?!)
1. Bridget Jones's Diary
2. Breakfast at Tiffany's
3. The BFG (classic - love Roald Dahl!)
4. The Carrie Diaries
5. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (a teacher feel-good, perhaps)

("Oooh I just looove eating broiled salmon with dry brown rice" - suuuuure ya do, bitch. Let's pick the not healthy favs!)
1. Spaghetti & Vodka Sauce (with tons of Parmesan cheese)
2. Baked Mac n Cheese
3. Tacos & Spanish Rice
4. Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
5. BBQ Burger & Sweet Potato Fries

Hope you enjoyed my lists of favorites - what are some of your all-time favs in any of the above categories? Or even in something completely unrelated? I'd love for you to share your thoughts :)

OH - here's a mini OOTD : Teacher Edition for you, too!

Floral Tank - Target (love their stuff right now)
Open Cardigan - Nordstrom (kimono sleeves with lace detail - yessss)
Scarf - H&M (a lot of my scarves come from here)
Pants - Metro (shop at college - miss it!)
Shoes -
Ring - Forever21 (shocker)
Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs (featured in April Favorites)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - you can go back to your Saturday state of mind now. Thanks for playing along!

Until next time, farewell lovahs....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Is this the most overdone post/video/tag/bullshit of all time or is it just me? Either way, I cannot get enough of it, how weird is that? "Oh, please, let me see inside of your purse, that thing you lug with you everywhere you go and God knows what/how much is inside...oooh, so exciting!"....yep, no one said I was normal but everyone said normal is boring, eh?

Before I post the goods, here's my OOTD : Teacher Edition. YES, these were taken in my classroom (no students at the time, reeeelax). The next two days we have some serious down-time due to these senior projects from the other building coming in and needing graded (long story, won't bore you with details), so I just snapped two photos of my outfit & thought I'd post them.

[way to cut my head out of the photo; thanks, self-timer.]
Green Top - Target
Scarf - Not a clue (go me)
Skirt - Forever 21
Belt - Forever 21
Boots - Journeys
[close up of skirt & belt...]

Onto the REAL post. Here goes nothing....

Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Bag 
(gifted to me by the boyfriend)

"Smile, You're Darker" Tanning Lotion - Yes, I tan once a week. End of story - do not tell me it's wrong, I know it is. Done.
Blackberry - I need a new phone, pronto! This is my life, though, it's like bberry has the ability to suck the life force out of you and make you obsessed with your phone. It's them, not me!
Coach Wristlet - Filled with favorite lipsticks, lipglosses, and lip balms - the rest have to stay at home.
iPod Nano (on top of wristlet) - Have no idea why I bought this, total impulsive spend. It is freaking adorable, though, and it does play my music, so I can't complain. No headphones because I plug it into my car.
Keys - Can't really go anywhere without these bad boys.
Purple Pencil Case - As a teacher, I cannot get enough of my highlighters, pens, pencils, etc. - they're ALL in there.
Pink "Rock Cat" Notebook - My friend got this for me from Urban Outfitters since I always say that I need to keep a notebook with me for last minute reminders and to-do lists; this is what she came up with. How cute is that kitten, though? So tacky but also so cute that I don't even care.
Sunglasses & Sunglasses Case - My current pair is by Betsey Johnson (so cute for summer) and the case is Forever21 from years ago.
Kimchi Wallet - Recent birthday gift, fits all the cards, money, etc.
Birth Control - HEY, I'm only human. Plus, this specific kind helps curb the breakouts, too, bonus!
Express Lipgloss - Sneaked out of the lipgloss bag! (Yes, it is sneaked and not snuck when you're writing, but both are acceptable in English speaking...for future reference.)
e.l.f. Lipstick in Pouty Petal - My on-the-go lipstick; so soft, simple, easy, love it (This is purposefully out of the lipgloss wristlet!)
Bamboo Cosmetic Bag - Fits the items I like to call the "hey, I do have that with me" products - i.e. hand lotion, hand sanitizer, and mini deodorant.
Black Cosmetic Bag - Fit the items I like to call the "hey, my face needs touching up" products - i.e. light bronzer, two concealers, rosebud salve, mini blush, mini powder, some makeup setting spray, three brushes; truth be told, the bronzer and salve are the only ones I use, but it feels good to have the whole arsenal there, like some sort of odd comfort blanket for me?!

