Saturday, December 3, 2011

November Favorites

Yes, I'm still alive! I know it's only been a week but dear gawwwd it's felt like ages since I've checked up on everyone's blogs (and my own!) and this is one of the things in my life that keeps me sane, so you can only imagine how crazed I am! This past week was out of control and it is great to take this time to catch my breath and blog a bit!

Now that December is here, I thought I'd share some monthly favorites!

1. "Dirty" Chai Tea Latte - Take a chai tea latte, add vanilla & a shot of espresso (or two), and you just made one dirty but delicious drink! It's the perfect blend, trust me on this one, I'm an sbux whore after all (or just a whore dating a barista, whichever....)
**Perhaps I should do a new 'bux drink every month seeing as how I did a drink last month!**

2. New Ink - Obviously a favorite considering I got them in the beginning of this month. I am so in love with my new roman numerals and feather. Plus, they gave me another reason to buy new tops for work to cover them, even though I don't really have to, considering my tats are not naked women or swear words.

3. Dermalogica's Daily Mircofoliant - My skin was all sorts of "blah" this month -- sometimes dry, sometimes oily, sometimes downright miserable. This kept my skin from going full-blown hideous on me, thank the good skincare lords.

4. Florence + The Machine's Ceremonials - SUCH a fantastic album, it was on my iPod non-stop....and a group of students may or may not (read may) have caught me belting out to it on the way to school one morning. "So you like to sing in the car Miss Smith? That's hot." -- Good thing I have no shame.

5. Colorful Beanie - A favorite towards the end of the month, yes, but damnit I love this hat already, I wore it as often as I could! I was tempted to say "yes, of course!" to those few who have asked me if I made it myself, but let's be real, SS has no real talents like that. Only $5 from F21, though, so at least I have the talent of noticing a good bargain! (sorry for the blurry photo of it)

6. Covergirl Eyebrow Pencil in Soft Brown - My eyebrows are practically invisible against my face, thanks natural blonde hair. This one matches perfectly to my new darker hue, to the point where people who know about my blonde brows will say, "Genius idea to color your brows to match." Yeah, I would never actually color my brows, that seems too dangerous to me (says the girl who has gone to get her lashes tinted......but hey, those bad boys are invisible, too!)

There you have it, my favorite products/items/whatevers for the eleventh month of the year. Let's hope the last month of 2011 is a fantastically beautiful one! Here's to 20-ish days until Santa comes......SANTA?! I KNOW HIM!!! (couldn't resist!)

Until next time, I look forward to reading about your favorites for this month!.........


  1. I love beanies, I wear one more days than not! I also love your tats! I want to get another one, but I rather get my hair done this month hahaha. So jealous

  2. Great favorites! That Starbucks drink sounds amazing. To be honest, you had me at the word dirty. Maybe I will have to give it a try, that is if I can pull myself away from the Carmel Brûlée (which is also on my Nov. favs for this month, great minds think alike ;) )

  3. hey chick!!! Super cute blog! and thanks for the comment! I am your newest follower...from 1 starbucks whore to another!

  4. Thank you so much for your helpful and sweet comment on my blog! I will definitely follow your advice!

    Starbucks and Florence and the Machine? I absolutely LOVEEEEE Starbucks, it'll make me broke someday. Also, I've been listening to Florence and the Machine's cover of Take Care by Drake and I am SO obsessed with it. That group is so talented!

  5. The ink looks great :) Cant wait til I am brave enough to get some!

  6. Glad you're back! I've been missing my daily dose of SS humor.

    Thanks for the Elf reference - made my day!

  7. Hey girl! Make sure you go check out my blog today because I have an award over there for you :)


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