Monday, January 30, 2012

Haulin' Whore

Happy Monday to you! It is a happy Monday simply because the kiddos are not here, we have a nearly full free day to get ahead on lessons, grades, and the like. What am I doing with said free time, though? Well I took an hour in the moring to do grades......and then I hung up new posters and am now writing this here post. Yep. That's what teachers who are ahead do. That's what teachers who do work on the weekends do. That's what cool teachers do.
{New Posters = gotta inspire the students, ya know?
Well, at least it makes the room look cute....}

I spent the weekend having a girl-tastic time with my pal while her hubs was out of town and SSB was working like a dawwg. We had to fit in some shopping, so naturally I spent money I don't have on things I don't need. How fabulous. Let's take a peak, shall we?

(Sorry, I used online photos because I'm at work and wasn't proactive about taking these photos last night because I was still hungover from the bad, yo. Really, these photos look wah-ayy better than any photos I would take, too. I need a Photo 101 class, fo reals.)

--Well, I went ahead and bought a new accesory for my arm. My old MBMJ watch was great, but this gal wanted something new. Enter this baby. I already have my eyes on yet another one, soooo maybe I'll go for that when spring/summer rolls around.....I have issues.

{I just found out yesterday the inside dials actually do work. Bonus
...even though I don't really know what their purpose is....}

--Forever21 is that place where I could go in knowing very well I need nothing and leave with practically everything. I limited myself this time around, but sheesh, it's a vaccuum in there, sucking you into buying just about anything your eye catches.....aside from the bedazzled crop tops. Yowza....
**Leather Vest with Studs - Neccessary. I don't know why it is, but it is. & I f*cking love it.
**Feather Dress - Perfect for work with a blazer. Bring on the spring colors!
**Fur Vest & Belt - I've been needing a fuller, longer vest and had to buy a belt to match, obvi. (Imagine the image without the buckles. Go figure, F21's site didn't have my exact vest, but this looks identical aside from the built-in buckles.)

{I love how the studs (vest #1) are subtle but still stand out, but
I detached the belt that just hangs there....not my favorite.}

--My pal needed to return something to Aldo, so naturally, I browsed while she did so. She actually doesn't like these shoes (claims they are "growing on her") but I just needed to have them despite her friendy advice. I wore them out that night and they are way more fun than I originally thought. I dig 'em. You may not. In the words of this same pal, "that's what makes the world go 'round."

{Have you ever seen a pointed toe booty?
probably not. which is why these are badass.}

I leave you with a photo of me and SSB from daaa bar on Saturday. Of course I rocked my new studded vest, even though you can't see it very well in the photo. Hair is looking slightly blonder and will be even more true-blonde when my next appointment rolls around in two weeks. Woot woot!
{I swear this is one of the first times I
did something to my hair in fo'eva.}

Until next time, I'm off to act like a real teacher.....maybe make a seating chart or two. You know, so my seniors can just ignore it in a less than a week. Awesome...........

Friday, January 27, 2012

Animal Prints....Literally.

Now I love a great animal print as much as the next feline, considering I just replaced the drab black laptop bag given to us by the school with a faaaabulous find from TJ Maxx's with a nice, subtle cheetah print (can that be subtle?!) Well, it needed to be done. I have a reputation to uphold. Liiiike, the one where I look like the joke because I'm a five foot blonde who actually takes time in the morning to look nice as opposed to the real jokes who take no time at all?! Yeah, the world doesn't make sense to me, either, hunny!

Seriously, though, what I am lah-ving even more at the moment are animal prints in the literal sense. Take a great blouse, add some birds, horses, or what have you....and I'm sold. Let's disect this fashion trend, shall we?