[And yes, I know what you're thinking, but it does all fit (it's all inside in the bag photo). I'm nothing if not a completely efficient packer - I use the side turnlocks and front turnlocks to my advantage. This is the perfect bag to hide it all!]

So there you have it, the bag that holds my life. You can thank me later that I left out the tampons and condoms - kidding, I never carry that stuff with me. No, really, I'm the girl searching for a quarter to buy the tampons in the machine because I always forget to bring them with me. Actually, I lied again. I'm the girl that asks five other girls for one before breaking down and searching asking for a quarter to buy the tampon in the machine. Again, I'm only human.

Now I ask the classy question, "What's in YO bag, bitch?" Please post it and let me know!

Coming soon? A makeup review from me...look at this blogger goooo!

Monday, May 9, 2011

OOTD : Teacher Edition

Ever have those dreams that seem real and when you wake up, you still are in this state of thinking they did in fact happen? Take for instance when I drove to work today, albeit a tad late, and was a cheery for some unknown reason. Then I remembered, "Today is a half-day of school!" The teacher in me got even cheerier! Then, my dreams were quite literally dashed when I was informed it was, actually, a full day of school....I had dreamed up the half-day and was still in my happy daze without ever coming to grips with reality until I actually got to work.
Let's hear it for Mondays (crickets, crickets.....)

Onto my outfit for said "half-day-turned-full-day-turned-crazy-Monday-turned-I-need-Happy-Hour-nowww"... (I know, I tend to label my days as lengthy titles...don't judge me.) Excuse the photo where my hair falls into my eye, too, for that was entirely unintentional; the bloody things needs chopped pronto but I just want to grow them out at the same time. They clearly have a mind of their own which resulted in an awkward photo - I'm dealing with it, as should you!

Maybelline SuperStay Foundation in Sand Beige (review soon!)
Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder
Physicians Formula Happy Boost Light Bronzer
NYX Cream Blush in Boho Chic
Toasted & Half-Baked Eyeshadow (from UD Naked Palette)
Physicians Formula Glam Collection Mascara
Rosebud Salve Lip Balm
[It sounds like a lot, perhaps, but it literally takes me five-ten minutes in the morning, so I keep it simple; plus, I'm not trying to impress middle schoolers, that's for damn sure!]

Couldn't quite get a good picture from head to toe - go figure
Dusty mirror much? Yikes....
I'll take my top with an extra side of wings, please!
Shirt - H&M
Scarf- Forever 21
Pants - The Loft
Shoes -
Rings - Both Forever 21
Nails - Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips in Kitty, Kitty

During the springtime, I try not to feel too constricted (hence the flowy top), but especially so at work since I'm constantly having to move from desk to desk with questions/comments like, "Miss Smith, it wasn't working, so I just went on Facebook" (because that's just as good as trying to figure it out) or "Ummm, I'm tired of counting all the words, is this enough?" (not knowing there is a helpful word counter on the bottom of every Word document) and "The printer didn't ever print out my work so I thought playing a game while I waited was good enough" (says the boy who never even asked for assistance with said printer in question). At least if I'm driven to insanity and try to recover said sanity each and every day, at least I look (somewhat) put together doing it.
Note: I teach a course where computers are involved because they create an online newspaper for the school, in case you were entirely too confused with the aforementioned questions/comments from my wonderful devil-child students. If you enjoyed this mini rant, feel free to check out a slightly larger rant HERE!

If you also had a full Monday, I hope it went swimmingly well. Until next time, farewell my loves.

"WHAT'S IN YO BAG, BITCH?!" Coming tomorrow!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blogger Award

TWO posts in ONE day? Insanity. Technically, my OOTD post below is sort of from Saturday (as I had not gone to sleep yet so it was not yet a new day) but posted it in the wee hours of today, so there you have it.

