Friday, February 24, 2012

Five Friday...Teacher Attire

As I sit here with a white trash combo of Chardonnay and a splash of ginger ale (I know, I scream classy) I feel like I should blog and write about something.....

......but I got nothing. (except for saying this is obvi a scheduled post, seeing as how I am not drinking on the job before 8am.....OR am I?)

I could blame many, many things on my lack of blogging, but really, I have nothing for you that would be anything but a sorry, lame excuse. Also, I still cannot find my damn camera cord, and taking iPhone photos is getting ooooold, so I have pulled what creative juices I have left and re-created my work attire for you in Polyvore form. Most of these include at least one actual piece from my outfits this past week (including today's) and all of the outfits are virtually the exact same in terms of style, color, fit, and overall look. Polyvore, you're too damn good!

Indulge....and Happy {Five} Friday!

Monday - We had an in-service full of meetings and no kiddos. Time to play it super casual! & those are actually the new boots I got (Jessica Simpson), super cute!

Tuesday - I honestly never wear pink, but somehow, my new hot pink blouse from F21 is a fast favorite! I felt so pulled together while still feeling on trend. Even the kiddos complimented me on the color -- they have their cute moments after all. I was feeling extra festive, too, so I added bright F21 rings to finish off the look!

Wednesday - LOVE myself a good wrap dress. You cannot go wrong with a good black and red combo...comfortable but still professional, best of both worlds! Target (where my red wrap dress is from) is a great place to search for cute and affordable work clothes!

Thursday - I am one of the advisers for our SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) club and 2/23 was "Purple Day" in order to raise awareness and show support against teen dating violence. This purple tee was only $7 from Old Navy....such a cute color for spring! I had on a scarf that had the exact same blue and purple tones as this Missoni one, too! Something about a maxi dress and my cropped F21 white/black color blocking blazer pulled the whole outfit up to an extremely professional level, despite the casual t-shirt. SUCH a comfortable outfit, too!

Friday - Even though we are allowed to wear jeans on Friday, I always dress up my top half with a blazer or nice blouse so I don't blend in too much with the kiddos. My Aldo booties are still my favorite and the kiddos love 'em, too, oddly enough!

I try to keep my outfits balanced between cute/trendy and business/professional. My students always ask where I find all of my clothes, and little do they know MOST come from stores they shop F21 and Old Navy. Yeah, bitches, I'm just that crafty ;) Make it werrrk, sistah!

Have a fabulous weekend, enjoy yourselves! I'll leave you with my latest purchase/splurge and a photo of me and Mr.SSB from our Valentine's Day weekend dinner (where we hit up da club afterwards to meet his friends.....yeah, we keep it real...and sweaty).

Until next time, I'm off to enjoy my own weekend and relish in all the beauty that is the END of February.....................

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  1. 3 things --
    1) Where do you get wrap dresses from? I can never find one!
    2) I;m in love with those Sam Edelman loafers
    3) You and SSB are WAY TOO CUTE. Like, bunnies falling asleep in someone's palm cute.


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