Monday, February 27, 2012

The Day AFTER a Red Carpet.......

......everyone becomes a critic!

I am here today to only talk about the dresses I adored, though, and will leave out the ones I could have done without. WHAT is our fashion/celebrity world coming to when there was not a single dress I completely despised? Sure, I didn't love all of the looks, but I never once had to gag or spit out of my drink in shock of someone..........

unless you count Ryan Seacrest getting ashed by the Dictator. Yowza......
{More so than the Dictator, I couldn't stand the bitches next to him....
they looked like they had sticks up their asses and their makeup just
highlighted their botox and overtanned skin. YIKES!}

First and foremost, though, all ashes aside, here is my FAVORITE look of the night.......
Jessica Chastain
{She looked amazing. Her hair and jewelry and skintone matched the dress perfectly. I may be biased because it's an Alexander McQueen gown and it was custom-made by Sarah Burton (win-win-win-wiiiin), but no one can deny this look is flawless. If you don't agree, I really don't know if we can continue being friends in this way. Jessica killed it with edge in a sea of dresses that, while great, were not "wow" factors for me.}

My girl, as always, did a fantastic job. I loved her little stint on the stage while presenting more, though. COULD she be any cuter? I think not. Girl crush established. She is just too flipping cool.
Emma Stone
{I didn't love the dress at first but after a bit of time seeing it on her more and more, it grew on me fast. I think it helped that her hair looked great, too. Had she worn it down or even half-up, it would have killed the look for me. Thankfully, mah girl knows what's up and pulled out a show-stopppaahh!}

Other greats looks include some one-shoulder bizzznisss.....
Stacy Keibler, Milla Jovovich, Rose Byrne
Fiiinne, I'll admit this just once...Stacy is an attractive broad. Done. She doesn't need more compliments...she has Georgy freaking Clooney on her arm. 
Milla looks fabulous pairing her red lip to a white/cream gown...old Hollywood meets a bit of edge (simply because it is Mila!)
Rose Byrne's sleek hair with the sequined gown and open back just exuded class with sass...the best of both worlds! (Still not better than her jumpsuit, though, loved that look).

Who were some of your favorites? Did you have any that you completely hated? I really wanted to like Shailene Woodley's dress, but it just didn't work for me. Great dress....just not for her. HUGE, huge improvement from her SAG Awards disaster dress, though! 
Also, Angelina....just stop. You're making EVERYONE look bad. Seriously. Stop the madness.
All of the Bridemaids looked pretty darn good. I didn't love all of their looks, but I can't deny that they looked polished and put together and showed effort in their overall appearance. Kudos!

Until next time, I am sad to see awards season go, but at least it stops making the rest of us look that much worse in comparison to Hollywood Elite..........................................


  1. COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU!!!! Jessica Chastian KILLED IT. I'm recreating her makeup for next week's mark. monday it was gorgeoussss

    xo Jackie

  2. Omg Stacy looked gorgeoussssss! Her dress was so stunning and she's just too freaking pretty.

  3. I didn't see a single dress I hated either! I was shocked.. and maybe slightly disappointed lol. I CANNOT get over that Borat d-bag! For real, have some dignity! And once again, SS, get out of my head! Next to Michelle Williams I was gaga for Jessica Chastain's dress!

  4. Chastain looks amazing!! Fudging heck that dress is epic!!


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