I received an award - really, me? Yes, yes I did. The generous Tjasa (Beauty Bag) gave this award to me and I think it's fantastic! If only it came with a trophy or ribbon - but the sidebar photo isn't too shabby either ;)
The rules that follow with said award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who sent the award (This shouldn't be a "rule" - it should just happen out of pure courtesy!)
2. Share 7 things about yourself (As if my "Friday Facts" posts weren't enough!) 
3. Award recently discovered bloggers (I award five in the honor of May being the fifth month - I'm nothing if not a lover for archetypes!) 
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award (Again, should just be done out of courtesy - I just award them and never tell them? Ludicrous.)

Seven (very quick) Things About Me:
1. My go-to shades to wear are blue and black.
2. I have small feet - size 5.5 or 6, depending on store/brand.
3. I have never seen a scary movie - this will never change, either.
4. I cannot go to Target without buying a makeup item - it's a problem.
5. I love Babybell cheese - Tomato Basil makes any sad day happy! ("Have you laughed today?")
6. I have two older sisters & a twin brother - my brother and I are easily the best dressed siblings of the family (must come from all the years my mom "matched" us!)
7. I try to be presentable anytime I am in public - never wear sweats, hoodies, or sneakers. I actually don't even own sneakers (actually, I wear old cheering shoes to workout - I'm pathetic, I know)

There you have it, seven not-so-exciting things about me!

Now the fun part!

I chose these ladies for obvious reasons - I love reading their blogs and they're not only stylish in the fashionable sense, but just all-around stylish in personality (i.e. classy, witty, etc.) and you should follow their blog if you're reading this right now!

1. The Procrastinator
2. Rachel
3. Beautyful Fashion
4. Lauren
5. Hannah Michelle

I apologize if any of you have already received such an award - consider yourself twice (or even thrice!) times as stylish!

I'm off to enjoy Mother's Day with my mother and family - hope you all enjoy the day!

Weekend OOTD

I actually took all of these photos after getting home from tonight's festivities (woof). I went out for some early drinks before heading to a hibachi restaurant with my sisters and some friends before going out for some extra drinks and ending the night with dancing; a much needed girls' night & I look forward to a very relaxing Sunday :)

Jeans - Volcom
Blazer - White House Black Market
Tank - Forever 21
Rings - Both Forever 21
Bracelet - Jewelmint
Shoes - W3 Collection (
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Nails - Sally Hansen Nail Effects in Kitty, Kitty
Eyes - Urban Decay Naked Palette
(Sorry the quality is bad - I so hate my Nikon & need a new camera!)

Today was a pretty simple day before going out tonight. While I was out buying a last-minute Mother's Day card (don't judge), I found the "collector's edition" of People's "Royal Wedding" album and cannot wait to look at it. I also got two free issues of Nylon magazine that I'm very excited to take a look at. For now, though, this gal is off to snooze-ville. 

Here's to hoping you and yours have a fantastic rest of the weekend!

Friday, May 6, 2011

TGIFF (Thank Goodness it's Friday Facts!)

Well, I don't know if these bad boys will be keeping up much longer, as I am royally boring and will run out of facts in no time at all! But, there are no hauls to be had, no reviews to be read, nor are there any (exciting) outfits to be overlooked. Therefore, it's onto the facts!
1. I am a blonde...dying to be a brunette (pun slightly intended). I have grown up with extremely blonde hair. Over the years, it has grown into a livable shade of sunny blonde, but the days when I was still waiting for the silver to turn white (and for the white to turn even a smidgen of blonde) still plague me and therefore leave me longing for a darker hue - since I was about 12. My mother would disown me if I ever dreamed of actually touching dye to my hair, despite the fact that all three of my siblings have done it and still do. I suppose I do have nice natural highlights and yadda yadda but the grass is always greener - or the hair always darker - on the other side. I'll never do it, but it's my secret dream to be a raven-haired beauty.

