Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Howww Pinnnteresting, Dahhhhling....

I never jumped on the "Pinteresting Wednesday" bandwagon (however fashionably conscious that bandwagon may be!)....want proof? I'm not even linking this up...I'm just posting my recent pins. Does that make me a bitch? I rah-leeeely hope not. You're more than welcome to consider me lazy from it, though, that's entirely understandable and justified! (Sorry I'm not sorry?!)

As of late, here's what I've been pining (or pinning) after.....HAH so witty, how can you stand it?!
{I bought a set of 8 prints that are all Andy Warhol, in eight different colors, with eight different quotes..this is an example of one of them. My classroom could always use more color & I love having quotes for the kiddos to read and ponder. Yeah, I'm that teacher. Plus, Warhol is a native to my hometown, gotta represent!}

{Reese. I mean, can you get any prettier? I just wrote about her in my Globes post, but this photo bears a repeat of how awesome Miss Witherspoon truly is. Love the sweater/scarf combo, her makeup, her hair, gahhh, she makes me jealous! Why did I ever stray from my blonde strands?! Thank gawwwd they are slowly coming back!}

{This outfit really grabbed my attention and I can't even put my finger on as to why. She looks like a million bucks but also looks like she took little to no time to prepare the ensemble...that skirt even looks like a crappy fabric in the second photo, but a geeenius crappy fabric! I just love the chic-meets-edgy feel to it; I try to emulate that in my own style....if only I had oodles of money to make it easier! }

{I need this scarf in my life. Why have the original McQueen creation when you can go ahead and make a louder statement with a (in my opinion) much cooler skull print where they look like straight punks?! Who wants to give me $555 for it?! Any takers?!......Damnit.}

{I've been looking for a bangle I can add to my everyday arm party.....this one says it all. It's so perfect. I need to get to the closest Urban Outfitters and fast. Actually, I think it's only sold online. Cha-ching goes the register, boo-hoo goes my wallet.}

{Leather leggings/pants with a demin/chambray shirt? YES to all of the above, please! So badass but still so stylish and chic. I can't even take how much I love this look. Thanks to my friend for finding this photo first. Uhhhh, you know who you are biaaa!}

I have pinned much more but those are some of the ones I chose to share with all of you lah-vely readers ;) Share some of your pins....or better, leave your pinterest name in the comments so I can stalk what you're pining (errr, pinning!) after these days. HAH again, so witty. Sorry, I'm done now.....

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Until next time, happy pinning and happy Wednesday-humptastic-day!............

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  1. I really love that scarf too!


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