1. I saw this top while shopping for new teacher clothesat Old Navy and I instantly thought, "I must have this naowww!" Add a great pair of fitted trousers or even paired under a great maxi and I just became a very trendy teacher. My obsession with birds & feathers may never be explained, so why not feed the affinity with a great top?! ($35)

2. If I were to see a snail in the flesh (er, shell), I would probably tither away in panic. Seeing snails on this Anthro tank, though, changes everything! It comes in pink, too, but the navy color with the white snails makes it ever-so-slightly nautical, which is (always) in for spring. Matched with skinnies and a matching smoker's flat & I could dress professionally--but still stay trendy--on casual Fridays! ($118)

3. If you love this from first glance, you better buy it fast. It came out last fall and is now on sale for $90 online at Nordstrom. It's a great statement piece for any closet and can be worn a number of ways, whether it is with a belted cardigan, camel leather jacket, or just with flats for a casual look. Who doesn't love a great panther print, honestly?! ($90)

4. Even though winter seems to just be starting here, let's not forget the fact January is almost over! Bring out your sunny, spring side with this top from Forever21. Add jeans and tall black riding boots for a casual look, or trying adding skinny black leather pants for a fun happy hour outfit. H&M has great ones right now, so check them out! ($23)

What are some of the prints you are wearing right now? Will you go out & grab this trend or ignore it & pray it goes away? It's got a bit of a girly-vintage-preppy mix to it, so I feel as though every style could find a literal animal print to enjoy!

Until next time, farewell birds..............................

Friday, January 20, 2012

Your Shoes are Schmokin'

Riddle me this....what's black and white and red all over?
My feet in a great pair of black&white heels after teaching all day. Not that I have black&white heels, but the POINT here, people, is that after a day in heels (of any color variation), my feet usually are red and very sleepy.

Let's be real, they down right hate me at the end of a teaching day.
Maybe I should skip on the heel, but anything below three inches looks "awk" for sure on me.
Maybe I should just invest in wedges? If only heels weren't so damn cute!

SO then, SS, what's your game plan?

Against my better judgement (seeing as how 99.9% of the student body is taller than me), I may invest in some flats again. Yes, I rocked them during high school and throughout college. These days, though, if I can rock a heel, gosh damnit, I will. Now, though, it may be a smart idea to get some cute flats in the shoe closet....and one pair in particular has caught my attention and I'm drawn in fo' reals.

The shoe being ever-so loved at the moment? The smoker flat or slipper loafer. Really, whatever name you prefer works for me!

Here are some awesome pairs (& some have an awesome price to match!) to round out this week with a Five Friday!

1. Target Turquoise Flat ($20) -- I love anything blue and this is a fantastic shade to add that perfect P.O.C (as Mr. Brad Goreski says!) to any outfit. I could rock these with dark jeans and a silk blouse for casual Fridays!

2. Target Black Flat ($20) - Love the patent look with this specific style of shoe. Something about the mix of the two gives them a classic feel, like I stole them from my mother's closet. Easily paired with jeggings and a chunky sweater for Sunday errands. (I may or may not already own these bad boys!)

3. BDG Woven Tassel Flat ($40)- If I wear this trend into summer, these are great! They come in three different colors but the classic tan never fails. Great to pair with short cut-offs and a loose graphic tank & touseled beach waves for a mix of preppy and boho.

4. Charolette Olympia Kitty Flat ($585)- I don't normally go for shoes like this, but I couldn't not post these on the list when I saw them. SO freaking clever! These would be great with a simple white v-neck and printed skirt or jeans and a leather jacket to toughen up the feline effect.

5. ShoeMint Kathy Flat ($80) - I have yet to order a pair from ShoeMint, but I may have to now after seeing these...and they are selling out fast online! Like the previous pair, I am not normally a red-wearing gal, but the print is so fresh and funky....and on such a structured shoe? It's truly the best of both worlds. & apparently I am now in love with tassels on shoes, too!

I realize now that the last three posts I have done are pictures followed by blurbs. Not very original, but my mind has been so full of sccchtuff lately that I didn't even notice it until now. My bad. I will try to be a more innovative blogger ;) You know, like, later and whatnot. Not now. I need to empty my brain first!

Until next time, have a faaaaabulous weekend!.....................

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The First Step To {Superficial} Recovery

.....let's just be clear, I do not have a problem. SSB will be the first to say I do, but it's really a hobby, a passion, a mere interest. It doesn't threaten my well-being....just my wallet.

If something can have an accessory, I feel it is my civil duty as a genuinely superficial person to give it that added extra touch of love.

No, I don't own a bedazzler.
Rhinestones make me vomit.

