Sunday, July 24, 2011

As Of Late....

I feel as though I have completely disconnected myself from my blog as of late and although I have nothing groundbreaking to report, no reviews or hauls (sad face), or OOTD (I just always waste too much time getting ready and then leave without any photos taken, blast!) So, to hold me (and maybe you?) over until I have something actually blog-worthy, here is what I have been up photo form.

Boyfriend was away this past week on vacation with his brothers, 
so I obviously had to make my own beach fun...this was the closest I got, 
but damn, their food is stellar!

Ignore the blue color and too-big factor of this dress 
(hemline is at least a solid two inches too long).....make it a very dark purple ("lapis") 
and this is the bridesmaid dress my sister picked out for her May 2012 nuptials. 
I call myself the MOH part 2 and my older sister is MOH part 1 because she insists on 
doing all the planning...whatev, less work for me, more fun for me! 
I plan on making a killer MOH speech and drinking/dancing the 
night away at the reception. Awesome.

Still on the accent nail kick. My latest? I call it....Minty Kitty....rawr. 
Revlon's Minted and Sally Hansen's "Kitty, Kitty" 
and amazingly, I haven't picked them apart yet!

Thankfully, work has gone down to 3-days but I 
still feel consumed by it, oddly enough. Where did the summer go? 
Beach countdown = 12 days!

In case you were blissfully unaware, get in the know....TODAY is national tequila day, woot woot! My friends and I are heading out to Mad Mex for their holiday drink specials to celebrate this glorious, wonderous holiday. I'll be sure to have one for you, too!

Reviews on Burt's Bees cleanser and Jason Shampoo soon enough....want to use them a bit more before I give the review(s). So far, I notice the Burt's Bees feels like water and the shampoo is very medicinal-smelling. Neither good nor bad opinions....yet. 

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Rest in peace to Amy Winehouse. Remember, kids, if someone (anyone) tells you to go to it, don't sing "No, no, no..." I know, I know, too soon. But really, listen to those around you, they know you best. 

Until next time, farewell love bugs...more beauty-full blog posts to come very soon!


  1. I always enjoy your posts. I like your nails, really cute :) Can't wait to hear your review on Jason shampoo

  2. Is that dress from David's Bridal? I'm wearing a dress in 'lapis' for a friend's wedding in October and I loooove the color.

  3. I would kill to hear your MOH speech! Pretty dress!


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