Thursday, October 6, 2011

Secrets, Secrets are NO Fun....

...unless you share with everyone!

I may or may not use this phrase on a daily basis when I see students texting inside their purse (pah-lease, been there, done that!) or trying to whisper during an otherwise quietly working classroom (obvious much, dude?!) Today, though, I'm doing it as a fun little post to fill the gaps in my currently dull-blogging mind! My deepest apologies! These are not deep dark secrets...hello, this is on the WWW, bitches! Rather, these are more of mini confessions, small insights into my mind...let's dive in!

1. I read your--and update my own!--blog when kiddos are working on book work or projects or really anything that doesn't involve me teaching....GASP...what else am I supposed to do?! I also sometimes "pin" pictures of my dream wedding or man candy....or reply to personal know, super teacher-y stuff. Don't worry about the youth, I've got this covered, clearly!

2. I get mildly upset when I have to pay for my drink at Starbucks (bitch alert!) In case you're new or you only come to my blog to look at the pretty pictures (of the clothes, not me, duh!) and never read what I write then you may not realize my boyfriend works at the caffeine-driven-heaven-on-earth...which usually gets me a free drink...until it doesn't. Example: someone new is working and they say, "That'll be 4.82...." WHAT?! Since when? Oh, I don't know, since always. I've always been tempted to throw out the Hollywood phrase and say, "Do you not know who I am?!" but I just hand over my debit card and then text SSB later with, "Really?! I may just stop coming." What a threat bold-faced lie.

3. I am overly (overly) stoked about driving for three hours alone to visit my college this weekend. PSU what, what?! (Any fans? Any haters? OH, you best not be hatin'!) Three hours alone means three hours of any music I want to sing, as loud as I want to sing it, and cruise-control set on 80 75 70 the entire way since it's basically one main highway. Seriously, I relish those moments. I do it around my own town, sure, but there's always the off chance the person next to you witnessing the hot mess will also see you at the grocery store later in the week -- fail. Anyyyywho, Adele, Florence, Justin Beiber, the gang's all hereeee -- no worries, I won't videotape it for a vlog, I don't want to burn anyone's eyes or make ears bleed...I'm that caring ;) But seriously, three hours of judge-less karaoke, luh-ove!

4. I may be absolutely, positively broke (thanks college loan and credit cards), but have you seeeen the items of clothing at Old Navy right now? It's bizarre and uncanny but wonderful and my broke ass opened up a credit card there this week. If SSB is reading this (and for my own sake, I hope he isn't!), I'll never hear the end of this....but it had to be done. I could not pass up some of those tops and jeans....really, it'd just be rude to my wardrobe. Considering the site is currently down (lame!), I'll inform you of the items I purchased but cannot include photos....bummer. My favorite item is a cobalt blue "breezy" blouse -- gorgeous color & fit! I also bought a cream cable-knit sweater, fits wonderfully. I purchased "skinny retro flares" which are skinny until they hit arrrround mid-calf and then flare out...smaller than a bell-bottom but still give a great 70s feel to any outfit! Finally, I got a navy blouse with a ruffle front detail....great for PSU game weekends! Four items for $65 -- such great deals going on right now!

I think that about covers all of the reoccurring "secrets" in my mind. Do you have any to share? Plan on opening up an ON card, too, now? I don't blame you....they be picking up their street cred in the fashion department, fo' sho. Now they just need to work on those horrendous commercials!

I'm off to tend to actual teacher-y things now. Eh, who am I kidding, I'll probably just go on Pinterest during my free period, I won't lie to you!
Enjoy the rest of what this week has to offer. I can only hope you, too, have a judge-less karaoke day in your future ;)
If you're interested in a (maybe) new way to wear your favorite scarf, check out yesterday's "Wrapped Wednesday" -- one of my favorite ways to wear solid-colored scarves!

I will end this by saying goodbye & RIP to a "creative genius," Steve Jobs. SSB was terribly hurt by this news, seeing as how he is the biggest tech nerd I know (one of his charms).
Steve Jobs had a remarkable effect on the tech industry as a whole. His impact on the progression of personal electronics cannot be overstated and his too-soon departure leaves a hole no other person--or company--could fill. Condolences to his family, friends, and the co-workers who so rightly adore him as the behemoth behind Apple.

Until next time, farewell.........


  1. I LOOOVE those types of car rides!! I actually doing one tomorrow I'm gonna be visiting my friend at her college for her birthday weekend. I'm super excited!!

  2. I love driving alone most times. My music, my volume, my speed. Plus, I can stop to look at the big ball of yarn or whatever the hell is on the Deliverance exit. I need to take myself on a trip now!

  3. I am the complete opposite, I hate driving myself on long trips. I would much rather be reclined in a passenger seat with some fast food and a lap top. However, I really enjoy my short drives to work when I can wake myself up by blasting some sweet rap songs ;).

  4. Oh my goodness, how lucky are you to get starbucks discounts! I'm incredibly jealous, I spend a ridiculous amount of money on coffee. Really cute post!

  5. Love this! Can you make "Secrets" a weekly or monthly thing? Wasn't there an old SNL skit called "confessions"? I feel like it was funny...


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