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April Showers Bring....April Favorites!

I truly cannot believe how fast April came and went. I really had to look twice at my phone yesterday when I saw it said "May 1" at the top....insanity! I think with all the craziness at work, Easter being this month, and all the birthday madness, I didn't have time to stop and relax. I look forward to doing so in May (fingers crossed!)

We all know what the first few days of any month means, though, don't we? It's time for a "FAVORITES!" post. Like last month, I'll choose four things (April is the fourth month, after all!) in the categories of Fashion, Beauty, and Miscellaneous. Let me know what your favorites were for this month, too, because I love love love reading "favorites" posts!

Sperry Bahama Top-Siders
I saw these randomly while scrolling through Delia*s website and had to have them back in February. My look is not all that conducive to the prep top-sider look, but these had just the right element I was looking for; they're unexpected, and I never wear them without someone telling me how great they are (aside from my sisters...we all have very different tastes!) They were my "go-to" shoes for April, and believe me, even with the animal print, they go with so much! They always added just the right amount of "oomph" whether I was running errands, going out for casual drinks, and they're even comfortable enough for an entire (and I mean entire!) day of shopping! They sold-out on their website fairly quickly, too, so I feel lucky to have them. Pony-haired animal print? It's pretty mah-jor, if I do say so myself!

Wingtip Oxfords
My second go-to shoe when I wasn't wearing heels! It rained a lot this month (and I mean a lot!) so I tried to wear a shoe that would stand up against the weather without being frumpy. I love the look of oxfords and these were so simple but yet they have a great androgynous feel. In case you didn't read the former post, I just bought a second pair of them, too, and they have great cut-out details so I'm excited to wear them in May!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch
I am a huge fan of the menswear watch. I have such small wrists and hands but I still love the look of a strong, chunky watch; dainty ones just make me look, well, daintier! I had a fantastic two-tone (silver on the outside links, gold on the middle link) boyfriend watch from Urban Outfitters and it lasted me all through college. It sadly did not stand the test of "wear and tear" when I jumped into a pool with it during vacation and swam around not realizing it was still on my wrist (very sad face). It was four years old at the time and I had put it through a lot while I was in college, so it was time for a new watch (time, watch, get it?!) I have about three from Target that I bought on whims while shopping for cotton balls (are you all guilty of this too?) because they all had an element of my old UO watch that I missed so dearly. When I saw this while shopping at Nordstrom, I bought it on the spot (goodbye $30 Target watches). It's so simple and it goes with everything! I was going to get the rose gold one they had but the silver just seemed to fit my style better. I wore it constantly in April, my wrist felt naked without it.

Leather Jackets
I absolutely love leather jackets no matter what season, but this month, they were certainly a staple. I have a blush colored motorcycle one (F21), a slightly cropped one with quilted detail near the zipper (Urban Outfitters), and a plain black one that's pictured to the right (I detached the fur collar). I was so easily able to grab any of these three and have them instantly complete my look. Definitely a major go-to this month!


Too Faced Natural Palette
I know I received this at the tail-end of April (birthday gift), but I loved it as soon as I swiped it on my eyes! It is so perfect for my skin coloring and I love each and every last color in the palette. I know there are only nine colors in the palette, but they are perfection for creating an "everyday" eye look; and believe me, I need an everyday go-to eye look when it's 6am and I'm trying to get makeup on my face before I bust out of the door for work! I think I'll use my new UD Naked Palette for weekend and night-out looks. The Coastal Scent palettes (also other birthday gifts) have yet to be used, so that really shows how much I loved this palette!

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask
I have only used this mask a couple times and while the smell leaves much to be desire, I really like the outcome so far and look forward to using it even more in the month of May (I was using it about once a week instead of 2-3). I usually put it on once I've washed and exfoliated so it's the icing on my beauty cake regime. I love masks most always simply because they just add that "glamor" element to the usual hum-drum routine; odd how putting white junk on my face can feel glamorous?

NYX Eyeliners
I bought a couple of these in the middle of April and they have been my go-to liners ever since. I have them in Bronze Glitter and Teal (yes, teal) and I love how they both add a great pop of color to my usually simple face. I just started using NYX this month, so I have a feeling their products will keep popping up throughout May in reviews and hauls (come to think of it, I have yet to do a review on this blog - yikes! I'll get on that!) I wear the teal when I'm going out for a little dose of something extra, and the bronze pencil is simple enough for work but still funky enough to prove I'm just not another boring teacher ;) hah

NYX Cream Blush in Boho Chic
Is it any wonder I would add another NYX product? I use this blush under a sweep of my NARS Orgasm and it gives my cheeks the perfect flush. It adds a bit of highlight to the tops of my cheekbones, too, so I love that added element. I'm not a huge cream blush fan but this one is just the right consistency to tie in perfectly with the rest of my beauty regime. A keeper for sure; not to mention the name of the blush is great for the 70s look for spring & summer!

RAINY RANDOMS (Because April was certainly rainy!!)
The Time Quartet by Madeleine L'Engle
Yes, this book series is definitely in the kids section of your local library or Barnes & Noble, but I have loved A Wrinkle in Time  ever since I read it in the fourth grade and I've been meaning to read the rest of the "Time" series ever since. If you are a Harry Potter fan, this book series is something to check out. I was obsessed with it the entire month! It's four books and they were all written before 1980, the first one was actually written in the 60s and it shows how fantastic the imagination can be; I love books like that.

My Birthday!
Is that selfish of me to say? The day of my actual birthday was just perfect. I had a really good time shopping with my friend, dinner was great with my family, and everything just worked out. It seems so rare that everything runs smoothly for me, let alone on my own birthday! It was the one day where I took it all for myself and I'm glad I did. I'm so enraptured by kiddos at work and family members and friends that I have difficulty giving myself some "me" time and I was able to do so on my birthday. Definitely a solid reason for an April favorite, no?

THE Royal Wedding
I know I already posted photos and gave you my thoughts on this all, but seriously, I looked forward to this wedding the entire month of April (yep, one of those girls!) and I was so happy to have the chance to watch the wedding in its entirety (yep, one of those teachers who had it on in their room the entire day - thanks E! for the rerun!) It was so beautiful and they both looked so happy. It was such a great source of happiness for so many people; it was nice that something kind of brought a big part of the world together, even if it was just to see royalty getting married!

As you may (or may not) already know, I started Superficial Sanctuary this past month. My first month of being a so-called "beauty" blogger was a great outlet for me; something different that I wouldn't normally do! It has been so fun being able to converse with you all and it's fantastic that I already have as many followers as I do. I look forward to another great month of blogging. If you have any suggestions for me on what I should do different/what you already like, let me know! Your feedback and comments is what makes blogging as fun as it is!

That's that - April's a wrap!


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