Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Superficial Spending

[And, no, it's not really a "superficial"'s just that my blog is Superficial Sanctuary and I'm a huge sucker for alliteration...don't think I'm some sort of ego-maniac-bitch of a blogger....unless that makes my blog better....then yes, yes indeed, that's exactly what I am!]

I made a purchase that is so fantastic, so (somewhat) impulsive, and so awesome and it has NOTHING to do with beauty, skincare, makeup, or anything girl-tastic.

What is it then, you ask?

An iPhone 4.

Yes. Yes. Yes. My ever-so best friend, Mr. Blackberry, decided to be a total bitch in the month of April and into May (we had a good run for almost two solid years) and when this past Sunday hit and I couldn't hold a charge on the little sucker to save my life (i.e. it had to stay plugged in when I would talk or even text!), I had enough. I don't know if everyone else is like this, but once I decide I want to do/buy something, it must be done; it's a sick sort of mission I set out to accomplish and conquer, so I was determined to make this phone issue disappear.....

Then something awesome happened. My wonderful sister says to me, "Take my upgrade, I don't need a new phone until later." Um, HELL YES (mine wasn't up until the end of August). I know what you're thinking...."but you could have just bought a new battery"....true, touche. Regardless, I went on Monday immediately after-school (I may have even broke major traffic laws to get there even faster...hey, we've all done it!) and within 20 minutes of talking to the asshole at Verizon (do they get paid to act like arrogant bitches?!), my brand new iPhone was in my hands.............

and I was clueless. (ok, ok, overstatement....but go with me here.)

SO, my dear readers, if you have read my blog before or are just reading for the first time (followwww; shameless plug, whatever), I need your help!

I want to know your favorite apps, inside tips on this little bugger, and anything and everything relatable to the iPhone. I am not completely inept when it comes to using it, but I want to know more, more, more than I already do. Good apps for fashion, beauty, or even blogging?
My boyfriend is obsessed with all things technology and "needs" to have the latest gadgets (he preordered his iPhone at the full price when they first hit the Verizon network....nerd alert) so he has helped me a lot in just the last two days, but I need some GIRL perspective on this bitch!

In the words of Pat Benatar, hit me with your best shot.

SIDE NOTE: If you didn't mind the missing beauty/fashion aspect to this post, check out my teacher rant post HERE for a good laugh. Maybe then you'll really think I'm a crazy bitch!

Until next time, when I bring beauty and everything girl-tastic back to the SS scene, enjoy yourselves and those around you!


  1. Yay! Welcome to the world of iPhones :) Mine is ANCIENT - it's 3G. I need a 4 badly!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. I want an iphone so badly, but I drop my phone so much I'd go through one like every week! I don't know very many fashion apps. Feather report is pretty cool, it gives you outfit inspiration depending on the weather in your area. And totally not fashion related but you HAVE to get Angry Birds! The most addicting game EVER!

  3. YaY for a new iphone! You will love it. :) I need a 4...still have a 3GS! My favorite app is instagram for photos, and Words With Friends for fun! Wheee! :)

  4. I swear by my iPhone! :D Great choice!! Make sure you buy an Otterbox, though. It will save your phone from ANYTHING!!


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