2. I've never broken a bone (nor been stung by those nasty bees). I must have had a sheltered childhood or perhaps we can chalk it up to me just straying from danger, but after multiple spills and even a nasty car accident years ago, I've yet to crack (pun entirely intended this time). I could just be a superhero waiting to find her true calling, but it's probably just luck. Watch, I've jinxed it now. Today, I'll trip wearing my heels, break my ankle, and my hand will land on a bee who stings me and I'll be allergic and be rushed to the hospital with a swollen face and ankle. Ok, hypothetical situation over. No bones broken and no bee stingers in me....yet.

3. Another secret confession....I was a cheerleader for far too many years. I started in the fourth grade as a result of trying everything else (and I do mean everything!) before falling on cheering. I ended up being pretty decent so I stuck with it until college. I wanted to live my life in college without practices and competitions and games dictating what I did, much like they would all throughout my younger years. I'm happy with my decision, but I must admit, I miss being tossed up into the air (as long as they'd catch me...which didn't always #2 seems even more impressive, no? Maybe? Ok..) The uniform and pom pons are put away for good. Can I get a g-double o-d? Good.

4. I nap....every single day. No, I'm not in kindergarten but I sure do act like it when I come home from work and pass out for up to an hour each day (I cut myself off after 60 mins of snoozing). It's a sick habit I started in college and if you hang out with me anytime between 3-4 and I'm not napping, you're going to know I didn't nap....enter cranky bitch. I need my naps. Me without them is like pb without j, harry without sally, Lindsay Lohan without a jail just wouldn't be right. I look forward to them every day. Sundays...I often take two. And that's after sleeping in. Sunday is truly my "day of rest" so don't come to me preaching about me wasting my life. I'd be a waste of a person without my childish nap, that much I'll tell you!

5. I'm afraid of the dark. This must really sound like I'm a child now. I really am terrified of dark places. I never watch scary movies, paranormal junk gives me the creeps, and I sleep with my TV on which only wastes energy and doesn't save me from anything (trust me, I know I'm a loser!) I run to the bathroom in the middle of the night only to rush right back into my bed. Now if you didn't think I was a lunatic before, you surely will think so now. I'm the girl who is 23 and acts like she's 2. The dark is just too risky for me.

There you have it, five Friday facts. Have anything in common with me? Probably not this Friday considering they were all off-the-wall facts that make me just prove to the world how odd I am. Such is life, though, and I wouldn't change it.

Keep on keeping on...until next time, farewell Friday friends.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Step Aside, Beauty Blogger

I have to digress for a moment from my typical "superficial" posts and write about something that I need to get off my chest.....
I think middle school students are mutants waiting to turn into humans once all their body parts grow in and their voices stop cracking. There is no way my students are human; I've pondered this with other teachers over after-school drinks (hey, don't judge, you'd do it too!) and it's just absolutely mind-blowing how ridiculous some students can be.

Shall we rehash my favorite conversations (and tips!) that show just how much I love hate my job?

Tip: Get down on their level, even if it means you have to "text" the painful truth.
"Miss Smith, you marked my answers wrong. They aren't wrong."
"You wrote 'idk' for all of the answers I marked incorrect."
"You're marking it wrong for me not knowing the answer?"
"If you asked me what I had for lunch and I didn't respond, would you know what my answer was?"
"No, but I told you I didn't know, I said 'idk' so there is an answer and it deserves credit!"
"Then I suppose the best response I have for you is 'LOL plus ZERO' for no answer. Go sit back down."
Let's just say he didn't find the zero "LOL" worthy, but I definitely did.

Tip: Know that despite their middle school status, they are SO much smarter than you because they know that Microsoft Word is always right.
"Miss Smith, you clearly use a semicolon here; did you not know that? It's fine, because I do know that. You told me to fix it, but I know I don't need to."
"Yes, yes you do need to fix it, there should not be a semicolon there. There only needs to be a comma, so go ahead and fix it before printing it back out."
"Miss Smith, I'm not fixing it, because I know it's right, Microsoft Word told me so."
"OH MY GOSH, everyone, listen! I don't need to be here because WORD can tell you what to do. Let's try one listen to me and everyone listen to what WORD tells them to fix and we'll see who still passes. Ready....GO!"
Let's just say....the fucker fixed his semicolon.

