Friday, January 27, 2012

Animal Prints....Literally.

Now I love a great animal print as much as the next feline, considering I just replaced the drab black laptop bag given to us by the school with a faaaabulous find from TJ Maxx's with a nice, subtle cheetah print (can that be subtle?!) Well, it needed to be done. I have a reputation to uphold. Liiiike, the one where I look like the joke because I'm a five foot blonde who actually takes time in the morning to look nice as opposed to the real jokes who take no time at all?! Yeah, the world doesn't make sense to me, either, hunny!

Seriously, though, what I am lah-ving even more at the moment are animal prints in the literal sense. Take a great blouse, add some birds, horses, or what have you....and I'm sold. Let's disect this fashion trend, shall we?

1. I saw this top while shopping for new teacher clothesat Old Navy and I instantly thought, "I must have this naowww!" Add a great pair of fitted trousers or even paired under a great maxi and I just became a very trendy teacher. My obsession with birds & feathers may never be explained, so why not feed the affinity with a great top?! ($35)

2. If I were to see a snail in the flesh (er, shell), I would probably tither away in panic. Seeing snails on this Anthro tank, though, changes everything! It comes in pink, too, but the navy color with the white snails makes it ever-so-slightly nautical, which is (always) in for spring. Matched with skinnies and a matching smoker's flat & I could dress professionally--but still stay trendy--on casual Fridays! ($118)

3. If you love this from first glance, you better buy it fast. It came out last fall and is now on sale for $90 online at Nordstrom. It's a great statement piece for any closet and can be worn a number of ways, whether it is with a belted cardigan, camel leather jacket, or just with flats for a casual look. Who doesn't love a great panther print, honestly?! ($90)

4. Even though winter seems to just be starting here, let's not forget the fact January is almost over! Bring out your sunny, spring side with this top from Forever21. Add jeans and tall black riding boots for a casual look, or trying adding skinny black leather pants for a fun happy hour outfit. H&M has great ones right now, so check them out! ($23)

What are some of the prints you are wearing right now? Will you go out & grab this trend or ignore it & pray it goes away? It's got a bit of a girly-vintage-preppy mix to it, so I feel as though every style could find a literal animal print to enjoy!

Until next time, farewell birds..............................


  1. I love this trend! Saw a bunch of similiar prints the last time I was at forever and wanted to buy all of them!

  2. I love the yellow seater :) I really like this trend - I just bought a bird print blouse recently

  3. I'm so bad at prints. Make me better, SS!

  4. Ohhh, I am loving these! It's like the printed shirts we got to wear as kids, but now they're grown up and it's okay to wear them again!

  5. I love prints and with interesting things like animals it always makes for a fun outfit!

  6. Fun prints!


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