Friday, March 2, 2012

Mini SS Review : MAC

Happy Weekend & Happy March kitty-cats and hood-rats! I am here today to send out a mini review on TWO products I think you need to add to your arsenal.....ASAP ;) Consider this a review and a favorites during the month of February, considering I purchased them a solid two (ok, three) weeks ago. Failed blogger much?!

I love beauty and hoarding products as much as the next superficial bitch, but I have never actually purchased MAC products before. Sure, I've stolen an eyeshadow or blush from my sister one or ten times, but that doesn't equate to actually owning my own items...until just recently. Here are the three I purchased on mere impulse.

First & foremost, I already send this review was on TWO products, but there are three shown here. WELL, dear readers, I am returning the foundation after only one use. I wanted so badly to love this Pro Longwear Foundation after hearing such rave reviews, but I think MAC's foundation colors are just too dark for my paler complexion. Also, the consistency felt tacky after a bit of time on my face. I went back to my Revlon ColorStay for my date night after wearing the MAC all day and my skin looked so much better. I swear, I have yet to find a department store foundation that I love as much as my drugstore Revlon and Maybelline products, fo' reals!
What are your thoughts on Clinique's EvenBetter Foundation (what I was going to buy before my MAC splurge)? My sister is a fan, but I didn't know if anyone out there had something negative to say about it. A foundation that works as skincare and isn't a BB cream is a-ok in my book! I may give it a try.....we'll see.

My MAC impulsive splurge wasn't completely lost, though, oh no, hunnies! I also bought the SkinFinish Natural in Light Plus and I cannot put into words how obsessed I am over this product -- it is unbelievable! It sets my foundation to last all day and it's never too cakey or chalky, even if I accidently put too much on my brush. It blends flawlessly, covers beautifully, and I don't even really need concealer after using it. If you have yet to buy a MAC product or you just are in the market for a new setting powder, THIS is the powder to buy. It makes my MUFE HD powder look like a whimpy bitch, no joke. Run to your MAC counter/store and buy this!

Now that I am back to my blonde locks (and damnit, it feels SO good!), I realize my lip colors from my brunette/auburn days only work if I add a bit of bronzer to my face.....which I habe been much to lazy to do lately. I wanted a lip balm that was a bit like a lipstick and the lip butters were recently sold out at my Target, and there I was in front of MAC's Sheen Supreme colors.......and found my darling, literally. Ultra Darling is the cutest stinking color out there right now, hands down. No matter how light or heavy of a hand I use to apply it, it always looks good! I have been applying it over my BabyLips balm (which is the best damn $2 I've ever spent!!) and it makes my lips look fuller and so healthy, I have used it consistently everyday since buying it and I cannot imagine life without it now! Really, even if the color isn't for you, buy another Sheen Supreme Lipstick, because they are fantastic.....I myself plan on finding another shade to enjoy just as my asmy pink darling ;)

There you have it, my two new favorite products. Please do yourself a favor and grab a Natural SkinFinish and a Sheen Supreme Lipstick in your favorite shade. You will not be disappointed in the slightest. After all, SS would never point you in the wrong direction ;) I got yo' back, bias!

Until next time, farewell pretty faces and beautiful people...............................


  1. I need to try a skinfinish natural. I'm not sure why I haven't, but I NEEDS. I can totally see you rocking Ultra Darling with dark or light hair =) For foundations with skin treatment...I tried Korres Wild Rose foundation, but that's supposed to lighten hyperpigmentation, so not sure if you need that. The line leans kind of yellow though, which might be better for the summer if you tend to tan.

  2. I love adding MAC products to my collection! It's becoming a once a month purchase! I have never tried their foundation, but that is because I am a HUGE fan of Clinique's Acne Solutions foundation. I would definitely recommend anything by Clinique! I love the lipstick color you picked! It will be great for Spring and Summer! Great post!

  3. My MAC collection contains one fluid line. It needs to grow!
    Also, I awarded you with a special blog award!


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