Friday, January 20, 2012

Your Shoes are Schmokin'

Riddle me this....what's black and white and red all over?
My feet in a great pair of black&white heels after teaching all day. Not that I have black&white heels, but the POINT here, people, is that after a day in heels (of any color variation), my feet usually are red and very sleepy.

Let's be real, they down right hate me at the end of a teaching day.
Maybe I should skip on the heel, but anything below three inches looks "awk" for sure on me.
Maybe I should just invest in wedges? If only heels weren't so damn cute!

SO then, SS, what's your game plan?

Against my better judgement (seeing as how 99.9% of the student body is taller than me), I may invest in some flats again. Yes, I rocked them during high school and throughout college. These days, though, if I can rock a heel, gosh damnit, I will. Now, though, it may be a smart idea to get some cute flats in the shoe closet....and one pair in particular has caught my attention and I'm drawn in fo' reals.

The shoe being ever-so loved at the moment? The smoker flat or slipper loafer. Really, whatever name you prefer works for me!

Here are some awesome pairs (& some have an awesome price to match!) to round out this week with a Five Friday!

1. Target Turquoise Flat ($20) -- I love anything blue and this is a fantastic shade to add that perfect P.O.C (as Mr. Brad Goreski says!) to any outfit. I could rock these with dark jeans and a silk blouse for casual Fridays!

2. Target Black Flat ($20) - Love the patent look with this specific style of shoe. Something about the mix of the two gives them a classic feel, like I stole them from my mother's closet. Easily paired with jeggings and a chunky sweater for Sunday errands. (I may or may not already own these bad boys!)

3. BDG Woven Tassel Flat ($40)- If I wear this trend into summer, these are great! They come in three different colors but the classic tan never fails. Great to pair with short cut-offs and a loose graphic tank & touseled beach waves for a mix of preppy and boho.

4. Charolette Olympia Kitty Flat ($585)- I don't normally go for shoes like this, but I couldn't not post these on the list when I saw them. SO freaking clever! These would be great with a simple white v-neck and printed skirt or jeans and a leather jacket to toughen up the feline effect.

5. ShoeMint Kathy Flat ($80) - I have yet to order a pair from ShoeMint, but I may have to now after seeing these...and they are selling out fast online! Like the previous pair, I am not normally a red-wearing gal, but the print is so fresh and funky....and on such a structured shoe? It's truly the best of both worlds. & apparently I am now in love with tassels on shoes, too!

I realize now that the last three posts I have done are pictures followed by blurbs. Not very original, but my mind has been so full of sccchtuff lately that I didn't even notice it until now. My bad. I will try to be a more innovative blogger ;) You know, like, later and whatnot. Not now. I need to empty my brain first!

Until next time, have a faaaaabulous weekend!.....................


  1. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the little heels on some of them. But the turquoise ones are adorable.

    1. The heel is seriously unnoticeable while wearing them. I am never a fan of a small heel, but I can see why these look like they'd be ugly in person. I'm here to tell you they are small if not entirely forgettable when you see them in the flesh!

  2. I am not fully on board with this style of shoe...just yet. However, I think the BDG flat may have just won me over. That tassel is too stinkin cute. The cat ones, omg I don't know if I would actually wear them but I want them!!

  3. I love all of these loafers that are out but everytime i try one on I can't commit!!! I need to keep trying

    My fav here are definitely the first pair! Love the color!

    xo Jackie

  4. My favourite is number 4!

  5. Cute finds! I like the turquoise pair especially :)


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