However, my iPhone is less than a year old & has been through five phone cases.
I just bought a Nook and had to buy it a cover and an adorable reading know, in case I read in the dark (which SSB quickly pointed out....I'm never in the dark.) The light was necessary, though, just in case I find myself in the dark.....JUST in case, people!
I bought my keys small gems (posted in a photo here) just because having one key just didn't justify the cuteness of my new car. Yeah, I went there. That key couldn't be lonely, that's just rude!

So yes, it isn't a problem, so there's no need to recover from it. Here are some other things in the accessory depart that I am lahhh-ving right now...for accessorizing myself & the things around me that--you know--need love, too!

1. This is the cover I picked for my new Nook (and I'm currently reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children) -- love anything that looks like a notebook. It was this or a Kate Spade cover...but it was $60 and I just wasn't swinging that when the one I chose was half of that!

2. WHEN (not if) I get the next iPad (SSB's ears are burning somewhere), I will buy this case. I want a case that is more like a Nook cover. I like the sleeves and all that MBMJ & Michael Kors make, but I would much rather have a constant case covering the back, just like I like my iPhone. The patent blue is fierce in my opinion!

3. This watch. Love a dual-tone watch & also love rose gold. I also love that it is NOT a tortoise Michael Kors watch that is literally on everyone's wrists these days! I really must have this. (There goes that so-called "problem" talking again.....)

4. I love having little things here & there in my classroom and on my desk and I love what B&N has to offer in the way of office accessories. How cute are these bookends?! One can never have too many bookends simply because one can never have too many books! (Nerd alert.)

What do YOU love to accessorize? Please fill me in! Obviously I will not buy all of these as reality usually sinks in (or just SSB's voice) and tells me I do not need bookends in multiple amounts or an iPad case when the newest iPad hasn't even been (officially) announced yet..........
..........Fiiiiiiine. Maybe I do have a problem. The first step is admitting it. The second? Feeding it, keeping it ALIIIIVE (cue Frankenstein voice). Screw youuuuu, SSB, leave me and my well-accesorized life alone! (Just kidding, just kidding!!)

Until next time, I'm off to go and look for a new phone case (kidding...sort of)............

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Howww Pinnnteresting, Dahhhhling....

I never jumped on the "Pinteresting Wednesday" bandwagon (however fashionably conscious that bandwagon may be!)....want proof? I'm not even linking this up...I'm just posting my recent pins. Does that make me a bitch? I rah-leeeely hope not. You're more than welcome to consider me lazy from it, though, that's entirely understandable and justified! (Sorry I'm not sorry?!)

As of late, here's what I've been pining (or pinning) after.....HAH so witty, how can you stand it?!
{I bought a set of 8 prints that are all Andy Warhol, in eight different colors, with eight different quotes..this is an example of one of them. My classroom could always use more color & I love having quotes for the kiddos to read and ponder. Yeah, I'm that teacher. Plus, Warhol is a native to my hometown, gotta represent!}

{Reese. I mean, can you get any prettier? I just wrote about her in my Globes post, but this photo bears a repeat of how awesome Miss Witherspoon truly is. Love the sweater/scarf combo, her makeup, her hair, gahhh, she makes me jealous! Why did I ever stray from my blonde strands?! Thank gawwwd they are slowly coming back!}

{This outfit really grabbed my attention and I can't even put my finger on as to why. She looks like a million bucks but also looks like she took little to no time to prepare the ensemble...that skirt even looks like a crappy fabric in the second photo, but a geeenius crappy fabric! I just love the chic-meets-edgy feel to it; I try to emulate that in my own style....if only I had oodles of money to make it easier! }

{I need this scarf in my life. Why have the original McQueen creation when you can go ahead and make a louder statement with a (in my opinion) much cooler skull print where they look like straight punks?! Who wants to give me $555 for it?! Any takers?!......Damnit.}

{I've been looking for a bangle I can add to my everyday arm party.....this one says it all. It's so perfect. I need to get to the closest Urban Outfitters and fast. Actually, I think it's only sold online. Cha-ching goes the register, boo-hoo goes my wallet.}

{Leather leggings/pants with a demin/chambray shirt? YES to all of the above, please! So badass but still so stylish and chic. I can't even take how much I love this look. Thanks to my friend for finding this photo first. Uhhhh, you know who you are biaaa!}

I have pinned much more but those are some of the ones I chose to share with all of you lah-vely readers ;) Share some of your pins....or better, leave your pinterest name in the comments so I can stalk what you're pining (errr, pinning!) after these days. HAH again, so witty. Sorry, I'm done now.....