Tip: Directions are merely optional - you can easily get to where you're going without them.
"I already fixed this part, but what do I do after? Do I print out the photos, too?"
"What does it say?"
"What does what say?"
"The directions. You need to read the directions."
"Where are those?"
"They were at the top of the lesson you claimed to have just finished."
"That writing at the top? Ohhhhh, no I didn't think I needed to look at that."
"Hmm, well I suppose if you don't have to read directions, I can just not read your assignment and grade you however I please. Does that sound reasonable?"
I find myself repeating some variation of this conversation a solid twenty times a day - at least!

Did I mention all three of these conversations happened in one week's worth of teaching? Let's hear it for my job. I may not take the typical teacher approach (i.e. I'm as sarcastic as they come!) but when I'm surrounded by children all day, I find that it makes it much more enjoyable to throw in some verbal antics, even if I'm the only one who finds them "LOL" worthy. Do not get me wrong, either, I do love working and all of these little run-ins with stupidity (or sheer ignorance) all wash away at the end of the day, so do not think I have already turned into a bitter bitch of a teacher who already hates children and wants none of her own (i.e. my own kindergarten teacher, yikes, nightmare inducing!) I still enjoy where I'm at....even if it does drive me bat-shit crazy at times.

Sorry about the stray - back to beauty and the rest of the superficial-ness soon enough.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My FIRST Review

I mentioned in my April Favorites how I went my whole first month of blogging without a single review - ludicrous, insanity, preposterous!

So here is my first review...keep in mind it's quite simple but also my first go at this!


I saw these in a magazine back in February and "had to have them" immediately. When I went to my local Target, they had a very limited selection left and when I went over to the local CVS, they had one decent choice so I snagged it. Since then, I've tried four different kinds and here's what I think.

I am pretty decent when it comes to painting my nails, but I'm also extremely lazy. These little bad boys are so simple to apply, it's for the lazy bitch in us who still wants to feel pretty! Here are some photos (taken from the bberry so the quality is "meh") to show you some of the "shades" I bought.

The "shades" are Misbehaved, Girl Flower, and Laced Up. These are in the order of when I wore them, too! Again, sorry my phone can't focus on close-up photos, but you get the idea!

I also bought the "Glitz Blitz" (gold glitter) and decided, on a whim, to try them out on my toes. GENIUS! It only takes three strips TOTAL to cover an entire foot (if you have really small piggies like myself, anyways). I was able to go back and use the other packet again on my toes and they have now lasted chip-free for two weeks - that's well past the "up to 10 days" that the package claims, so kudos to Sally Hansen! I also have the animal print called "Kitty, Kitty" but haven't used it yet, so in all, I've tried/purchased 5 of the 24 - gotta catch 'em all (I hope at least one person gets that reference!)

Simple Steps:
1. Wash your hands & run nail polish remover over each nail. Let dry.
2. Take the clear cover off. Apply strip to the nail.
3. Edge around the nail with the soft pink edge of the file included. (Be sure to do this enough so it easily pulls away from the nail - 3 to 4 runs of the file worked best for me.)
4. Pull the "excess" slowly away from your nail.
5. Smooth over your nail with your finger to flatten it.
(OPTIONAL) Apply top coat once all fingers are complete.

