Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wrapped Wednesday

Wow, I have done it again....I've stuck to my guns and here you have another WW....I won't lie, feel pretty good I stuck with it this time around, but I won't get hasty on the celebration just yet, seeing as how this could fade faster than my first color job.

I chose this week's scarf because it probably was one of the founding fathers to my collection. I bought it simply because my friend back in high school told me it matched my eyes really well. Who can argue with a compliment?!....besides me when SSB gives one, that is, and he's trying to break me of the habit....

"You look really nice tonight!"
"Oh, so I suppose I looked like shit on our date the other night?!"
"Welp, I tried, let's just get in the car."
............or maybe he's just accepting defeat.

Anywho, it's a scarf from H&M and during my one dreaded semester in fashion school, I wore this sucker with almost everything...and it is one of the scarves I'd rock to bed, too (if this sounds odd, you can feel free to watch this video here for more of an explanation.) It became a wearable security blanket for me, it truly did.
I have many-a solid color scarves in the good ol' collection, but this one will always be my favorite, my go-to for a pop of something extra, and remind me of the time I tripped during a wind storm in college (the wind pushed me to fall!) and put a hole in the scarf....while the cross country boys ran past....god, I'm a walking disaster! I also would somehow get spaghetti sauce on this scarf all the time...and not notice until someone else did. Who eats that much spaghetti, honestly?! Me, I suppose. Hot mess.

I love pairing this scarf with:
--An all black outfit for that "pop" of something extra.
--A navy or teal sweater for a contrasting blue hue theme.
--A great tan blazer because I fucking love tan and should, too ;)

I usually just do the normal loop, but here's something slightly more fun to do with your solid-colored scarves:

1. Fold the scarf.
2. Warp around your neck.
3. Pull ONE of the ends through the loop.
4. Twist the looped portion.
5. Pull the other end through.

A different "twist" on the classic loop!

Do you have a wearable security blanket? I have a leather jacket I worship as well, but nothing compares to the wear-and-tear of this bad boy!

Until next time, farewell WW readers, I love you all (and so do my scarves!)..........


  1. Very pretty! Scarves are one of my favorite things to accessorize with in the fall/winter

  2. So pretty! You make me want to go buy scarves which is not good because I have zero storage for more!


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