Friday, May 6, 2011

TGIFF (Thank Goodness it's Friday Facts!)

Well, I don't know if these bad boys will be keeping up much longer, as I am royally boring and will run out of facts in no time at all! But, there are no hauls to be had, no reviews to be read, nor are there any (exciting) outfits to be overlooked. Therefore, it's onto the facts!
1. I am a blonde...dying to be a brunette (pun slightly intended). I have grown up with extremely blonde hair. Over the years, it has grown into a livable shade of sunny blonde, but the days when I was still waiting for the silver to turn white (and for the white to turn even a smidgen of blonde) still plague me and therefore leave me longing for a darker hue - since I was about 12. My mother would disown me if I ever dreamed of actually touching dye to my hair, despite the fact that all three of my siblings have done it and still do. I suppose I do have nice natural highlights and yadda yadda but the grass is always greener - or the hair always darker - on the other side. I'll never do it, but it's my secret dream to be a raven-haired beauty.

2. I've never broken a bone (nor been stung by those nasty bees). I must have had a sheltered childhood or perhaps we can chalk it up to me just straying from danger, but after multiple spills and even a nasty car accident years ago, I've yet to crack (pun entirely intended this time). I could just be a superhero waiting to find her true calling, but it's probably just luck. Watch, I've jinxed it now. Today, I'll trip wearing my heels, break my ankle, and my hand will land on a bee who stings me and I'll be allergic and be rushed to the hospital with a swollen face and ankle. Ok, hypothetical situation over. No bones broken and no bee stingers in me....yet.

3. Another secret confession....I was a cheerleader for far too many years. I started in the fourth grade as a result of trying everything else (and I do mean everything!) before falling on cheering. I ended up being pretty decent so I stuck with it until college. I wanted to live my life in college without practices and competitions and games dictating what I did, much like they would all throughout my younger years. I'm happy with my decision, but I must admit, I miss being tossed up into the air (as long as they'd catch me...which didn't always #2 seems even more impressive, no? Maybe? Ok..) The uniform and pom pons are put away for good. Can I get a g-double o-d? Good.

4. I nap....every single day. No, I'm not in kindergarten but I sure do act like it when I come home from work and pass out for up to an hour each day (I cut myself off after 60 mins of snoozing). It's a sick habit I started in college and if you hang out with me anytime between 3-4 and I'm not napping, you're going to know I didn't nap....enter cranky bitch. I need my naps. Me without them is like pb without j, harry without sally, Lindsay Lohan without a jail just wouldn't be right. I look forward to them every day. Sundays...I often take two. And that's after sleeping in. Sunday is truly my "day of rest" so don't come to me preaching about me wasting my life. I'd be a waste of a person without my childish nap, that much I'll tell you!

5. I'm afraid of the dark. This must really sound like I'm a child now. I really am terrified of dark places. I never watch scary movies, paranormal junk gives me the creeps, and I sleep with my TV on which only wastes energy and doesn't save me from anything (trust me, I know I'm a loser!) I run to the bathroom in the middle of the night only to rush right back into my bed. Now if you didn't think I was a lunatic before, you surely will think so now. I'm the girl who is 23 and acts like she's 2. The dark is just too risky for me.

There you have it, five Friday facts. Have anything in common with me? Probably not this Friday considering they were all off-the-wall facts that make me just prove to the world how odd I am. Such is life, though, and I wouldn't change it.

Keep on keeping on...until next time, farewell Friday friends.


  1. I've always wanted to nap, but I end up lying there for an hour trying to force myself to sleep! How-to: Nap! post? hahaha

  2. i love nanna naps!! me and my housemate were just watching a movie and we both missed out on about an hour in the middle because we fell asleep. i used to have a night light when i was at uni (becuase i used to walk in my sleep and then wake up in the dark and not know where i was:)
    love your posts:)


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