*They last for as long as the package says, if not longer - I got sick and wanted something new sooner than the actual 10 days, but they definitely do have staying power. Most of my manicures chip after only 4 days, and these never did for over a week.
*They're so FUN! They add so much flair to such a small portion of your body (that sounds awkward?! hah), so it's fun to pick a bold color/print knowing you can take them off and reapply again.
*They're as cheap as $8.50 (about the price of Essie or OPI) and give such a better effect than a normal monotone color polish - at least in my opinion!
*They can be found relatively anywhere. I have found them at Ulta, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and even Walmart. They are anywhere other nail polish is sold. They can go up to $9.99 depending on where you buy them, though, so if you're worried about price, go to Target or Walmart.
*There is no awkward hand motions for 45 minutes waiting for them to dry (you ALL know what I mean!) - they really are ready to go once you apply them, so the whole process takes less than 10 minutes. I actually showered and dried my hair after applying them the first time and my nail strips weren't affected at all.
*They really DO look like polish (They even smell like polish when you open the air-tight packaging). I felt a bit childish saying "uhh, they're strips" like those nail art strips you find next to the Lipsmackers for 10 year olds, but these look so much like the high-quality MINX manicure at such a smaller price; it looks professional and certainly not like you borrowed your little sister's nail kit.

*If you try to "stretch" them like it says you can, be careful! They do not have nearly as much give as they may appear to have, so it's better to just try to go "up a size" in the strips than to stretch it out.
*I have never used all of the strips. I'm usually left with 3 or 4 and can't really do anything with them. This makes the price seem a bit overzealous. NOTE: This happens even more so when you use them on your toes. Word to the wise...only open ONE packet when doing your toes and keep the other packet closed for the next go round. Once you open them, the strips dry out a bit (just like an open polish container would!), so they should be used immediately after opening or they won't stick nearly as well (learned that the hard way).
*Not the easiest to remove; definitely soak the fingers with remover before trying to wipe them away. They "peel" easier once you have remover on them though, so although it creates a bit of a mess, it's a simpler method.

BUY! They are worth the $8.50 to $10 because they are so  fun! I got some many compliments on them. I still want to try the color that looks like denim ("Skinny Jeans") and the black and white version of the floral print ("Cut It Out"), because the colorful floral print was fun but a bit too young looking for me. My favorite is still "Laced Up" because it has such a gorgeous effect.

Have you tried these before? I have seen them in stock much more as of late than I did earlier in the year when I first bought Misbehaved. Try them out and let me know if you agree with my review!

Monday, May 2, 2011

April Showers Bring....April Favorites!

I truly cannot believe how fast April came and went. I really had to look twice at my phone yesterday when I saw it said "May 1" at the top....insanity! I think with all the craziness at work, Easter being this month, and all the birthday madness, I didn't have time to stop and relax. I look forward to doing so in May (fingers crossed!)

We all know what the first few days of any month means, though, don't we? It's time for a "FAVORITES!" post. Like last month, I'll choose four things (April is the fourth month, after all!) in the categories of Fashion, Beauty, and Miscellaneous. Let me know what your favorites were for this month, too, because I love love love reading "favorites" posts!

Sperry Bahama Top-Siders
I saw these randomly while scrolling through Delia*s website and had to have them back in February. My look is not all that conducive to the prep top-sider look, but these had just the right element I was looking for; they're unexpected, and I never wear them without someone telling me how great they are (aside from my sisters...we all have very different tastes!) They were my "go-to" shoes for April, and believe me, even with the animal print, they go with so much! They always added just the right amount of "oomph" whether I was running errands, going out for casual drinks, and they're even comfortable enough for an entire (and I mean entire!) day of shopping! They sold-out on their website fairly quickly, too, so I feel lucky to have them. Pony-haired animal print? It's pretty mah-jor, if I do say so myself!

Wingtip Oxfords
My second go-to shoe when I wasn't wearing heels! It rained a lot this month (and I mean a lot!) so I tried to wear a shoe that would stand up against the weather without being frumpy. I love the look of oxfords and these were so simple but yet they have a great androgynous feel. In case you didn't read the former post, I just bought a second pair of them, too, and they have great cut-out details so I'm excited to wear them in May!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch
I am a huge fan of the menswear watch. I have such small wrists and hands but I still love the look of a strong, chunky watch; dainty ones just make me look, well, daintier! I had a fantastic two-tone (silver on the outside links, gold on the middle link) boyfriend watch from Urban Outfitters and it lasted me all through college. It sadly did not stand the test of "wear and tear" when I jumped into a pool with it during vacation and swam around not realizing it was still on my wrist (very sad face). It was four years old at the time and I had put it through a lot while I was in college, so it was time for a new watch (time, watch, get it?!) I have about three from Target that I bought on whims while shopping for cotton balls (are you all guilty of this too?) because they all had an element of my old UO watch that I missed so dearly. When I saw this while shopping at Nordstrom, I bought it on the spot (goodbye $30 Target watches). It's so simple and it goes with everything! I was going to get the rose gold one they had but the silver just seemed to fit my style better. I wore it constantly in April, my wrist felt naked without it.

