Monday, January 16, 2012

SS's Take on GG

Gawd, can you smell that? The hairspray, heavy perfume, and awkward tanning lotion?!
It must be award season. & how wonderful it smells, indeed!
Let's ignore the smells for just a smidgen, though, so we can talk about the red carpet.
Because writing this blog is much more interesting than the lessons I should be writing right now.

"Don't you have MLK day off, though, SS?"
HA -- the kiddos do, but we do not. I wouldn't complain....if it wasn't for the fact I stayed out until 1:30am last night trying to prove I am not an old bore anymore to SSB. Let's just saying....this morning? Woof.

Was it just me or did everyone play it safe?! Solid colors may be in, simple cuts may be banging, but really, I only saw a few "wow" dresses. The rest were fantastic, no less, but not anything that made me text one of my friends to say, "did you seeee that?!" -- If you needed a fantastic play-by-play, check out Courtney Kerr's twitter feed from last night. She is the funny (and ridiculously) fashionable gal from Most Eligible Dallas -- a show I only watched because her monologues were hilar.

Emma Stone -- If I had to choose a "girl crush," Emma would be my pick. She had me ever since she sang to the "Pocketful of Sunshine" card in that highschool movie. Anyways, this dress, the color, the eagle belt, it all worked for me. She rocked it from head to toe, nothing on her was off. Best Dressed win for me!
Reese Witherspoon -- She makes me regret ever being anything but my natural sunny hue! Dear gawwd her hair may look like she just had a romp in the sheets, but she rocked it! The dress at first glance (on E's red carpet show) looked leather, which was ah-mazing...but even after discovering it was not, it still looked fantastic. She nails it almost anytime just because she is seriously gorgeous.
Dianna Agron -- This was the "wow" dress for me. So many people will probably place her in the "bad" category, but I think she did really well with this choice. Red is a great color for blondes, a great color to be fun with, and she stepped outside the "simple" box, so I commend her for that alone. Hair and makeup were great complements, too!

Zooey Deschanel -- I wanted to love this but I could only like it. It looked great on her, went well with who she is, but the hair....did anyone notice the awkward curls that mimicked bad sideburns when she was being interview on the carpet?! I couldn't look away! The rest of the 'do was great and the tuxedo nails? Adorable just like her! I wish she went slightly more elegant but I don't fault her for sticking true to herself....and in a custom gown no less!
Nicole Richie -- She is one of my fashion bitches, but she fell short on something here...I just don't know what that something is. The dress is great, if perhaps slightly too simple (shocker), the hair is nice but perhaps an updo would dress this, errm, dress better. It's as though there could have been five more minutes in the styling session to take this up a notch to hit a true high note.
Jessica Biel -- Already preparing for her nuptials I see?! Test-driving dresses during awards season, perhaps? She looks gorgeous, of course, but this dress just was not right for the event. I would easily wear something similar to my wedding, but for an award show, and one you aren't even nominated in?! Go in another less on the path to Vera Wang and more on the side of, I don't know, Prada or Dior Couture?

Salma Hayek -- Gorgeous why mess with your perfect face by adding an army of gold on your huge chest?! BAD....a terrible travesty! The bottom was nice but didn't match the top for me at all, as if the real bottom of the dress somehow was ripped by her bodacious bod and they had to pull off a silk tablecloth to save the night. Better luck next time.
Evan Rachel Woof (I mean, Wood) -- HOW many animals were harmed in the making of this dress? The sequins look like lizard skin or snake skin....and adding feathers? On an emerald dress? Pick a texture and stick to it....otherwise, you look like a 5-year-old made your GG dress during Arts&Crafts....and it was the 5-year-old that doesn't exactly make "fridge worthy" art....
Rooney Mara -- The shape, the cut, the bows by the boobs....none of this worked for me. She has such a tender and delicate face but it is matched with her harsh 'do and ill-fitting dress. I get that her hair is the way it is from her role, but still....she should have stuck to the delicate details....a dress in a lighter shade, even, would have saved this disaster. (& the fur jacket in the background is just a bonus for you all! hah)

I am sure there are tons of other faaaabulous bloggers out there that shared their thoughts on the Golden Globes. Do we agree, disagree, did I happen to miss a travesty or a masterpiece? Fill me in!

Until next time, be glad you aren't being judged as harshly (by Joan Rivers) as these celebs are about to know, if you're feeling like your Monday just isn't going well, puts things in perspective, sort of, kind of.............


  1. Yeah Emma Stone looked stunning! But Reese? I have to disagree on this one. I so agree with you with the bads. You probably forgot Charlize from the greats? x

  2. Jessica Biel's dress would have worked if she'd done it in any other colour, I think. I love a sleeve on the red carpet. Totally agree that Emma Stone stole the night though =D

    Have you ever thought of going red??

  3. Evan's dress. She looks like a giant peacock and I love it. Maybe not the best dress for the red carpet, who am I kidding, I would have totally worn that dress on the red carpet. Eep!

    Emma Stone DID look great, I at least agree there! Reese's top part is gorgeous but the bottom confuses me.

    And what the eff was Nicole Richie wearing? NO.

    Rooney Mara needs to go eat a sandwich. Girl does not look healthy.

  4. I agree Emma Stone looked great!

  5. I only saw Rooney Mara's dress from the back earlier, and thought it didn't look too bad from that angle but urgh, don't like the front. And that horrible jacket behind her, hilarious!
    Zooey should have gone for a sleek ponytail. And I totally agree about Dianne, though that dress would look even better if it was fitted on the hips, IMHO.
    I really didn't like Michelle Williams curtains, but loved Shailene Woodley and Jessica Alba, and quite liked Claire Danes' and Lea Michelle's dresses.

    Great recap!

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