Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blogger Award

TWO posts in ONE day? Insanity. Technically, my OOTD post below is sort of from Saturday (as I had not gone to sleep yet so it was not yet a new day) but posted it in the wee hours of today, so there you have it.

I received an award - really, me? Yes, yes I did. The generous Tjasa (Beauty Bag) gave this award to me and I think it's fantastic! If only it came with a trophy or ribbon - but the sidebar photo isn't too shabby either ;)
The rules that follow with said award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who sent the award (This shouldn't be a "rule" - it should just happen out of pure courtesy!)
2. Share 7 things about yourself (As if my "Friday Facts" posts weren't enough!) 
3. Award recently discovered bloggers (I award five in the honor of May being the fifth month - I'm nothing if not a lover for archetypes!) 
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award (Again, should just be done out of courtesy - I just award them and never tell them? Ludicrous.)

Seven (very quick) Things About Me:
1. My go-to shades to wear are blue and black.
2. I have small feet - size 5.5 or 6, depending on store/brand.
3. I have never seen a scary movie - this will never change, either.
4. I cannot go to Target without buying a makeup item - it's a problem.
5. I love Babybell cheese - Tomato Basil makes any sad day happy! ("Have you laughed today?")
6. I have two older sisters & a twin brother - my brother and I are easily the best dressed siblings of the family (must come from all the years my mom "matched" us!)
7. I try to be presentable anytime I am in public - never wear sweats, hoodies, or sneakers. I actually don't even own sneakers (actually, I wear old cheering shoes to workout - I'm pathetic, I know)

There you have it, seven not-so-exciting things about me!

Now the fun part!

I chose these ladies for obvious reasons - I love reading their blogs and they're not only stylish in the fashionable sense, but just all-around stylish in personality (i.e. classy, witty, etc.) and you should follow their blog if you're reading this right now!

1. The Procrastinator
2. Rachel
3. Beautyful Fashion
4. Lauren
5. Hannah Michelle

I apologize if any of you have already received such an award - consider yourself twice (or even thrice!) times as stylish!

I'm off to enjoy Mother's Day with my mother and family - hope you all enjoy the day!


  1. Thanks for the award lovely, I will get onto this soon! It's a very good thing that you have not seen scary movies. My life would be much easier if i never had!! It makes for some interesting nights when I'm alone ha. xx

  2. Thank you for the award I really appreciate it = D P.S your blog always makes me smile!

  3. You really deserve this award! I enjoy looking at your posts. I especially find your Outfits of the Days to not only be super stylish but inspring as well. It is hard sometimes to still stay fashionable for work but you do it very well :). I just wanted to thank you again for giving me this award. It made me feel really great and truly means a lot! Thank you!!


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