Leather Jackets
I absolutely love leather jackets no matter what season, but this month, they were certainly a staple. I have a blush colored motorcycle one (F21), a slightly cropped one with quilted detail near the zipper (Urban Outfitters), and a plain black one that's pictured to the right (I detached the fur collar). I was so easily able to grab any of these three and have them instantly complete my look. Definitely a major go-to this month!


Too Faced Natural Palette
I know I received this at the tail-end of April (birthday gift), but I loved it as soon as I swiped it on my eyes! It is so perfect for my skin coloring and I love each and every last color in the palette. I know there are only nine colors in the palette, but they are perfection for creating an "everyday" eye look; and believe me, I need an everyday go-to eye look when it's 6am and I'm trying to get makeup on my face before I bust out of the door for work! I think I'll use my new UD Naked Palette for weekend and night-out looks. The Coastal Scent palettes (also other birthday gifts) have yet to be used, so that really shows how much I loved this palette!

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask
I have only used this mask a couple times and while the smell leaves much to be desire, I really like the outcome so far and look forward to using it even more in the month of May (I was using it about once a week instead of 2-3). I usually put it on once I've washed and exfoliated so it's the icing on my beauty cake regime. I love masks most always simply because they just add that "glamor" element to the usual hum-drum routine; odd how putting white junk on my face can feel glamorous?

NYX Eyeliners
I bought a couple of these in the middle of April and they have been my go-to liners ever since. I have them in Bronze Glitter and Teal (yes, teal) and I love how they both add a great pop of color to my usually simple face. I just started using NYX this month, so I have a feeling their products will keep popping up throughout May in reviews and hauls (come to think of it, I have yet to do a review on this blog - yikes! I'll get on that!) I wear the teal when I'm going out for a little dose of something extra, and the bronze pencil is simple enough for work but still funky enough to prove I'm just not another boring teacher ;) hah

NYX Cream Blush in Boho Chic
Is it any wonder I would add another NYX product? I use this blush under a sweep of my NARS Orgasm and it gives my cheeks the perfect flush. It adds a bit of highlight to the tops of my cheekbones, too, so I love that added element. I'm not a huge cream blush fan but this one is just the right consistency to tie in perfectly with the rest of my beauty regime. A keeper for sure; not to mention the name of the blush is great for the 70s look for spring & summer!

RAINY RANDOMS (Because April was certainly rainy!!)
The Time Quartet by Madeleine L'Engle
Yes, this book series is definitely in the kids section of your local library or Barnes & Noble, but I have loved A Wrinkle in Time  ever since I read it in the fourth grade and I've been meaning to read the rest of the "Time" series ever since. If you are a Harry Potter fan, this book series is something to check out. I was obsessed with it the entire month! It's four books and they were all written before 1980, the first one was actually written in the 60s and it shows how fantastic the imagination can be; I love books like that.

My Birthday!
Is that selfish of me to say? The day of my actual birthday was just perfect. I had a really good time shopping with my friend, dinner was great with my family, and everything just worked out. It seems so rare that everything runs smoothly for me, let alone on my own birthday! It was the one day where I took it all for myself and I'm glad I did. I'm so enraptured by kiddos at work and family members and friends that I have difficulty giving myself some "me" time and I was able to do so on my birthday. Definitely a solid reason for an April favorite, no?

