Monday, October 3, 2011

Returning to Neverland

Sure, Return to Neverland was a movie, but that tis not what we will be discussing here, so if you came across this page because you were searching on Google for this DVD for your kiddies, look elsewhere, my dear friend!

I have seen a certain trend coming back with a vengeance this season (after hours of pinning and reading magazine after magazine) and I am eager to try it out. It's the perfect mix of classic and girly, and I think when paired with the appropriate pieces, I can give this look an SS-approved androgynous feel, or even the ability to take it from day to night!

What IS she talking about, do you ask?
Peter Pan Collars.

Perhaps it is the perpetual child in me (I wrote this in a near identical tweet just days ago!) but I love myself some Peter Pan, despite his questionable sexuality and desire to surround himself with small children who live in a magical place that makes the plot even that much more...well, questionable. Regardless, this look is perfect for fall and winter (did SS actually just mutter that word?!), so here are some of my favorites, all thanks to Pinterest ;)

1. Peter Pan meets a Leopard...a title for a potentially fantastic musical and the description for this great nighttime look!
2. Peter Pan collars are great when they contrast using black and white...good for day or night.
3. An embellished collar is great to update this look and give it some edge...& the hat? Holy shit, amazing.
4. Add a leather skirt, black clutch, and wayfarers to be the ultimate Peter Pan badass!
5. Nothing looks sexier or quite as chic as this top mixed with on-trend for this season. (Glasses for extra sexy chic-ness!)
6. I want to steal this look for work. The burgundy skirt, the contrasting collar, luh-ove!

So there you have it, some collars that are more than's perhaps the #1 look I'm lusting after this season. Forever 21 has a some great budget-friendly options if you're interested in snagging this look ASAP like myself! H&M probably has a PP collar or two at their store, as well, so happy hunting for your own personal Neverland look ;)

Oh, and one more thing that is entirely unrelated to Peter Pan or lips.
I bought a CoverGirl stain yesterday because, well, the marker applicator just looked so damn cute!
Too bad I bought it thinking it'd leave me with a subtle mauve stain for fall.....I got this instead.
{full blown red lips! like, BLOOD red.}
{had to include the MBMJ cover simply because, well, we matched...too well.}

Until next time, let's hop out of the magical land of small children and flying fairies (Tink is such a bitch, btw) -- farewell love bugs...............


  1. I love the peter pan collar trend! I have seen them everywhere as well and definitely want to find the perfect top. I love the embellished one and the black and white one! Great post!

  2. the yellow polka dot shirt with the collar is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

    xo Jackie

  3. I really like these collars, especially the yellow top, its super cute!

  4. GAH if it were warm enough I'd rock that Peter Pan with a pair of short, oversized distressed denim cutoffs. Stupid Canadian winter. Maybe liquid leggings underneath...nah, still not warm enough. CURSE SNOW.

  5. Peter pan collars are so cute! I just got a dress with a peter pan collar at a vintage store yesterday for my trip to paris =)


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