Follow me here on Pinterest!
Until next time, happy pinning and happy Wednesday-humptastic-day!............

Monday, January 16, 2012

SS's Take on GG

Gawd, can you smell that? The hairspray, heavy perfume, and awkward tanning lotion?!
It must be award season. & how wonderful it smells, indeed!
Let's ignore the smells for just a smidgen, though, so we can talk about the red carpet.
Because writing this blog is much more interesting than the lessons I should be writing right now.

"Don't you have MLK day off, though, SS?"
HA -- the kiddos do, but we do not. I wouldn't complain....if it wasn't for the fact I stayed out until 1:30am last night trying to prove I am not an old bore anymore to SSB. Let's just saying....this morning? Woof.

Was it just me or did everyone play it safe?! Solid colors may be in, simple cuts may be banging, but really, I only saw a few "wow" dresses. The rest were fantastic, no less, but not anything that made me text one of my friends to say, "did you seeee that?!" -- If you needed a fantastic play-by-play, check out Courtney Kerr's twitter feed from last night. She is the funny (and ridiculously) fashionable gal from Most Eligible Dallas -- a show I only watched because her monologues were hilar.

Emma Stone -- If I had to choose a "girl crush," Emma would be my pick. She had me ever since she sang to the "Pocketful of Sunshine" card in that highschool movie. Anyways, this dress, the color, the eagle belt, it all worked for me. She rocked it from head to toe, nothing on her was off. Best Dressed win for me!
Reese Witherspoon -- She makes me regret ever being anything but my natural sunny hue! Dear gawwd her hair may look like she just had a romp in the sheets, but she rocked it! The dress at first glance (on E's red carpet show) looked leather, which was ah-mazing...but even after discovering it was not, it still looked fantastic. She nails it almost anytime just because she is seriously gorgeous.
Dianna Agron -- This was the "wow" dress for me. So many people will probably place her in the "bad" category, but I think she did really well with this choice. Red is a great color for blondes, a great color to be fun with, and she stepped outside the "simple" box, so I commend her for that alone. Hair and makeup were great complements, too!

Zooey Deschanel -- I wanted to love this but I could only like it. It looked great on her, went well with who she is, but the hair....did anyone notice the awkward curls that mimicked bad sideburns when she was being interview on the carpet?! I couldn't look away! The rest of the 'do was great and the tuxedo nails? Adorable just like her! I wish she went slightly more elegant but I don't fault her for sticking true to herself....and in a custom gown no less!
Nicole Richie -- She is one of my fashion bitches, but she fell short on something here...I just don't know what that something is. The dress is great, if perhaps slightly too simple (shocker), the hair is nice but perhaps an updo would dress this, errm, dress better. It's as though there could have been five more minutes in the styling session to take this up a notch to hit a true high note.
Jessica Biel -- Already preparing for her nuptials I see?! Test-driving dresses during awards season, perhaps? She looks gorgeous, of course, but this dress just was not right for the event. I would easily wear something similar to my wedding, but for an award show, and one you aren't even nominated in?! Go in another less on the path to Vera Wang and more on the side of, I don't know, Prada or Dior Couture?

Salma Hayek -- Gorgeous why mess with your perfect face by adding an army of gold on your huge chest?! BAD....a terrible travesty! The bottom was nice but didn't match the top for me at all, as if the real bottom of the dress somehow was ripped by her bodacious bod and they had to pull off a silk tablecloth to save the night. Better luck next time.
Evan Rachel Woof (I mean, Wood) -- HOW many animals were harmed in the making of this dress? The sequins look like lizard skin or snake skin....and adding feathers? On an emerald dress? Pick a texture and stick to it....otherwise, you look like a 5-year-old made your GG dress during Arts&Crafts....and it was the 5-year-old that doesn't exactly make "fridge worthy" art....
Rooney Mara -- The shape, the cut, the bows by the boobs....none of this worked for me. She has such a tender and delicate face but it is matched with her harsh 'do and ill-fitting dress. I get that her hair is the way it is from her role, but still....she should have stuck to the delicate details....a dress in a lighter shade, even, would have saved this disaster. (& the fur jacket in the background is just a bonus for you all! hah)

I am sure there are tons of other faaaabulous bloggers out there that shared their thoughts on the Golden Globes. Do we agree, disagree, did I happen to miss a travesty or a masterpiece? Fill me in!