THE Royal Wedding
I know I already posted photos and gave you my thoughts on this all, but seriously, I looked forward to this wedding the entire month of April (yep, one of those girls!) and I was so happy to have the chance to watch the wedding in its entirety (yep, one of those teachers who had it on in their room the entire day - thanks E! for the rerun!) It was so beautiful and they both looked so happy. It was such a great source of happiness for so many people; it was nice that something kind of brought a big part of the world together, even if it was just to see royalty getting married!

As you may (or may not) already know, I started Superficial Sanctuary this past month. My first month of being a so-called "beauty" blogger was a great outlet for me; something different that I wouldn't normally do! It has been so fun being able to converse with you all and it's fantastic that I already have as many followers as I do. I look forward to another great month of blogging. If you have any suggestions for me on what I should do different/what you already like, let me know! Your feedback and comments is what makes blogging as fun as it is!

That's that - April's a wrap!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mini Haul

I decided last minute to not only go to Ulta on Saturday morning but also agreed to go to the mall for a quick trip with my sister. Later, this just resulted in me being a stressed-out psycho while getting ready for Saturday night, but thankfully it is all over now and a new week is starting. Oddly enough, I'm not completely bummed about going back to work. This weekend was so bizarre (for lack of a better word) so I wouldn't mind some normalcy back. Have you ever had those days/weekends/weeks? Am I the only crazy one? Maybe, let's just move on.

It has happened. Just look at the masterpiece I got my little hands on!
YES YES YES, I finally got it! It has been sold out everywhere around me (and even on the site when I looked!), and I never really had high hopes that I'd see it anytime soon, but alas, I did. There were 10 left and even though I didn't really plan on spending a lot at Ulta, I had to have this. I wore it for Saturday night and love it already! So great it came with a mini primer, too! Ahh, it was truly amazing! NOTE: It's also back on the site, in case you want to get yourself one finally, too! The woman at Ulta told me the last time they had it in, they sold all 50 in under 5 hours....that's beauty for you!

I also got the following items pictured below (and then a couple I forgot to add to the photo!):
 Sorry about the poor quality - I was not on my A game today. 

OXFORDS: Forever 21 (in case you can't see the F21 inside the shoe!) and I bought them on a whim (as with the other F21 purchases). I have a pair that looks strikingly similar but they're gray and do not have the cut-out detail. I wear them a lot so I thought getting a neutral pair would be helpful in those last-minute "what do I wear?!" situations. 

TWEEZERS: Here's the photo of them from the site since my photo sucks. I bought the tweezers simply because they were $2 and they have the cutest bow design to them. I have a pair of Tweezerman tweezers that I use all the time, but thought getting a cheap pair would be good to bring along in my purse for those random moments.

EMERY BOARDS: I love cupcakes and who doesn't need a couple extra nail files? I'll admit, I already tossed the one that's all glitter because I can hardly stand it when there is glitter on my hands, but being that these weren't even $2, I didn't see it as a big deal. Come on, though, how cute is the cupcake one?! Love!

NAKED: Thought I'd include the photo where the palette is open. So perfect, so in love!

F21 RING: I always end up buying rings when I go to Forever 21. They are so cheap and they all make perfect additions to my day or night outfits.

BARE ESCENTUALS PRIME TIME FACE PRIMER: I have not used a primer for my face ever since Smashbox's primer (oil-free one) completely broke me out in college. Ok, a bit of an overkill statement, but my face definitely didn't agree with it. I used this primer once I got home for my Saturday night look and it felt awesome. So smooth and silky and not at all greasy. I really like it. I don't know if I'll use it everyday but it definitely helped my makeup stay put (on top of already using my Urban Decay setting spray).

I'm off to bed now to try and get a bit of extra sleep for the week ahead. Nothing too exciting but we have testing this week and then a field trip to see Hairspray with the kiddos - such a glamorous life of being a teacher (sarcasm, sarcasm). Hope you all have a fantastic first week of May with just the right amount of normalcy thrown in ;)

Expect an "April Favorites" tomorrow or Tuesday!


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