Until next time, be glad you aren't being judged as harshly (by Joan Rivers) as these celebs are about to know, if you're feeling like your Monday just isn't going well, puts things in perspective, sort of, kind of.............

Sunday, January 8, 2012

SS Insights & Insults, Volume Dos

Hello dear friends and readers, happy weekend to you and yours! Salutations all around.

Thought I'd take this time to shed light on the most recent pop culture news considering I am good for nothing else in life.
You know, because I read the Spark Notes of the novel I'm currently teaching my seniors (reeelax, I've read it before, liiiike, most of it...).
You know, because I write the drafts of blog posts when I should be on hall duty (to check passes? pssh).
You know, because I had my speech students write Current Events speeches so that I myself didn't have to read the actual news (& because another informative speech would be death to my soul).

1. God Did Spend (A lot) More Time on Her....while she was on 7th Heaven..... 
(99% sure she isn't wearing makeup in this photo...what a pretty bitch.)
Jessica Timberlake? Meh, sounds like a character from Sweet Valley High.  If you ask me, Biel is gaww-ghus, but in that all-American, no-need-for-makeup, rough but still classy kind of way. Not in the Justin Timberlake way. YEAH. You all know what I mean. He could date a Victoria's Secret angel, an exotic beauty from another country, or just about any drop-dead diva with a brain....but he had to go and pick a freaking Camden -- I feel as though her precher dad wouldn't approve, too much attention, too much focus away from the big man upstairs.
Really, though, I was not a die-hard JT fan (add another T and we have a serious crush!), but this news still made my heart die a bit inside. He was supposed to be a perpetual bachlor, playing in rom-coms, giving us all hope that more JT's exist in the real world. FAIL.

2. Merrymore
("Smile, laugh, act like this will last forever!")
This came out of left field, and while I am entirely indifferent when it comes to Drew Berrymore, I still thought this was great news....until my next thought was if it will actually happen. I just feel like, with these celeb days and ages, their double-sided tape has a better chance of sticking with them their their spouses do. Let's be real.....when you've been an actor since the age of 4 and a drug addict since the age of 13, I wish you luck, but your sober days may outlast your married days, just saying. The one thing she has going for her is that she'll probably never be nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars, giving her the dreaded "strong female" curse, dooming her marriage not even before the dust has settled around her award. Good job, Berrymore, way to aim low! (However, her man is pah-retty cute!)

3. "Living a Deeee-vorce Dream!"
(Just by judging this photo, they clearly are not marriage material.)
We allllll saw this coming, maybe not as much as KK and Kris, but it was only a matter of time until these two just were not longer a Mr. and Mrs. -- let's do the math, shall we? One adorable but spunky-spitfire pop singer plus one recovering addict to both sex and drugs equals nothing good! Over from the beginning? Yes. Were we all hoping they could make it, proving our world is perhaps something decent rather than doomed? Sure. Looks like this failed, giving us even less hope that we'll make it past December 2012. Thanks Myan calander, I blame you!

4. Move over Princess Rih-Rih, there's a new bitch in town!
(This belly is better than all of you, her blood is made of pure gold pretty much.)
It happened, it is here, and I probably am just as excited as I will be when I start having nieces and nephews. Beyonce's baby has arriiiiiived! Her and Jay-Z named their new baby girl Blue Ivy and I......accept it. Do I love it? No. Do I like it? Well, I don't hate it. It could be better, but more so, it could have been much worse. A reason for the name should surface before we even hit hump day this week, so if there's an adorable reason, well then, I'll probably give the name a bit more credit. That baby already has credit of the street variety, though, and other bitches in the R&B world better back up.....because this baby hasn't even left the hospital yet and she's already way cooler than you!

SS Beauty/Fashion Buzz
--Running out of bronzer in January is a travesty. Good thing Sephora gift cards are there to save the day. I am officially underwhelmed by the ever-so-amazing NARS Laguna (wayyy too much shimmer!) and the small Benefit Hoola box scares me, sooooo I went with the tried (once) and true Tarte Mineral Bronzer in Park Ave. Princess. I had Hoola in my hand, but when I compared the colors, Park Ave. just fit my skin tone better. To my dearest blogging bud, The Procrastinator, they do not sell The Balm at my Sephora (or my TJ Maxx's, for that matter), so I was bummed!!
--I am on the road to blonde a solid three months earlier than planned! It feels good to be back, but I'm not all the way back just yet. Didn't want to ruin the health of my hair so we're taking it slow. The progress you ask? A sunny brunette or a very dirtayy blonde. You decide. (It keeps looking a bit lighter in all the photos that I take -- and again, couldn't take a real photo as I still cannot find my camera cord. Blast!)
--I apparently went on a mini shoe binge and scored these two new beauts. Love is an understatement. Left pair is from Target and the right is a Steve Madden pair from Marshall's. Last one & in my size....necessary. I totally plan on rocking both to work, too, sooooo to the older bitches in their Easy-Strides who always glare at my footwear, look out, momma got new girls in town!

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend -- my hometown had a nice random warm spell. Lah-ving that! I somehow managed to make it out both nights......but was tired during both outings, as well. I am not old, but boy, if I don't get a nap or hit the bed before 11pm, I'm just no good to the world. Note to self: NAP before going out for beverages if you do not plan on coming home until 4am. Woof, what is this, college?! Pshhh.

Until next time, farewell to you all suckassssss.......just kidding, that was rude.

Monday, January 2, 2012

First Haul of 2012

Yay, Happy New Year & all that jazz!

It's back to work tomorrow after a too-short break away from the kiddos, so I thought I'd help the wounds by shopping. Apparently, everyone else in my town thought the same.....woof.

I headed to Victoria's Secret for their semi-annual sale before going to Old Navy and Ulta. A mini spree, yes, but I'm still stoked about the goods!

Shall we just skip the VS portion of the shopping trip? I think so...
Oh, and let's forget the fact that I lost my camera cord and had to take these with my trusty iPhone.

Striped Sweater -- Not entirely sure what drew me in about this seeing as how it is bright and has stripes, but nevertheless, I love it now. A bit of nautical, a bit of prep, perfect for work!
Twisted Neck Top -- I picked it up merely because it was cheap, but the effect of the "twist" around the neckline is really cute, and again, stripes! Sensing a pun intended.
Bobble Bottle -- Thanks to my blogging buddy AlmostBritain for telling me about these! I will (hopefully) be able to keep h2o bottles out of my car by using this bad boy which filters the water for you. Woot woot! Found it by the check-out at ON, couldn't resist!

*Thanks to my dear, dear friend in FL who got me an Ulta giftcard for Christmas. She just knows me, that one!!*
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero -- Finally! I got one! I went to see if they had the NAKED liner set from the holidays, but alas, it was sold out. Bummer. Still, I knew I needed to add one of these bad boys to my arsenal and the one I picked up was the last Zero, so it was really fate calling out to me. Obviously.
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion -- Have used this before but was bone dry on my last bottle. I am slightly addicted to this stuff even though my skin problems are (usually) non-existent. This stuff works, though, for those "ahhhh" moments around the time of the month.
Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie -- (Another) finally! I have been looking for these everywhere and could never find them. I was entirely unsure of what color to get, but this raspberry hue looks rich and perfect for the winter months. I may have to review this bad boy, more to come perhaps.
Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Love Letter -- Could not pass this "color" up when I saw it; very newspaper nails but without the work/mess! Clearly anything that looks like it took time but didn't is a winner in my lazy-ass book.
Urban Decay Mini De-Slick Setting Spray -- Running low on my "All-Nighter" spray and thought I'd give "De-Slick" another chance. I could use some oil control as of late so hopefully this work better than the classic spray.

There you have it, a haul to start off the new year right! As a side note, you should definitely hit up your nearest VS for their semi-annual sale. Ridiculously good deals! I got eight items for $100....and let's be real, ladies, most bras there retail for at least $75 -- and who doesn't love a great sale?!

Until next time, I hope your new year is also starting off wonderfully............


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